Foreign aid is a dangerous drug that can stimulate in small doses but become fatally addictive in larger doses.

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Dennis said:   1 decade ago
I believe that what is required is a right mix of foreign investment and nationalistic development which equally contributes to economic growth. We have seen that excessive dependence on FII investments has led to disproportionate changes in the stock market and unplugging of FII funds has led to dramatic decline in stocks and even the monetary value of the rupee.
FDI,which has a more long term nature is vital for reducing the burden of development of basic infrastructure and making the Indian market a competitive and positive growth oriented one.

Other sources of foreign aid include charitable donations from developed countries like u.k. and u.s.a.. But there have been incidents which show that these acts of 'charity', came with strings attached. U.K.'s charity aid was aimed at trying to influence India to buy their military fighter jets, but when India opted for the Rafael jets from France which were more technologically advanced, U.K. made a huge hue and cry about it. SO excessive dependence on these kinds of aid are dangerous to India.
Excessive dependents on outside market is always harmful as it exposes India to the unstable international market. SO dependence on foreign aid in small doses can stimulate India, but larger amounts can make us fatally addictive.

Poonam said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends, I would like to share my views on this endless topic. According to me India is a developing country. For their growth they always need help from other country. Everything in small quantity or in limited quantity is not dangerous but addiction of anything is really harmful. E. G. If we get sick doctor gave us medicine to recover soon but if we take medicine on regular basis means digestion, sleeping etc. We will addict of that which is really dangerous for health. Similarly we have seen that some outer countries completely dependent on other country. In that case country rural on other country. So Foreign aid little bit is good but addiction is really harmful in my view.

Riya said:   8 years ago
I agree with my friends that foreign aid is harmful. A small help from other country is necessary for the development so that there is sharing of technology and improvement in our technology and economy. But relying on foreign aid is dangerous. Because it can make us dependent on other country and the country will become weak.

RAJIV.HS from MYSORE.(MaHARSHI) said:   1 decade ago
Foreign aid is dangerous drug. In the beginig it is in the form of help to the under-country and next but after slowly it takes it contoll after that the country become addictive to forien aid. "THEY DONT WANT SELF SUFFECIENCY".

EXAMPLE:The US help to pakistan now pakistan keep quite if us take fully fledge his miltary operation on its land.

Simple example:If you take a drunker he start drinking weakly once after a month he drink daily because he addictive to that like wise foriegn aid.

Satyam said:   1 decade ago
Yes I agree with the point. Although foreign aid is a big help when a country is in need but any country should not be dependent on the aid only rather they should try to face the situation and seek for a good solution.

If I talk about a recent disaster which was happened in kedarnath few months back, the government received huge amount from donations as well as foreign aids. Now what? did we try to sort out the real problem and find any solution for handling this kinda situation in future? I we were self dependent, advanced and prepared we wouldn't have needed any aid.

Aid is temporary and doesn't give any solution.

Anurag said:   1 decade ago
Basically these so called developed countries are notorious they want to control the other nations in some or the other way and the developing countries are always fund hungry so the FDI is just another way or another name for colonization.

Take example of Pakistan the US has established full fledged military bases on its lands and run a parallel system like intelligence and influence the government running there. The only thing that is changed is that the US don't charge lagan from Pakistan they pay the lagan to Pakistan to enslave it.

The situation is quite evident from the fact that Pakistan keeps quiet even when US carries out a full fledge military operation on its lands without its permission isn't it a kind of slavery?

Sahil said:   1 decade ago
FDI is a dangerous drug and the countries taking this will one day regret for this, yeah sometimes a nation might be in real need but they should not make a habit of it. FOR EXAMPLE pakistan is taking aid for various activities from you. S, but they have forgotten that you. S is slowly taking control them and slowly they will turn into passive slaves of them. We must understand that today no one is that foolish to give huge money and don't think of getting something in return, especially the developed countries.

Rev. Canon Nkambo Mugerwa Eriab said:   1 decade ago
I think Foreign aid would help developing countries to reach another step on the development ladder. The only outstanding problem is corruption which is killing the spirit of donations and loans. The government officials who receive these funds just use them for their own benefit. The poor people on the ground do not receive the intended services. This renders foreign aid useless. But, if used for the very purpose of receipt, Foreign Aid is necessary and can help developing countries grow from strength to strength.

Shashank said:   1 decade ago
Even I too agree with my friends that foreign aid is a dangerous drug. I had a perfect example for it which our country faces as we all know that first Britisher's came to our country for a business purpose slowly they developed their network here and finally the established their government here and given a statement that "SUN NEVER SETS IN BRITISH EMPORIUM". This clearly shows how dangerous foreign aid is.

Shayee said:   1 decade ago
If we get raw materials and successful technological ideas from foreign countries then we will only be beneficial. I think aiding doesn't mean money alone. At the same time we should move with their ideas, get their flaws and release a new product for our benefit. This is what US, China, Japan do among themselves.

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