Foreign aid is a dangerous drug that can stimulate in small doses but become fatally addictive in larger doses.

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RAJIV.HS from MYSORE.(MaHARSHI) said:   1 decade ago
Foreign aid is dangerous drug. In the beginig it is in the form of help to the under-country and next but after slowly it takes it contoll after that the country become addictive to forien aid. "THEY DONT WANT SELF SUFFECIENCY".

EXAMPLE:The US help to pakistan now pakistan keep quite if us take fully fledge his miltary operation on its land.

Simple example:If you take a drunker he start drinking weakly once after a month he drink daily because he addictive to that like wise foriegn aid.

Anurag said:   1 decade ago
Basically these so called developed countries are notorious they want to control the other nations in some or the other way and the developing countries are always fund hungry so the FDI is just another way or another name for colonization.

Take example of Pakistan the US has established full fledged military bases on its lands and run a parallel system like intelligence and influence the government running there. The only thing that is changed is that the US don't charge lagan from Pakistan they pay the lagan to Pakistan to enslave it.

The situation is quite evident from the fact that Pakistan keeps quiet even when US carries out a full fledge military operation on its lands without its permission isn't it a kind of slavery?

Shiviya said:   1 decade ago
Foreign aid is a dangerous drug. In the beginning you take it as help but slowly you become addictive to it as its an easy way of money inflow and the next you know is you are in their control. We can understand it by the example of a developed country like the USA and an under developed. It is their way of establishing control on weaker countries.

Kits said:   1 decade ago
Ya this can be seen from independance. We got independance 60 years ago foreigners left but their impact on us is still existing.

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