Extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in school

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Nikita Kumawat said:   7 years ago
Yes, Extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in school as these activities help students to grow faster. Besides studies, a person should be active in other fields as well. It keeps students physically and mentally fit. A well-known saying is "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" which means only studies can't make a person physically fit and our health comes first then anything else. So to keep ourself fit and healthy, physical activities and our interest in other activities such as music, musical instrument playing, drawing, painting, crafting, swimming, skating, horse riding, judo-karate, dancing all are necessary. Indoor and outdoor both games are good for example chess which proves are intelligence and outdoor games like volleyball, football, basketball, cricket, kho-kho and many more all are good, one should be active in any of these activities. Some of the students are not good in studies and so if they participate in these activities they can improve their grades as well so it is beneficial for them in all terms for physical fitness, grades improvement and kills boredom and builds interest in school. So extra curricular activities should be made mandatory in schools.

Karuna said:   6 years ago
Hi all. My name is Karuna, YES, Security Master protects your privacy Exactly you are all right. In my view, extra circular activities are very necessary in every school and also in colleges. Because day to day learning system becoming as a more technical, which uses a lot of logical thinking leads to needing of certain energetic, creative and unique in manner. Sooo. Before these all we should be a healthiest in both physical and mentally. It only occurs or happens in initiative step, that is nothing but one of our big education part of a SCHOOL LIFE. There we should, encourage to participate every student in various activities like singing, drawing, dancing and playing games like in both indoor and outdoor and conducting various programmes like to keep students away from shyness, stage fear which leads them to stand in dare in front of their hurdles. Then students easily get relief from various stress. This leads to good sportiveness, absorbance power, logical thinkers and finally become as very good proud students of schools, to our parents and finally to our NATION to WORLD. Hence extracurricular activities very crucial to each and every school as well as colleges.

Arundhati said:   6 years ago
I believe today in our country we don't just need toppers but leaders!

Yes, In today's fast pacing world and the highly competitive world it's important to have people who are are not just well read but knowledgeable too.

No doubt education is a must but co curricular activities play an important role in a child's overall development.

-> firstly, children get a break from their routine, which is refreshing.
-> Secondly, children may explore their talents which they may later pursue as a career.
-> Thirdly, different co-curricular activities have their own benefit.

* Activities like extempore, recitation, debating, group discussions, quizzes, hone a child's speaking and Mental skills!

* Activities like sports are all team building activities which teach children about games spirit and team spirit (Plus have amazing physical health benefits too).

* Activities like theatre, drama or dances boost a child's self-confidence and make them independent. They Never get a stage fright and become bold enough to speak their minds and take actions!

Therefore, I believe co-curricular activities should be given a great importance in today's schools!

Nsb said:   7 years ago
Yes, extra curricular activities should definitely be made compulsory in schools. Now -a-days, there is a huge competition and students are experiencing a lot of stress. In such situations, these activities will be a way of relief for them. These activities find the hidden talents in the students and keep them happy, healthy both mentally and physically, help them in developing their self confidence and relations with their classmates. These activities provide a different way of learning for them i.e. by stage learning and learning through experiences. Thus, these activities make them develop interpersonal skills and intrapersonal skills right from their childhood.

Hence, it is the responsibility of the schools to make extracurricular activities as a part of the daily school schedule. The parents instead of not only encouraging them to study, should also help their child find out their interests and should see that they participate actively in at least one activity. Mainly, the students should be given freedom to participate in the activities they like or else, the idea of these activities being made compulsory in schools will be violated.

Jessica megam said:   7 years ago
According to me, It should be banned. Think of it, childrens must read at this age. Everyone knows that these education system are only mark basis. And syllabus is also vast. If children concentrate on their games rather than studying, definetely they will get poor marks. Marks are more important today. Childrens are not as much matured like us. They are small kids, they need to be relaxed. They has to read a heavy syllabus and if extra curricular activities are made compulsary, they cannot able to cop up both. At this age, studies must given more important. I accept sports is also important and it is healthier too but it is not as much important than study. If they concentrate only on study and take rest in free hours, childrens loves it. They need some break and they must give some time to sleep, reading books etc. They have only 1 brain, so parents must understand them and encourage them to study. Students interested on games are acceptable. Everyone cannot become sachin or dhoni. Everyone is strong in their own field. Leave it to their choice. They will choose their life. Thankyou.

Sreenivitha R said:   7 years ago
Good evening,

At the very beginning before talking about this topic. I would like to show my greet to giving this interesting topic which brings me a different thought about many students I have seen from my school days including my friends who has their unique talents in them. Education is not about subjects it is a way of teaching students where and how to expose their talents in many ways. Everyone is equally talented in different ways. Some will be interested in sports, dance, singing, gk, gymnastics which brings their own potentials. Our king of cricket Sachin Tendulkar completed his education at the class of 10th and he stepped into cricket which is one of the extra-curricular activities providing chances to many students in schools and colleges etc.

Talents have no end. It can be expressed in every way.

The effects of stepping into extra-curricular activities make students physically and mentally relaxed on earlier days students through this way and still it is happening to mold our students in different ways by providing various inter-school competitions. Thank you.

Naina said:   7 years ago
YES, Extracurricular activities should be made compulsory in school. Because every child has his own brain.

And way of using it.

Many children like to read a book, stories and all.

Which really improve their reading skills. But.

A student should always actively try to take part in each and every activity that a school provides them. I know that in school age every child has his own dreamland but it is responsibility of their parents to motivate their child attitude towards each and every activity by providing them proper guidelines about a life. School provides many curriculum activities such as sports, ppt, and various types of competition regarding knowledge.

Many children do not take part in school activities. Because of fear or lack of confidence. But this habit may lead a negative impact on their career.

School activities help many children to achieve ladder of success in their life in the way sports or anything else.

It also teaches how to maintain self-discipline in front of elders. At last, it makes children with full of confidence and enthusiasm.

Thank you.

Rajdeep kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

My name is Rajdeep Kumar.

In my opinion, extracurricular activities should be compulsory in every school in India.

Because of There are so many benefits for students.

School life is important for all of us if extracurricular activities are added.

1. It makes a sharp brain-fit body feel energetic.

2. Some boys and girls have hidden talents they can show their talents and prove.

3. It helps to be both physically fit and mentally strong.

4. By this a student gains practical knowledge with academic knowledge which will teach them to self them any situation.

Conclusion: In my opinion, extracurricular activities should be compulsory in every school in India it is Beneficial for all of us it gives helps to find hidden talent in students some of the students are not good in study but they have some other talent like some are good in swimming dancing sports etc so many outdoor games. Nowadays, some school add extra- curricular activities added but they need all schools and college this is must one.

Thank you, everyone.

Piyush vaish said:   7 years ago
The benefits of extracurricular activities are innumerable. The answer to the question of making it compulsory in schools is undoubted YES. My constructive for making it compulsory in schools are as follows -:

I)The overall personality of an individual student has enhanced in such a manner that it makes a student capable of facing real life Situation without much difficulty.

II) It helps students in conveying their message to the society.

III. The students get more to know to about different career opportunities which they can pursue in future and ultimately they can contribute to their society, their country and achieve laurels in different fields.

IV. It inculcates values like teamwork by participation in different activities of sports. It enhances values of creativity, patience and many more values in the minds of the individual.

It makes a child cynosure in a crowd. A child can easily take decisions in their lives in tough times.

Therefore there is no point debating whether it should be mandatory in schools or not.

Nayan b Mane said:   6 years ago
Yes, I think extracurricular activities should be there in the school because that these things are that which makes students to think some something out of their thinking like out of their study they have to think little bit of Creative the need to be focused on the things like whatever program is that you should participate in that and give your fulfill because this things teaches you how to meet people how to keep behaviour in the public and how you should talk with them how to pronounce the words what respect you should give with whom we are working on this all type of things we learn in that and if we are doing extra-curricular activities in the technical then it increases our practical knowledge about that subject because we are applying it on the basis, daily using basis that's why extra activities most and if they are made compulsory in the school then each and every student definitely find what you can do in future I need not be that is to 3 years in the adult for finding his patients are you can say career.

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