Extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in school

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Swetha Mukundan said:   7 years ago

I could already see that many schools are providing compulsory periods and time for extra curricular activities. But, we can notice that in most of the Indian schools, it is 90% studies and 10% of extra curricular activities or sometimes 80% studies and 20% will be the time allotted for extra curricular activities. And I've even seen kids sitting and studying during PT periods for the test conducted the next period. So, I think extra curricular activities can be made optional and kids who are really interested in sports or arts must be encouraged to pursue that instead of studies. For them it should be 80% sports or arts and 20% studies.

Some students will always be interested to study. They should be encouraged to continue studies 90% and allowed to do other activities for 10% of the time. The behavior, interest and activities of students have to be monitored since their childhood and proper coaching have to be provided to them in whatsoever they might be interested.

Schools rather than pushing the students to master in all at once should make them choose their area of interest and guide them to master in one particular field at once. In India, there are many students who are really interested in sports, but who don't have guidance to purse them. These should change as soon as possible and this change can be made only by the schools.

So extra curricular activities rather than being compulsory in all schools should be optional up to the students choice and encouragement have to be given for both the students who want to master in studies and also for those who want to master in other fields.

For bringing about a major change in India, simply making extra curricular activities as compulsory one in schools will not be the solution. And as I stated earlier this is already been adopted by many schools but there are no effects of such in student's success in activities other than studies. So, a different approach has to be followed in order to achieve real success.

Rajat Jain said:   4 years ago
Hi Everyone!

"Yes" it must be compulsory. Even many state's government has made it compulsory in every schools and other states are considering the same to implement.

But I do have a different point from all of you over it which is "Extra Curriculum activities should not be made compulsory" for the students.

First we need to understand why Extra curriculum activities are necessary and why students should participate in school's curricular activities.

Some intellectuals consider extra curricular activities should be the part of study as only grade can't decide and write your future, ECA give students some break from the study and refresh their mind and help them in their overall development, mentally, physically, morally, emotionally and spiritually.

I strongly agree and support to these points and these are the valid points that extra curricular activities are necessary and play a vital role in a students overall growth, they consider ECA helps students to know their inner abilities, their strength, capabilities and also makes a good leader, a good decision makers and a good person etc.

But my question is why compulsory why not optional?

In my point of view, It must be compulsory for every school to have a day or an hour session for the ECA but should not be made mandatory for the students to join extracurricular activities even if they're not interested in because under compulsion neither they can enjoy it nor can feel fresh or definitely they would not choose it as a career if forced. But yes it must be the duty and responsibility of teachers to aware them, encouraging and motivating them towards ECA and make them know the benefits of it, how it is useful for their future, how it could shape their future and then this decision should be left onto the students whether or not they want to enrol themselves for the ECA.

Than you.

Aindrila said:   7 years ago
I feel privileged to express my views on this topic and become a part of the discussion with everyone here.

Extra curricular or Co-Scholastic (based on Latin word 'scholasticus' means "devote one's leisure to learning") activities has become an integral part of our Education system and everyday life. These activities teach the very essence, why human beings are called superior than other animals. We often find solace in doing activities which not only help us connect to our interests but also boosts our all round development as Citizens of Future. In fact taking short breaks from studies to pursue our interests helps improve concentration and learning power because of stimulation of brain cells and 'happy' hormones.

Schools play a very vital role in developing a little child into a responsible citizen of the country. Children should be given opportunities to participate and engage in various co scholastic activities, to name a few debates, games and sports, cultural activities, social and ecological activities and suchlike. These help foster the developmental process of children into adults.

Participation of students and encouragement of teachers and parents on this aspect of co scholastic activities (not sidelining scholastics obviously) should not be merely to gain marks but lessons to treasure throughout life.

Thanks for the patient reading.

Have a good day !

Sreeja said:   6 years ago
Hello every one,

First of all I would like to thank for giving this opportunity.

According to my view, extracurricular activities are very important from initial stage onwards. School students with their academics they should also concentrate towards these extracurricular activities such that they can initially good at their physical and mental abilities. These bring them sportive spirit, leadership qualities (those are very important in our present situation), decision making, and many more. They bring down feeling of stress.

. These activities make an individual to feel comfortable with different people as they can habitat to adjust to people of different opinion. Extra cultural activities make children relief from their daily academics and bring mental relief. In the same way, they can improve their speaking skills. For all these activities students required different properties for them, schools should provide everything. They should bring some awareness among the students and in the same way in parents too. Schools based on private can supply what the students required but these should be followed in government sector also.

If these extracurricular activities are not there then students can't show or enrich their talents. So from childhood on wards students should be managing with curricular activities in schools.

Disha said:   7 years ago
It is said that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Well, a healthy mind will never reside in a body that does only mental work. I indeed, feel that extra-curricular activities must be made compulsory in school.

1) It will provide a relief from the tiresome continuous lecture classes.

2) It will unveil the hidden talents of many students, who might have earlier not been able to show them because of lack of a suitable platform.

3) It will assist in making the students apply their knowledge, as they need to understand that application of their knowledge is very essential. For example, if a student X scores highest in the class in English Literature (by mugging up answers), but cannot write even a single paragraph error-free, then what is the use of his education?

4) The students would learn many moral values like cooperation, team work, patience, etc. Because such things can never be taught by lectures: they are learned when a student personally participates in such events.

5) Moreover, if a student due to some reasons, cannot participate in one activity, he can participate in another activity; such arrangements must be available in school.

Thus in my opinion, every school must have a list of extra-curricular activities and it must be compulsory for every student to participate in at least 1 of his choice.

Shubahm sameer said:   6 years ago
According to me.

Extra curricular activities like dancing, singing, playing almost all type of sports etc with a proper educational system will make a better youth and youth will make India a better place to live.

Let's think about that what does exta curriculum activity do to us, It gives us a various way to live life as we want. It gives the freedom that if you are not good in study. You are not USELESS, you can be something. You can be different. What makes these activities so crucial.

One thing I want to mention that in our Indian society what he thinks about intelligence, that if a student is good in the study he is intelligent. But according to me anyone who is doing anything brilliantly that one is intelligent.

So do that in which no one can beat you. And if they get the platform from the starting stage of learning (school) I assure you we will get so much great Olympians, athletes, dancer, singer and many more.

Look at our system we study almost 14 years before going to college and what most experience there that study was not for them. They have specific talents which most of their friends do not possess.

So if we will provide these things from the start. We will be able to provide them a better future.

So I STRONGLY BELIEVE that Extracurricular activities should be made compulsory in schools.

Varun Kumar said:   7 years ago
Hello, everyone!

I am writing for the motion, i.e., extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in schools, reasons been-.

Health- It is very well known that 'healthy mind resides in a healthy body', extracurricular activities helps us to remain healthy and fit.

Team Work- Many extracurricular activities involve working in teams, and thus teaches the importance of teamwork, leadership and makes us capable of working in teams. Thus, they help us to become extrovert and also strengths the bond that we share with other classmates.

Stress Removal- Most of the schools operate nearly for around 7-9 hours, a student has to continuously study for around 6. 5-8. 5 hours (30 minutes of lunch break), so having a period of extracurricular activities may result very helpful for the students, who are fed up with continuous hours of study.

Helps to find your true talent- Most of the students don't really know what they are good at, and may not perform well in studies, so having extracurricular activity, may help to find their true talent, which them self were not aware of, hey may not be good in studies but may be better in music or dance or painting or playing etc.

Thus, to lead a balanced life, healthy and enjoyable life, I do think that extra-curricular activities should be made compulsory.

Arkadeep Chakraborty said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone, In my point of view, I think that extra curricular activity is very much needed for all the students. It can give pleasure to the students during his regular study pressure. Student's internal talent would be expressed by the extracurricular activities, someone can sing or dance or draw or can play sports very well. Their such talents will be expressed only in this section in school. It will also help them to be social and extrovert. So I think that it will be better if there is an another optional section of extra curricular activities. Then the students who are interested in participating in this section, will easily get the opportunity to express himself in that platform. But if it will be compulsory, then it will become an extra burden on the students, who are not interested in extracurricular activities or who are very serious for their exams. As a result instead of being pleasured by this, they will be pressurized by this. Then it may affect their studies and mental health. So I think it should make optional in school, not compulsory, as only the interested students gladly can take part in this section when they are free from their studies. Only then they can continue their extra curricular activities as well as their studies.

Thank you.

Deb said:   6 years ago
Hey guys!

Extracurricular activities are as imp as academic studies. This should be made compulsory for EACH student in school. Because-.

1. This keeps them fit both mentally & physically, which is the utmost requirement for bright future of INDIA.

2. Especially in India, we found youth are more confused than confident! So, by involving in different activities from childhood, in future, they can easily choose their carrier in which they are passionate about.

3. By involving in different sports activities they can learn many things. Like how to be a good team player, how to be a responsible leader etc.

4. These activities are surely going to raise their self-esteem, so that they can think and act independently. (These two qualities are very important to be successful in a carrier).

5. This also going to help in developing better communication skill, which is very important to express their ideas and thoughts with everyone.

This will surely go to decrease unemployment percentage in INDIA. Because nowadays it is found that, students in lakhs (able or unable) competing in many competitive exams. Most of the students are participating in these exams because everyone is doing the same. They are just following blindly without exploring their strength!

Akansha Nigam said:   7 years ago
Hello Friends,

It's awesome to have such knowledge after reading your comments about a very important topic that extra curricular should be made compulsory in school. I also believe that extracurricular activities are very important for infinite dimension growth of a child. It helps a child and gives the opportunity to grow him unconditionally. A student can choose of his interesting field and school is medium where he can check the possibilities of his potential towards a specific field which he wishes to. A student must be forced to involved in the other activities rather than taking a normal routine just to complete the syllabus described by the board. I understand studies are very important but still, I personally feel that not only education but also these activities makes a student confident and help him to grow at a different level where the probability of growing is more faster. A student shouldn't be pressurized by the teacher for the learning but they should also encourage them to understand the advancement of the world. As because it will mitigate the fear of a student to go to school if the school environment is healthy and teachers become friendly towards a student flaws.

Thank you.

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