Extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in school

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Prashansha singh said:   3 months ago

Today topic given to us is extracurricular activities should be made compulsory in school.

Extracurricular activities are any activity which is not related to the institutional subject of the student & it's different from regular studies.

A student must know his personality types by the extracurricular activities. Every student is different from each other just like our t-shirt size is not similar, so how our brain and interest is? Extracurricular activity defines the interest of the student.

If you pay a fee for extracurricular activity this amount is not going in spending rather than investment. Any amount which you invest in productivity then it comes back to you in a qualitative manner just like ROI.

As we know students must be aware of trending activities, which helps them to boost their thoughts and process, this activity helps the student to come out from the box which is closed with four rectangles and take a ride in the sky.

Khushi kuntal said:   1 year ago
According to my point of view, a school is a place where a child learns everything so school is not about only studies. When we are a child we just go to school and not anywhere else so it's necessary for us to do some extracurricular activities it makes us to be able to do many things. We take initiative and creativity, and we socialize with many people so yeah it's important to do some. Co-curricular activities so that when we will go out of school we will be able to do something.

Rajbir said:   1 year ago
I think, Yes, CO-curricular activities should be there in school. It helps students to build self-confidence. It helps us to remove stage fear from our minds. It helps students to build extra talent.

Panakj global public school said:   1 year ago
I think extracurricular activities must be compulsory in schools because there are many children who come to school just to get through exams with good marks but they are not confident enough to present themselves when given the opportunity to speak or mingle with people.

Bighnesh said:   2 years ago
But in my opinion, extra curricular activities create time management issues as students will not be able to spend time with families after school works and extra curricular activities.

Also, Extra curricular activities comes with extra expenses like registration fees, lesson fees, instruments or materials fees which all parents cannot afford.

After sports activities it leaves the students exhaust which leads to the downgrade in the efficiency in studies.

Also, there are some students who are not good in these activities as they are in education. So they will be demotivated.

And they lead to the downgrade in the grades of academics as they pay more attention to these activities.

So in conclusion, we came that extra curricular activities should be added but it should not be compulsory as students should be given choice if they want to participate or not.

Rajdeep kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

My name is Rajdeep Kumar.

In my opinion, extracurricular activities should be compulsory in every school in India.

Because of There are so many benefits for students.

School life is important for all of us if extracurricular activities are added.

1. It makes a sharp brain-fit body feel energetic.

2. Some boys and girls have hidden talents they can show their talents and prove.

3. It helps to be both physically fit and mentally strong.

4. By this a student gains practical knowledge with academic knowledge which will teach them to self them any situation.

Conclusion: In my opinion, extracurricular activities should be compulsory in every school in India it is Beneficial for all of us it gives helps to find hidden talent in students some of the students are not good in study but they have some other talent like some are good in swimming dancing sports etc so many outdoor games. Nowadays, some school add extra- curricular activities added but they need all schools and college this is must one.

Thank you, everyone.

Pankaj said:   2 years ago
Hi All.

I agree with your opinions, but in my point of view, it is compulsory in every school Because the theoretical subject will never provide all of the things. So, extracurricular is most important for everyone.

Arti Rautela said:   2 years ago
Hii everyone,

This is Arti.

Today's topic is very interesting extra curricular activities are compulsory in schools. I agree with it we know that nowadays we have many options related to everything student are confused they don't know what they can do or not, when in schools extra curricular activities are compulsory than they get a chance know their qualities. Many students are weak in study they can't do anything but they participate in such activities they get confidence. Also, we got new talent also.

Krishan said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

Today the topic given to us is extracurricular activities should be made compulsory in school.

In my opinion, extracurricular activities should be made compulsory in school because by adding them we can do level up of a child. We all know that not every child is good in academics by adding this we give the opportunity to them to make a good sportsperson good singer good dancer etc. It makes school life more interesting. Because of extracurricular activities, school children get a more interesting life in school.

Ankit Kumar Behera said:   3 years ago
Extract curricular activities are also great benefits to a students resume when they are applying for job.

Extracurricular activities help you to stand out from the crowd. It reveals a lot about you. For a overall development of student he/she should be involved in many activities. It brings a lot of positive changes. It helps children to learn new things. Sports hels to develop team work and leadership skills. It makes healthy lifestyle. It improves problem solving skills, self confidence. Meeting new friends that make more confident in communication.

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