Extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in school

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Deb said:   6 years ago
Hey guys!

Extracurricular activities are as imp as academic studies. This should be made compulsory for EACH student in school. Because-.

1. This keeps them fit both mentally & physically, which is the utmost requirement for bright future of INDIA.

2. Especially in India, we found youth are more confused than confident! So, by involving in different activities from childhood, in future, they can easily choose their carrier in which they are passionate about.

3. By involving in different sports activities they can learn many things. Like how to be a good team player, how to be a responsible leader etc.

4. These activities are surely going to raise their self-esteem, so that they can think and act independently. (These two qualities are very important to be successful in a carrier).

5. This also going to help in developing better communication skill, which is very important to express their ideas and thoughts with everyone.

This will surely go to decrease unemployment percentage in INDIA. Because nowadays it is found that, students in lakhs (able or unable) competing in many competitive exams. Most of the students are participating in these exams because everyone is doing the same. They are just following blindly without exploring their strength!

Rajat Jain said:   4 years ago
Hi Everyone!

"Yes" it must be compulsory. Even many state's government has made it compulsory in every schools and other states are considering the same to implement.

But I do have a different point from all of you over it which is "Extra Curriculum activities should not be made compulsory" for the students.

First we need to understand why Extra curriculum activities are necessary and why students should participate in school's curricular activities.

Some intellectuals consider extra curricular activities should be the part of study as only grade can't decide and write your future, ECA give students some break from the study and refresh their mind and help them in their overall development, mentally, physically, morally, emotionally and spiritually.

I strongly agree and support to these points and these are the valid points that extra curricular activities are necessary and play a vital role in a students overall growth, they consider ECA helps students to know their inner abilities, their strength, capabilities and also makes a good leader, a good decision makers and a good person etc.

But my question is why compulsory why not optional?

In my point of view, It must be compulsory for every school to have a day or an hour session for the ECA but should not be made mandatory for the students to join extracurricular activities even if they're not interested in because under compulsion neither they can enjoy it nor can feel fresh or definitely they would not choose it as a career if forced. But yes it must be the duty and responsibility of teachers to aware them, encouraging and motivating them towards ECA and make them know the benefits of it, how it is useful for their future, how it could shape their future and then this decision should be left onto the students whether or not they want to enrol themselves for the ECA.

Than you.

Sohini said:   7 years ago
Hello friends
Well, I'm in favour of extracurricular activities to be made compulsory in school due to these following reasons:
1. These activities develop a cooperative nature in students.
2. Extra curricular activities make students hardworking and punctual.
3. They make them disciplined and develop a team spirit in them.
4. They also develop a competitive nature in students.
5. Extracurricular activities helps in the exposure of students and make them familiar with the whole world.
6. Students can also build a good career in the field of extracurricular activities.

Varun Kumar said:   7 years ago
Hello, everyone!

I am writing for the motion, i.e., extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in schools, reasons been-.

Health- It is very well known that 'healthy mind resides in a healthy body', extracurricular activities helps us to remain healthy and fit.

Team Work- Many extracurricular activities involve working in teams, and thus teaches the importance of teamwork, leadership and makes us capable of working in teams. Thus, they help us to become extrovert and also strengths the bond that we share with other classmates.

Stress Removal- Most of the schools operate nearly for around 7-9 hours, a student has to continuously study for around 6. 5-8. 5 hours (30 minutes of lunch break), so having a period of extracurricular activities may result very helpful for the students, who are fed up with continuous hours of study.

Helps to find your true talent- Most of the students don't really know what they are good at, and may not perform well in studies, so having extracurricular activity, may help to find their true talent, which them self were not aware of, hey may not be good in studies but may be better in music or dance or painting or playing etc.

Thus, to lead a balanced life, healthy and enjoyable life, I do think that extra-curricular activities should be made compulsory.

Ruchi Sengar said:   5 years ago
School life is the most important period of one's life. We can learn as much as we can in this time. Therefore, by adding extracurricular activities to the academic activities, we can level up a child and also boost up their interest.

We all do agree with the fact that not everyone is academically strong. Some are good orator, good sportsperson, good at singing and dancing. So the point is, we have given them at least chances to bring out their hidden talent and cherish it in a proper way.

Also, success is not something we only get through studies. Co-curricular activities most importantly get you towards success.

Thank you.

Pranathi said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone,

In my point of view, Extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in each and every school. Students keep on studying for the whole day and they don't have any source of relaxation. Apart from this there are some students who want to build their career in other areas which are not related to education. But since parents say that school education is must, they join in the schools. So, if they have such activities daily they feel relaxed and can also build their career based on their interests.

Extra curricular activities include dance, music, group discussions, sports, and many other. If students get involved in all these they will be able to use their skills in the future also.

The CBSE board had already made sports and Extra curricular activities compulsory in all CBSE affiliated schools. I think that the government is also making it compulsory. But if there is any school still not making it compulsory, then I think its high time now.

Juss Patel said:   5 years ago
Yes, from my vantage point of view, it should be made compulsory. Extra co-curricular activities like Debates and talk shows help in building confidence for speaking in front of a large audience and also enables them to use correct hand gestures and use proper body language. Besides what's the point of learning if you can't execute what you have learned. Believe it or not, activities like sports indirectly help in academic performance. If a child is allowed even 30 minutes of play he would feel happier and can concentrate on studies. If he/she is not given this opportunity, it would take their mind off studies and start thinking schools of places where you are "forced to learn" instead of learning.

Tahu said:   7 years ago
Definitely, extra curricular activities are necessary. When students are fed up with studies this extra curricular activity helps them to relieve their stress. Every student has one unique talent. Maybe they not be good at studies but they may be good at extra curricular activities like sports, games, dancing, singing. Education is not the only option to success. It is only one option. When we include extra curricular activities on the time of schooling may be the next Sachin, next Latha Mangeshkar will arise.


Karan said:   7 years ago
"Talent can't be taught but it can be awakened".

There are more than 50 lakhs of students presently studying in school. And yes every child has his unique ability. To find these hidden talents in these children, the extracurricular activities should be made compulsory. There might be jitters for the participants at early stages, but as they realise the field in which they excel in they shall be more confident in their other avenues of the life.

Let's take China, for example, a country with 1.3 Billion people has 70 medals and India with 1.2 Billion people has only 2 medals in Olympics-2016. Does that mean Indians aren't as good as Chinese, Of course not? The problem here lies in the Talent acquisition. Extracurriculars aren't as encouraged as academics in India.

Let it be Music, Sports, Art. A child has his own unique ability and to find this talent, Extracurriculars should be encouraged in at least early stages of Schooling. Also, the government should allocate more resources to encourage such hidden talents.

Naman Gupta said:   7 years ago
Hello guys,

The is no debate in this topic. Definitely extra curricular activities should be made compulsory as it not only results in the all round development of the student, but it also let the student know and explore much more about his own interests and hobbies. Also these activities make students learn various things such as team spirit, leadership skills, communication skills, social skills and also remove stage fright. These small small activities can bring a big change in the students life as they let the students throw off their wings in all directions and fly as high as they wish.

But the only point contradicting is that these activities require many different materials which a poor family can't afford on a daily basis. So I think that the materials for such activities should be provided by the schools and also the schools should conduct various competitions so as to build a spirit of motivation among the students.

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