Economic growth is more important than Ecological protection

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Manish said:   1 month ago
Economic growth is essential for national development and improving living standards.

Job creation, increased volume, poverty reduction, and direct outcomes of robust economic growth.

A thriving economy attracts investments, fosters innovation, and enhances global competition.

Unchecked economic growth can lead to environmental damage, loss of biodiversity, and climate change.

Instances of environmental crises, such as oil spills and deforestation, underscore the consequences of neglecting ecological protection.

Pixie said:   2 months ago
In my opinion, Ecological protection should always be the first concern. If we all just focus on the economic part of our world, that just proves how selfish and greedy we as human beings are.

I'm not denying that economic growth is not important, it has its importance. But if there's no importance given to Mother Earth, there's no point in just exploiting nature for our good.

I think we should work with nature and gradually increase our economy so all beings can live in harmony.

Because in the end, we're not the only living beings on this planet.

Varsha Gupta said:   2 months ago
Economic growth and Ecological growth both are important because we are living on this earth with nature if we destroy it harming it, it will give us bad health, and climate disasters impact are economic growth also.

For example, earthquakes or tsunamis is there. Natural disasters impact economic growth so both are important but ecological growth is more important as health is everything, if you lose health you lose everything, if you lose money you can earn again but if a good environment is not there then how you will earn or survive?

Ethen said:   3 months ago
In my opinion, both economic growth and ecological protection are very important for a country because economic growth maintains and helps the people's wealth and ecological protection provides us a good environment that helps for Peoples' health.

Nitish said:   3 months ago
These both terms are different but are essential for a suitable life. Economic growth include the industrial and economic factors in India whereas Ecological factors include the environmental life. These both revolve around each other and are required for growth.

Aman Verma said:   3 months ago
In my opinion, both ecological protection and economic growth have their importance.

Economic growth is important for a country to feed its increasing population and meet its essential needs. But while this is a priority we can not cause damage to the environment.

To a large extent economic growth is dependent on nature, therefore protecting the environment in turn helps in achieving sustainable economic growth.

Currently, a large part of mankind is not experiencing that much effect of ecological depletion because we are provided with our daily needs.

We have to find ways to run these two concepts simultaneously for a better future.

Thank you.

Vaishnavi said:   4 months ago
In my opinion, both are important but ecological protection is more important than economic growth because health is more important than money. Without trees, we can't even make money, we can purchase food with money but can't produce food without the environment. That's why we should focus on protecting our environment first.

Radhika said:   6 months ago
During the pandemic, many people went to their village homes and started farming at this point what we see both these are equally important not just one point when we eat healthy then we get proper nutrition in this way when we do hard work we get efficient money for daily survival so according to me both this points equally important if we balance them then we help our world to grow and then and then only will reach next step towards innovation.

Arunav Baruah said:   6 months ago
Good morning friends. I would like to put my observations with a practical approach.

Both Ecology and Economy are equally important to mankind and we can not choose one above the other. First, we must understand that the global population is increasing every day and to meet sustainably and remove poverty, extreme hunger etc. Economic growth is important through industrialization for producing more food, roads and bridges, modes of safe and rapid transportation, health and hygiene, etc. While this is a priority, we can not cause ecological damage. So attention must be there to encourage green technology which includes solar, wind hydel, etc. for the generation of power to run the wheels of the industries; use of clean fuel like electricity from green sources, hydrogen fuel cells, biofuels, etc for transport mobilities. To promote recycling of waste, proper effluent treatment, and water harvesting methodologies in urban areas/cities. To increase dependency on agro-based industries for mass production of food and sustainability of livelihoods. To promote afforestation, prevent rampant fishing and recycling of plastic wastes etc.

IF we follow the mantra of Refuse- Reuse -Recycle and focus on green technology, both ecological protection and economic growth can be addressed simultaneously and make our life comfortable and sustainable along with mother nature.

Poli Naidu Sabba said:   9 months ago
Economic growth cannot be accomplished if someone neglects to protect the climate. Climatic change is a serious concern these days leading slow down of the nation's Economic growth.

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