Economic growth is more important than Ecological protection

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Chaitali Bauri said:   3 weeks ago
Here the topic is -"economics growth is more important than ecological protection ".

In my opinion, we have to balance both equally because if we want good health then we should have a good environment as well as money for survival. And there is many options to earn money from nature some of examples are-we can earn money by selling fruits, selling verbal leaf it may helps make medicines etc.

So, if we follow this way I think both are equally going and people will get comfort zone from economics and ecologically. That's all.

Akash singh said:   3 weeks ago

In my opinion, our first preference must be nature, not wealth. Because once nature is destroyed it will never rebuild but wealth we can earn or make again and again. Nature and the environment are divine and precious things. so rather than destroying them, we should keep them safe. Because they are giving life to us without nature we can not imagine human life. Because all things which we are feeding and taking are connected directly or indirectly to the environment. So, ecological protection is more important than economic growth. But if we are able to find out some middle route so we can balance both of these that will be the cherry in the cake.

Gilbert pardon said:   2 months ago
Yes, the Environment is more important for it serves life and has all we can utilise to support the growth of the economy.

Roy said:   1 year ago
Hello friends, today, the topic is about Economic growth is more important than Ecological protection. We can't ignore the Ecological growth. Since global warming threatens our future, we should be aware of Ecological protection.

Abu Shaiban said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my views on this topic, economic growth is more important than ecological protection.

Well, My opinion is totally different because we all are aware of the climate change that the world is facing today. We are evolving from nature. A healthy environment led to the development of a healthy mind. A good healthy environment will lead to good economic growth. If we go against nature for the development of industry, road networks, it will be reverse consequences on the life of humans in the form of disaster.

There should be a balance approach between economic growth and ecological protection.

Abhishek yadav said:   3 years ago

The statement is fully opposite of my view.

We have all evolved from ecology and if we have a good environment our health will be also good and a good body has a better mind.

Thinking of just economic growth is non other than stupidness if we have good ecological nature then we will automatically have good economy so firstly ecology should be given preference not economy.

Apoorva Dhurandhar said:   3 years ago
The first thing that came to my mind when I started thinking on this topic is the very commonly used quotation "HEALTH IS WEALTH", for good health we require a healthy environment that gives place to all kind of creatures and plants in its lap. This will give us a healthy environment where we can breathe good quality air and stay healthy. As a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, so with good health we can generate much of good ideas for the individual as well as complete economical growth.

If we can heal the mother earth along with economical growth the things will be much better in this case both economical as well as ecological growth will go hand in hand.

But thinking just about economic growth and leaving ecological growth is no way justice to mother earth.

Areesha seraj said:   3 years ago
Good evening everyone.


We humans have evolved from nature land is known as our mother, we breathe, eat, sleep and are fully depended on nature.

There's no other way around we can stay alive If we lose oxygen.

There are many things which can be bought but not life, sleep, hunger, etc.

Money can give us everything but not life.

Money can give us a bed but not sleep.

Money can give us food but not hunger etc.

Ecological protection is the most important thing because it consists of BIODIVERSITY, WATER, DEFORESTATION, POLLUTION, CLIMATE CHANGE.

Ecological protection also provides us with economy +growth.

But only focusing on economic growth will result in nothing but a huge lose anyway around.

Thank you.

Akshay Late said:   3 years ago
Hello Everyone.

I am Akshay, today I am going to talk about economic growth is more important than ecological protection.

As my point of view economic growth is dependent upon ecology.

We have known that ecology gives raw material for increasing economic growth.

The environment gives us like food, shelter.

We totally depend upon environment hence we are protecting to ecology.

Nowadays, we have seen that many people can cut trees and make the building. We must make good ecology than obviously economic growth.

Sahil thakur said:   3 years ago
Hello, my friends.

Today I'm gonna talk about economic growth and ecological protection.

Well, you all know that the world is enhancing it's capability day by day. In fields like health education, transportation, communication and defence. We are all proud of it. But there are not absolutely beneficial. At some stages like transportation and communication there is need of vast network and resources. We are getting this from environment but we are not reinforcing the nature so that it would be helpful for our future generations. So with growth ecological balance is also important.

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