Economic growth is more important than Ecological protection

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Areesha seraj said:   3 years ago
Good evening everyone.


We humans have evolved from nature land is known as our mother, we breathe, eat, sleep and are fully depended on nature.

There's no other way around we can stay alive If we lose oxygen.

There are many things which can be bought but not life, sleep, hunger, etc.

Money can give us everything but not life.

Money can give us a bed but not sleep.

Money can give us food but not hunger etc.

Ecological protection is the most important thing because it consists of BIODIVERSITY, WATER, DEFORESTATION, POLLUTION, CLIMATE CHANGE.

Ecological protection also provides us with economy +growth.

But only focusing on economic growth will result in nothing but a huge lose anyway around.

Thank you.

Akshay Late said:   3 years ago
Hello Everyone.

I am Akshay, today I am going to talk about economic growth is more important than ecological protection.

As my point of view economic growth is dependent upon ecology.

We have known that ecology gives raw material for increasing economic growth.

The environment gives us like food, shelter.

We totally depend upon environment hence we are protecting to ecology.

Nowadays, we have seen that many people can cut trees and make the building. We must make good ecology than obviously economic growth.

Sahil thakur said:   4 years ago
Hello, my friends.

Today I'm gonna talk about economic growth and ecological protection.

Well, you all know that the world is enhancing it's capability day by day. In fields like health education, transportation, communication and defence. We are all proud of it. But there are not absolutely beneficial. At some stages like transportation and communication there is need of vast network and resources. We are getting this from environment but we are not reinforcing the nature so that it would be helpful for our future generations. So with growth ecological balance is also important.

Ajay yadav said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, this is Ajay Kumar. Very good morning you to all,

Today my topic is economic growth is more important than ecological protection.

In my point of view ecological balance is important than economic growth because if we don't care about environment protection then it will leads deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, etc which will cause many damages to the environment to nature as well as us and survival of living things also comes in endangered which will harm to the contribution of living beings for the economic growth and also creates natural calamities, disaster or earthquake and finally I want to tell all of you that if we protect environment then we are able to increase our economic growth.

Thank you for reading my opinion.

Praveen P said:   4 years ago
I am against, the economic growth is more important than ecological protection. Because, if we are not able to protect our environment, living beings and all, then how we will able talk about economic growth. Protection our ecological environment is the very serious topic and we can't take it lightly, we are not able to see that we are fully dependent on nature whether for breath or for resources if we aren't able to protect our environment then we will not able to uphold our life for too long.

For a country, economic growth should be the priority but it should not come above its natural vegetation, the growth we achieve by degrading our ecological life is actually a threat to that country.

If economic growth and ecological protection go hand in hand then only we are eligible to talk about growth, nothing is more important than our environment.

Save our Environment!

Thank You.

Bharti said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone!

I would like to say that an economy should grow to keep in mind the ecological protection. If an economy grows ignoring the ecology that will lead to an imbalance in the environment which means unhealthy lifestyle, inefficient humans that means inefficient workforce resulting in unsatisfying growth of the economy.

If a nation grows economically but its ecology is degrading day by day then economic growth is of no use.

At the end, I would like to conclude it as economic growth and ecological growth should go together.

Shivukumar B said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone,

In my point of view, ecological growth is more important than economic growth because most of the resource we are getting only from nature. Ex: water, air, mine etc. Nowadays the power generation units are using water & air as the main resource without these the companies cannot produce electricity and these resources mainly depend on nature. The main thing is we are breathing only because of nature if we want to grow economically we need to alive first. So, my conclusion is Economic growth is completely depends on ecological growth.

Gulnaz said:   5 years ago
Hello Everyone,

In my views, ecological protection is more important than economic growth. What I feel is that there will be no longer economical growth if there is no ecological protection after some years. It's just that we all are here for giving interviews so that we will be an asset for a company and we will increase the production of a company which will raise its economy. Frankly speaking surely we all mostly focus to have more income, but when we analyse the main scenario of production we would see that most of the big industries are based on agriculture and natural resources on a root level. So if there will be no sustainable development then there will be an imbalance between the economic as well as ecological development which will hamper the whole economic growth because after 15 to 20 years there will be no natural resources left for any economical growth.

Shivam K said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone,

As per me, we cannot decide the preference between ecological and economical growth, as both presume to be equivalently important.

Let also not forget that we all have come here as candidates for the job interview, i.e., we all are here to earn money, and why? Because we all want our economical growth. If we will individually grow economically then only the country will grow its economy.

And only a well economically grown country will be able to protect its ecology to the fullest.

So without economy there is no use of the protected ecology alone as it will also have necessities which need economy to grow.

Also, everyone must have come here with a vehicle releasing harmfull pollutants which had already disturbed the ecology, and all this just to grow our own economy.

So clearly, no one here is preferring ecological protection over economical growth.

Meghna said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone,

According to me, ecological protection should be preferred first because economic growth is based on ecological sustenance. Ecology is the ultimate source for all the raw materials required for economic growth. Economic growth is for your greed and comfortability but ecological protection will give you life to live.

Be human, first, think about nature, our nurturing mother!

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