Economic growth is more important than Ecological protection

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Akansha Nigam said:   7 years ago
Hello Friends,

I believe that Economic growth and Ecological protection both are very important thing for India. It's like, to be honest, is a life without body or body without life. We have to grow as the India is a developing country and it takes time to India to be in the list of the developed country. So we need to have a sustainable growth and also ecological balance. Ecology is very important for people and we have to make ecological balance with a constant economic growth. We can't take one thing and leave the another as because India must need to be a developed country. It's a dream for all the youngster of India that one day India will be in the list of developed country. I understand that we have to take care of our ecological balance but I don't thing so the country's those are economically strong are not taking care about the ecological balance. Many of my friends who lives in foreign countries say that their living of standard is so standardized and also the country is very neat and clean. Even foreigner feel for the country if they go out and have some wastage then they will definitely put it into a dustbin.

But in India, we talk about pollution, corruption, and so many issues but as an Indian country people what we are doing? Answer is. Nothing with a very genuine line that "one person can't change the whole world" Yes I do understand that one person can't change the whole world don't you think that at least the person who follows the rules and regulation is not at the list of the people those who make India dirty place to live.

Keep India clean. It's a request.

Always keep carry bag with you when you go outside and don't ask for polyethene as we all know that it is also basic root to create an ecological imbalance.

Keep the area clean at least search for the dustbin until the time you didn't get the dustbin keep it with you or in your bag.

Try to use less paperwork. We all know that Paper is made up of trees. Don't waste water like hell. Keep your light off when not in use.

I know it's a small start but believe me, it has the potential to change the whole world. Not only we need these natural resources also the upcoming generation needs so we should think about them. We always said that one people can't change the world so first, we have to believe that only one person can't change the world. We all have to be united, think about and also work on it. Countries like US are not only economically strong and also clean and ecological protected we have to learn from them and try to follow it to our own country.

Thank you,

Jai hind, Jai Bharat.

Bablu said:   6 years ago
First of all, it should be born in mind that if the nature vows to destroy us in a minute nobody can stop it no matter how much of an economic superpower you are. Economic development can give us a better life in terms of money, comforts, the standard of living etc, but in the long run we are going to pay for it if such developments are being made compromising with the ecological balance. The leather industry, for example, derives its raw material directly from the biota caring little about them. The mad race forl being industrial, nuclear & defence superpower is polluting terrestrial, aquatic and aerial ecosystem to an irreparable extent. Rather than putting efforts in agriculture and building agro-based industries, we all are busy making arms, weapons to kill each other. A common sense that is highly a need of the hour is that no matter how much economically developed we are, we need to eat rice and chapatti and not software and missiles for our mere survival. Delhi, the NCT of INDIA earns a rare distinction of being the most polluted city on this planet. Air is no longer safe to breathe in- a direct consequence of reckless economic development. More than 99 percent of all species, amounting to over five billion species, that ever lived on Earth are estimated to be the extinct-another fruit of mindless industrialization. Global Warming and polar ice melting is posing a great threat to entire mankind.

Sustainable development and co-operation among the nations is a need of the hour. Following a strict climate change related protocol and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is what should be exercised immediately. Govt policies to adopt green initiatives should be made legally binding all throughout the corporate sectors-both public and private.

Economic Development has happened because our planet has supported it till now. But because of the race for gaining superiority over other we even destroyed the equilibrium of nature. If this prevails we will be heading towards a doomsday very soon.

Mahesh said:   5 years ago
When I hear this topic, what first comes to mind is Beijing. Even though it's a good and modern city, it is notorious for it's pollution. The excessive industrialization of course lead to economic progress, but also it badly affected the environment. It's one of the most air polluted city. And it's badly effecting the people, plants and animals.

But yes, economic growth is very important and if we show too much concern about the environment, our country will lag behind. But you know what happens if imbalance happens in nature. It may lead to health problems, or excessive rain, drought or even earthquakes. So it's pretty obvious that these economic growths and ecological protection should go hand in hand. So it would be more meaningful if we discuss how can we achieve this.

One of the biggest pollutions of India is river pollution, especially the Ganges. What is causing it? obviously, the industries lying in the river basin, religious rituals performed on the river basin, temples and high population. Many of these can be prevented by creating awareness. Industries are letting their wastes without proper treatment. Why it's happening? most of the industries will have waste treatment plants, but to run this electricity is needed. You know about the electricity in states like UP. So, if we provide good and cheap electricity, it will really help.

And another main reason for air pollution is coal thermal plants, and vehicles. So we should give more importance for generating electricity by solar plants, wind plants and using hydroelectric plants. And vehicles is the number one reason for air pollution in cities, so there should be a big growth in producing electric vehicles soon.

And if you know, global warming and all affects all nations. So here the developed countries should contribute more for environmental protection while developing countries should be given little concession.

SAYAN SARKAR said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone, in my point of view economic growth and ecological protection are two leaves of the same branch. We can not accept just one of them by neglecting another one. The Economy is the fuel of a country. Economic growth states the production (agro and industrial) , the better living condition of citizens, health, education, employability. Where ecological protection defines protecting the nature for making this world a better living place for not only human but also other creatures on earth. So for making a better economy, we cannot destroy the nature by polluting it constantly. Using the earth's natural resources especially as fuels to our industry, we come to an alarming level to use these anymore. Global warming is the main concern of all the countries worldwide. India plays a vital role in thus regard. All the countries now shifting from fossil based fuel to renewable energy source. We are using sunlight as a major source of energy recently. This also creates a big scope for new industries. We are trying to convert all power generation systems to run by solar power. Govt has taken various steps toward this. Because the growth of a country is only possible if this earth remains as a place to habitat. Continuously using earth's resources and polluting the land and river makes this world a worst place to live. The Level of carbon mono oxide gas in the air has increased at such a dangerous point that people especially children are suffering from various heart and lung disease. Smog has become a common feature of all metro cities around the world. Villages will no longer safe from this unless we stop right now. If we cannot live in this world then what is the use of economic growth or making luxurious products.

Nsb said:   6 years ago
According to me, both the economic growth and ecological protection are equally important in their aspects. For a safe and better future, economic growth should be achieved by protecting our environment. If we concentrate only on economic growth without caring about our ecology then whatever we achieve is not a development at all. Because, if the ecological balance is not maintained then it will result in natural hazards like earthquakes, cyclones, floods, global warming etc, which will destruct all our development. Moreover, due to the pollution, we may lose our health also if we are unhealthy then what is the need of all this development? and further development is not possible.

Moreover, the environment is a gift given by god. It must be protected and preserved. It has given a lot for our economic development, now it's our duty to pay for it by protecting it. For every step we make towards economic growth, we should check whether the step has any adverse effects on our environment. If yes, then we should figure out a solution so that no damage occurs to our nature. For eg- where thermal power plants are constructed, care must be taken that the fuel gases, smoke emitted into the air is within certain limits and the ash should be not deposited on earth directly before treating it.

Thus, if we keep a check on methods being implemented to achieve growth, then surely nature will be protected and ecological balance will be maintained. Mainly we will be healthy and we can live in a healthy developed society.

Avanthika said:   6 years ago
The earth doesn't belong to us, we belong to the earth. How can we dwell out ecology for our materialistic happiness? No this shouldn't happen! unless our nature around us is safe and clean we can stay still more years on this earth. Firstly human should get out of fantasies and put end to their immense love on the materialistic world. Nature is the mother of every spirit here! Indeed at the start of the human race, nature nurtured man and learned him how to survive. But what's going on, he destroyed the ecology around at the cost of his unnecessary wishes and everlasting wants. Yes! we do require economic growth but it has a limit. In earlier days, there weren't any computers, TV's, Automatic machines, spicy foods, AC restaurants, still they are people who are happy and there are people who are anxious about inventing and tried to unfold many nature secrets who made us move from spirituality. Poaching elephants for ivory, leather tanning, hazardous industries. A Lot more which taking away ecological protection. Really do we need an automatic washing machine. We don't but we do! People in earlier days were very strong enough to do their work and lived long healthy life. There is no end to man's inventions and his rational ideas. Now it doesn't happen suddenly or eventually to bring out gone prosperity of ecology but we have to take care out whats left out. I would like to finally conclude that until how much nature accepts to give its treasure, take it and use it and don't go beyond! keep green, stay safe.

Shubham Sameer said:   6 years ago
According to me.

Ecological protection is as much as important as Economic growth. Every one in world is as much as worried about enoviramental protection as economy. Every country is taking major steps to recover their environmental damages that has been done by them.

Because for few years or decade or century, you can worry about your economy but there will be hazards due to environmental pollution. Only one thing can save you from this is your initial steps that has been taken by you in past years or decades or century.

We know we can see the results of our work in economic growth in just few years. But ecological protection takes time to get covered.

Let's take one example of Beijing (China's capital) , it had the worst condition than our delhi in terms of pollution. So they taken various major steps to encounter the condition.

In our India everyone say that world is talking about our economy but they are also talking about our delhi condition. Why invanka Trump was not been in Delhi because of The damn pollution. It was the shame for us that srilankan player had put mask on their face due to pollution. It was the world shame for us.

And what you see that still government is blaming punjab, haryana for the pollution and central government is blaming the delhi government.

And mark my words if condition will not change soon we have to shift our capital some where else.

So for my opinion Economic growth is not more important than Ecological protection. Both have equal importance.

Rakshit said:   5 years ago
Hi everyone!

Almost everyone made me agree upon the give more priority upon Ecological growth.

Let me present some of the facts against it maybe it will hard for you to support me. But it is a must for a better discussion.

Who said the Economical growth can lead to ecological degradation? Even we have TEA, JUTE and Sugarcane industries which contribute the maximum to the country economy. You can say India is one of the major exporters of there. And there are eco-friendly and providing millions of jobs keeping the fertility of the lands.

Even the automobile industries are focusing upon the quality of exhaust system. You might be well aware of the updates in rules regarding the BS system. An Industry isn't simply set up, but it has to undergo many procedures upon the land they are considering and wastes they are discharging into the environment.

Keeping aside the money for a moment, for being into the race of this advancing technologies we have to have Many industries in our country.

If we are considering Economic for the country we must be selfish enough to prove our country at its best in every aspect (Nuclear, engineering, automobiles as well as farming).

Most of you have said about the doing the ecological growth to considered more. I would rather suggest focussing more on Economic growth in a proper way and we must believe if we provide lands enough for nature it will take care of the diversities it is required to withstand the situation.

Thank you.

Souvikkumarpal said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone,

According to me, Although economic growth is important but ecological protection is to be preferred first rather than economic growth. Because our actual growth of economy comes from ecology. It is good that our country is under development process. There are several constructions happening in different sides, increasing transport system etc for more economic growth. But most of them are created by destroying trees or forest. I do not agree with this type of decision taken by the government. Because we increase our economic growth by harming the nature. We do not care about it. As a we are facing a different kind of disaster and global warming is an alarming situation for us that indicate our less attention to nature's component. Carbon-di-oxide also increases due to deforestation. Most of the people are suffering from several symptoms or diseases.

Now my point is, what will be the need for economic growth if we fail to protect ecology. Because most of the material is used to making an economic growth, come from natural resources. If we can't survive in nature then there will be no necessity of economic growth. There are several ways to develop our growth without hampering a nature like we can use biogas instead of using petrol, wind power and solar power for electricity etc.

So my conclusion is that we should be protecting our nature besides developing our economic growth.

Surabhi said:   6 years ago
In-universe, there is only one planet where humans life exit, that's planet is known as "EARTH". Only because of Earth's nature or it's ecology or environment human life exist. All of us a better life and we make our life with help of both economic and ecology. Many of peoples think they buy some part of ecology with their economy but they don't know they were gonna to miss pure nature. Economic is also important without it, we even not imagine our life how it become.

Take a smart step just like in your home left some space for gardening, always try to use fresh vegetables. The government also takes many steps for improvement of our ecology like "Swachh Bharat". It's necessary to save our ecology because when nature come to show her disaster, don't care about economy, it destroy everything even we can't imagine about that. All the earthquakes which were occur it's only because of us. Today everyone want to increase their growth rate or economy rate and make their life simple and lazy. With the help of devices which we make with the help of economy we get find out whatever is the origin of cyclone or earthquake, but if maintain our earth in stable mode earthquake occur but not in a large amount which happened in May 2015. "Health is Wealth" everyone hear about it, but health come from where, it's come only with the help of our nature, environment and ecosystem.

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