Economic growth is more important than Ecological protection

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Sonam singh said:   7 years ago
Yes, it's true that economic growth is more important because if an economy is developed then the mind of people is developed too. Economic growth is related towards the development of the country.

Ritu said:   7 years ago
Economy & ecology both are somewhat connected. And the protection of environment is the need of the hour, because in the race of growing economy, we are forgetting the impact of our actions on the environment. If there is no safe environment to live in, economic progress is of no importance.

RANDHIR SHINDE said:   7 years ago
Every living thing is interconnected on the planet. Humans and other species are connected or dependent on a number of other species. So destruction of flora & fauna can have long-lasting adverse impact on ecological balance.

Manoj Kumar Singh said:   7 years ago
No, I completely disagree with the cited statement. Economic growth is undoubtedly important to eradicate poverty and unemployment. But rampant economic growth will lead to destruction of forest and exploitation of water and mineral resources. Further it will enhance the pollution level. All these will pose a threat to our coming generation. So, ecological protection is more important than economic growth. Now the only way out is sustainable development wherein the constant improvement in ecology is focused along with driving economic growth.

Arkadeep Chakraborty said:   7 years ago
Hi everybody. In my point of view, I think that ecological protection is more important than economic growth because if ecological this balance occurs, then gradually most of the species of earth will be extincted. Although economical growth is also important to improve our lifestyle but economical growth should not be expected to occur by damaging ecological growth. Economical growth and Ecological growth should be kept in a balance.

Pallavi Kar said:   7 years ago
Hi, everyone. From my point of view, there is a very important relation between Economy and Ecology. If there create an imbalance between one of them then its create a great problem to our nation. Ecology is needed for good environment in which we can live and the economy is needed for good lifestyle. But we have to remember there are many lives in Ecology, we have no right to destroy their lives for our well-being and ecology is the asset of every country. So, we have to also protect our Ecological environment and as well as the citizen we have to develop our economy.

Lekshmy s said:   7 years ago
Hi everyone. According to my viewpoint, I would say ecological protection is more important than economic growth. It's because protecting our environment gives us a positive energy to protect our country too. We should always focus to protect our environment which will surely lead to the growth of the country.

Aryen said:   7 years ago
Hi everyone this is my viewpoint economic and ecology connecting. So very important thing ecology because of country balanced. Ecology counting everything in our country. We are forgetting environment. First environment safety than economic growth. Ecology is a fell in environment.

Pankaj Kumar Sasmal said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

I think both economical growth and ecological protection is needed for us. If we only focus on the economical growth than there will be unbalance of ecological system. Which will adversely affect on us. If we only focus on the ecological protection than it will creates unemployment, reduce GDP, we can't compete globally.

So in conclusion. We need both growth of economy as wel as protection of our ecology.

Sourav said:   7 years ago
Both the words contain Eco in them. This means that there is a relation between both.

Economy is an asset which is meant for country's development.

Ecology is an aspect in which country should develop.

Both should be together.

Lastly, a country with economic growth but ecological downfall is like a ship without a radar.

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