E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?

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Mohammed suhail said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

Here is giving one of the best advantages of E-learning, this point will increase your selection chances in group discussion.

For example, someone is working in an MNC company and he is working in the Indian branch,

If there is a meeting in head office it is located in the US, we can complete our meeting through zoom, google meet. Etc.

This will save our travel expense as well as time.

Sarika said:   2 years ago
Yes, absolutely e-learning is a substitute for classroom learning.

During a pandemic, this e-learning holds the students to attach to their studies and to learn nd complete their respective academic years without any delay.

And we have to accept it gives negative impact also on students like addiction to electronic gadgets even more than before.

But the most advantage of this e-learning is we can clarify our doubts and revise the completed lectures at any time by seeing the recorded videos.

It will be more helpful if the people in village areas also get these e-learning benefits.

Adarsh said:   3 years ago
Hello folks,

As per my opinion, E-learning is only a substitute for classroom learning. There is no alternative to Classroom study at that time. Here I am sharing my views related to this topic.


1) At that moment we all are facing a covid-19 pandemic all over India. Everything has been closed due to this virus so it is impossible for students to go their school and do proper classroom study. So all the classroom study shifted to E-learning study.

2) By E-learning there is no need to go to school, classes, etc you can get everything via different platforms like zoom, google classroom, etc.

3) By E-learning would be better for those who live in villages and backward areas because they do not need to move anywhere, they can get an education at their home safely.

4) E-learning gives you the benefit to complete your education anywhere in the world.

5) E-learning is cheaper in comparison to classroom study.

6) E-learning process is one the finest thing in this time, 20 years back there is no internet facility no apps no platform for study so that time it was very difficult for a student to complete their course.


1) As per my view e-learning is not a permanent solution for study. It would be only a substitute. Being a teacher I know very well that student can not give their 100% focus and determination in the E-learning study.

2) On these platforms you get lots of options like turn off your mic, turn off your camera etc so some not interested students are taking the benefits of these things. They just turn off their camera and disappear from the class.

3) Students have to sit for a long time in front of the screen so it would be chances that they lose their eyesight to continue using.

4) E-learning is just an option, not a permanent solution we can not stop the learning process of the students so we are on that.

5) In classroom study, faculty can focus on every student who is sitting in the classroom and can also ask his/her doubts in a class.

So, the conclusion is that E-learning is not an appropriate solution of classroom study it's just a substitute.

Vignesh said:   3 years ago
The topic which has been given is very serious and important. Due to the pandemic situation, We all waste our precious time without learning. So E-learning is the online mode lectures which help us to learn from home. E-learning also benefits such that recorded lectures If any doubts we see the lectures any time. In traditional learning, this is one of the drawbacks. E-learning is important but it is necessary to survey the rural region's students also to evaluate they have all necessities or not.

Kanaram saran said:   3 years ago
We have noticed that our child is getting addicted to electronic devices such as Mobile Phones and Lab top and getting the book and copies avoided. In Case, they are not been handed over the Devices they are screaming and shouting on top of their energy.

Kanaram saran said:   3 years ago
E-learning is the best way of education but some demerits of e-learning like most of the students in online education when they are fill boring then they check other sites like Facebook WhatsApp Insta and other and they are spoiling our carrier.

Nishant gujjar said:   3 years ago

According to me;

1. Online class save more time compare to the offline class as transportation time is zero.

2. With online class we can understand the concept. By using animation or other tools which make topics more clear.

3. It gives the opportunity to repeat the lesson many times.

Pawan said:   3 years ago
Hello friends, I think E-learning can't be a substitute of classroom learning. Because the main disadvantage of e-learning is that it affects your personality. You can't talk to your teacher and friends face to face. It makes you an introvert. And also you can't clear your doubt properly. Sometimes the network problem is there. And the environment of study which we get in the classroom that we can't get anywhere. In school, we are in a discipline not in the home.

Sharad vishwakarma said:   3 years ago
Good morning friends,

Online learning is just one type of distance learning that takes place across distance and not in a traditional classroom.

It provides location independence saving time and low cost. One can work and read both as one's necessity.

Students will get social isolation and not get any chance of oral communication skills. For e-learning you have to incure computer, web camera, reliable internate and others.

Thank you.

YOONUS K said:   3 years ago
I would like to point out the demerits of the e-learning to the KG and lower primary students. These kids easily get distracted and won't concentrate on e-classes without support from parents. The parents have to teach the entire things even if they attend the classes.

For higher studies and the graduate student s this is going to bring changes in education. Students will more be attracted to the merits such as flexibility, access to the premier institutions, well qualified, famous teachers. The technologically supported contents will bring more colours to the education system.

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