E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?

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PaWan said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends.

A great discussion is going on E-learning and classroom learning.
I just simply say that they are two sides of coin to decide one side.
They are like two eyes. We cane see with one eye also, but we have both. In this way make use of both in a proper way.

Classroom learning:.

Attitude, discipline, body-language, leadership, friendship, how-to-speak in front of a group etc.

Time consuming, if teacher is not good, lack of practical approach etc.


Fast, efficient, practical oriented, time saving etc.

No immediate clarification of doubt, no exchange of ideas, no innovation.
So, Finally lets blend these two together into a single cup to make good coffee.

Good evening.

Kana said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends!

Now a days to the great extent, many has a computer system and internet at their homes. This is all we need for E-Learning. ! Yes. It's having lot of importance now. Many people are showing interest to learn the things through online. We have many good sites which provide E-Learning according to the student's needs. The main advantage of this is, its saves our time and one form of quick learning I can say. But apart from pros's, we even have some con's which includes. Getting tired easily because of sitting before system for hours and there will be no immediate clarification of doubts.

So, I conclude that we should have both. E-Learning, class-room learning as well. We should make use of these two types of learning to make ourselves experts! :-).

Thank you.

Ravi said:   1 decade ago
Hi, today education system has totally changed. E-learning is a better way to learn quickly and easily. Students do not need to go to coaching classes for learning everything. For example students join coaching to speak English fluently and also for vocabulary but now these studies are provided in less time by e-learning. It also makes students independent and quick learners. However the environment that a class room study goes missing in e-learning. So, for overall development of students both are necessary.

Nikhil said:   1 decade ago
E - Learning can be a substitute for coaching, where we spent lots of time, effort and money.

But it can't be a substitute for classroom study, because in classroom the presence of teacher make lots of effort for help student to understand the topic by understanding the mind of students,

But in e-learning student have to makeover his mind for that particular topic in the particular described manner only.

Faisal said:   1 decade ago
Hello my friends,

On this issue I think that e-learning is more serious and accuracy for the time in terms of the provision of learning time, and for the quality of teaching it raises the level of the learner and easy practice also in terms of the expansion of education and taking the greatest possible education in various ways.

Deepthy said:   1 decade ago
Hai friends.

I think that e- learning is never a substitute for classroom learning, because classroom learning develop a good relationship between teacher and students. In classroom learning students are thinking to solve a problem for a particular subject whereas in e-learning there is no such chance. Good character can develop each student do to classroom learning. . So I agree with classroom learning is more important.

Saad said:   1 decade ago
In my humble opinion that e-learning education is important but the most important and traditional that does not negate the importance of e-learning. I would like the classroom teaching because teaching is not mere the teaching of the things in the textbooks, its he development of a good person who has a commitment to our country. E-learning comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. It does not gives any mind feelings to him or her. But through this I did not say that e learning is a bad thing. It should go with the classroom teaching.

Alex said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends,

In my point of view e-learning never becomes a substitute for the class room learning. Class room learning is the best approach to learn.

In this we can learn under a faculty there by we get good ideas from them. And the environment is also most suitable 2 learn.

If we are unable 2 get any inf in such cases we need 2 approach e-learning. So that finally my conclusion is an e- learning never becomes a substitute for class room learning but it's a kind of helping tool for a learner.

Sachin Pathak said:   1 decade ago
Dear Team,

Good Morning.

As per below discussion, we are talking about E-learning or Classroom learning.

As per my point of view E-learning is better than classroom, because of today's fast life style & due to shortage of time. 50 to 60 percent of youths are working or start to work. We don't have much time to attend the class or face the traffic. Everybody want promotion and newcomers want jobs. We are using computers, android Tabs etc, we are having world's information at the time, that is the advantage of E-learning.

Classroom learning is also very good, because that time the person go under the observation of teachers or professors & also a huge group of learning student. Classroom is a very good environment, As specific stage of age a person is not used to attend classes at that time he/she will start the study with e-learning.

Namrata said:   1 decade ago

According to me, E-learning is preferable only for those who have access to the internet. For rural India, this seems difficult. It's true that E-learning has many advantages over classroom learning such as vast availability of open source softwares, saving time of travel, learning as per our convenience, learning at home without going away from family.

In spite of all these, I guess that E-learning needs time to take over classroom learning. It would happen gradually once Internet reaches each corner of our country.

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