Do Women make Good Managers?

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AAKASH ROY said:   9 years ago
Good evening friends.

Yes I do believe that women can make up a good manager but it is totally inappropriate to make such gender distinctions. A person having good knowledge, creativity, ability to manage people and also can evolve them altogether to achieve a prominent goal for the organization then he/she can be a good manager. In this context yes I truly believe that women can be a good managers because this is proved day and day out by the women we are surrounded with, it can be our mother, grandmother anyone.

WOMEN do possess this multitasking attitude in them from the ancient times. We are surrounded by some famous examples of leading ladies like Arundhati Bhattacharya the first chairperson of the STATE BANK OF INDIA, Chanda Kochhar the CEO of ICICI bank, Meira Kumar the first women speaker of Lok Sabha and the last but not the least Pratibhatai Patil the first women president of the independant INDIA. So I feel if a WOMEN CAN MANAGE A COUNTRY THAN WHY NOT A COMPANY AND BUSINESS?

Aryan singh said:   6 years ago
Hello guys, my name is Aryan Singh and I want to say that both have equal importance, one thing I want to say the good manager does not depend on their gender, it depends on our attitude, creativity, knowledge, patience, dare and finally having the capacity to so. Ok, I give an example.

You want to do a job so you went in an office where the requirement One male and one female.

And why the company honor hire you?

If you have known for what which is asked by you honor if you give answer their question.

He will hire you. It doesn't mean that you are women then he hires you.

Kirti said:   4 years ago
Hi I'm Kirti.

In my opinion, a Good manager is one who has an ability to manage a particular situation in an effective way. It does not depend on gender. It mainly depends on the skills, knowledge, creativity one has & Women has all these skills. She can manage her house budget as well as budget for the country like FM Nirmala Setharaman. Women take a lot of decision in her daily life effectively. Women work even if she is suffering from fever, cold or anything else. She performs her responsibility in an effective manner.

Harry said:   9 years ago
By looking at people like Kiran Bedi, Indira Gandhi, Sheila Dikshit who have managed the people so well we cannot deny the fact that women can't be good managers. Moreover what I believe is that nothing is impossible, if someone has the ability and if he/she works hard for it then he/she will surely achieve it.

So becoming a manager totally depends upon the qualities a person posses and the hard work done by him/her but not on the gender of that person.

Riya said:   7 years ago
According to my point of view, it does not depend on gender it depends upon the way you tackle the situation, patience, tolerance, creativity, knowledge on the way you handle the situation. Both male and female could be better it doesn't depend on gender. It depends on a person & their personality.

Diksha said:   5 years ago
Good evening friends.

I would like to share my opinion.

I think this is not about men or women. This is about the ability to do work or capabilities of each person. On the other hands, we can say that women's is good in managing things. Because from the very first day they can handle lots of situations like in our homes as well as in the kitchen. They take care of their child as well as do their job. They having the ability to do multitasking.

Also, women have more patience, courage, calm mind and a positive attitude.

Women think twice before spending money on things. They Think about the pros and cons.

Women's can easily hide their emotions as well. They know how to react in critical situations.

Well, every mom is the best manager in this world.

Arti said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, who is a good manager it do not depends on the gender. It depends on the ability of the person. Ability decide who is better.

Rekha meena said:   5 years ago
I think yes, women are good managers than men. Because from childhood they are given various responsibilities. Then married women who are working nowadays takes care of the family as well as their career. So, I think when it comes to multitasking they can handle things very well. Also, women have patience, courage, calm mind and positive attitude and with this can handle their work flawlessly. Women are a certainly better observer than males so I think it will be great for the employees working there.

But I would like to add that any position is it managers does not depend on gender. We are discussing this topic because of the men and women are treated in a society which is certainly not unbiased. Men are told to be harsh and demanding and women are said to be kind and flexible or adaptable according to the environment. But I think the time is changing and now both girl and boy child are being treated equally. And I hope there will be a time when we won't be discussing this topic anymore.

Nishikant said:   3 years ago
Yes, I agree with you, the women would be good managers, as they have good patience, listening skills, and we know that many of women work at home and in I office too, which make them multitask.

The way they have been raised in society, they have been taught to handle the situation, and in hard situations to take a proper and good decision. And they prioritize their work with the given time.

Apeksha said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone. !

In my opinion, it is an ability of the human being that how she/he deals which the situation either he is having a positive attitude, make a productive decision or not. It does not depend upon gender. It's not a God gifted thing is a skill which human being developed by its own.

We know that women are more sophisticated, clam and a good decision maker but that doesn't mean we can judge them for the same.

Let's take an example of our honours PM Mr. Nerander Modi and our former PM Mrs. Pratibha Patil. They both have the same destination and have those skills that made them such great people they are. We can't judge this on the bases of gender.

It's not a gender issue it's just the capability of an individual how to perform in different situations. No one is more or less than anyone. It's just a matter of capability.

Thank you.

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