Do Women make Good Managers?

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Yukta Jariwala said:   3 months ago
Yes, I agree that women can make better managers. As we can see nowadays, women are taking part in various fields like medicine, education, business & everywhere. And even they manage their home & family also. Women are multitasking. Now there are 1/3 seats are reserved for women in most of the sectors so they get the opportunity in various fields.

So by looking at that we can say that women have come forward with their skills & they deserve the right to get the managerial position in respect to their knowledge, communication skills, patience, etc. So women are better managers.

Rani said:   3 months ago
Yes, women can be good managers. Now is not the situation for discussing about strength /skills of women this is 2024 so wake up and see around yourself in every MNC company max. Several women are handling the managerial post even in Govt. Sector women are working in managerial posts. Women's proved their capability every time & now there is no need to discuss about managerial skills of women. In some situations, women play a better role than a man. Women have an inborn capacity for strength, understanding, hard working, and emotions so they can understand colleagues in a better way than a man. A good manager should have faith in his team members & also team members should be loyal to their manager as weel as the company. There is one sentence "Respect should command not demand " that is perfectly suitable for any manager/boss.

Sakshi Jha said:   4 months ago
Manger can be anyone it's not depends on gender, it is depend on the individual how he/she will do their work.

In professional life, I don't think gender plays an role. It is the point of individuals view of the completion of the work.

Preeti Satwani said:   1 year ago
If we are talking about Good managers, so we should list out the characteristics that a good manager should posses.

A good manager should be a better listener, better communicator, multi tasker, responsible, understanding.

And if we talk about all these characteristics then yes women have all these characteristics more than men to some extent.

And studies have proved that women hava a tendency of appreciating the work more frequently.

And this is something that all employees look into their manager.

Hence we can conclude that women make better managers than man do.

K.Alakananda said:   1 year ago
Yes, I do think that women make good managers they have a lot of skills and can learn anything they are no way less than men, but I think that mem or women's capability also matters if women can handle good situations they can if abled women who deserve the position of a manager takes that opportunity she can perfectly manage all the situations. Skill matters anywhere.

Vidhi Singh said:   1 year ago
Yes, I agree with you that women would be a good manager as they have good patience and listening skills, and we know that many of women work at home and in the office too, which make them multitask. In my opinion, it does not depend on gender it mainly depends. Upon the way you handle the situation, patience, tolerance, creativity and knowledge.

If you want to do a job, the. Companies hire you on your capability, not the female or male, are you? A woman is a doctor, teacher, nurse, maid, protector and supporter and many more qualities a woman is having. She is manage her time very well. In day-to-day life if we want to go to a picnic or marriage. She is the only one who manages what to take with them so that difficulties don't occur I want to give an example of Kalpana Chawla who was the first woman who went to space '. The conclusion is that we should treat everyone equally. So that women can show their talent too. In my opinion, a Good manager is one who has the ability to manage a particular situation in an effective way. It does not depend on gender.

Thank you.

Ayush Umang said:   2 years ago
Yes, maybe or may be not.

I believe gender is irrelevant to management and the ability to manage. Both genders have equal capabilities to learn and grow as a manager. We have a lot of women in the top management of various top companies. Counter to this is the argument that still 4% of the Fortune 500 companies have women CEOs, but in my belief that accounts to our history of bad gender diversity incorporates which has been improving gradually nowadays. However, though men & women have equal abilities to learn as managers, their performance might depend upon the work environment they are placed in, what they manage, etc. Like women placed in a drilling rig might not manage workers as good as their male counterparts. Similarly, men as sales managers wherever client dealing and convincing is involved, might not perform as good as women. Thus in my opinion men and women can both be good managers but their performance may depend in certain situations upon certain specific job profiles.

Suman said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, women are good manager but both men and women are same capabilities, patience. Because manager is a person who manages work in a proper way. If we taking about good manager so they can not compare men or female in any way.

Nishikant said:   2 years ago
Yes, I agree with you, the women would be good managers, as they have good patience, listening skills, and we know that many of women work at home and in I office too, which make them multitask.

The way they have been raised in society, they have been taught to handle the situation, and in hard situations to take a proper and good decision. And they prioritize their work with the given time.

Ompal singh said:   3 years ago
Good Morning Guys,

In my opinion, women's are good managers. As we know that women are expected to handle various responsibilities since their childhood which makes them good multitaskers. Who are managing their home and families? Their classifications make them good managers by they are more patient in difficulties. Women are better listeners, great communicators and they appreciate good work more frequently. And they are facing many problems in various or difficult situations. Then something's they are losing or Missing their carrier. Married women's who are managing our work and takes care of families as well as our target. A woman is a doctor, teacher, Company manager, cook supporter and many standards a woman is having.

Thank you.

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