Do Women make Good Managers?

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Rutuja said:   10 years ago
As I have gone through the above points many boys were supporting women. Well that's nice it gives positive hope and feeling of living in 21st century, thank you so much friends. Yes I do agree that a good manager does not depends upon gender and it completely depends upon different skills that are required to be the good manager. There are some work which a women can do better and some work which man can do better.

But I am not agree with friend who has given lots of examples because though it shows us a man is a good manager but this doesn't proves that a women is a bad one, it shows that you are biased.

Well there are few examples have a look my friend.

1. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is an Indian entrepreneur. She is the Chairman & Managing Director of Biocon Limited a biotechnology company based in Bangalore (Bengaluru), India.

2. Ekta Jeetendra Kapoor (b. 7 June 1975) is an Indian TV and film producer. She is the Joint Managing Director and Creative Director of Balaji Telefilms, her production company.

3. Swati A. Piramal is the Vice Chairperson of Piramal Lifesciences Limited and Director of Piramal Healthcare Limited. Dr. Piramal received one of India's highest civilian honour, the Padma Shri award, by the President of India, Ms. Pratibha Patil on 4th April, 2012 She has been nominated as one of the 25 Most Powerful Business Women in India eight times and is now a member of the Hall of Fame of the Most Powerful Women.

4. Rajshree Pathy, is an eminent entrepreneur from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. She is the Chairperson and Managing Director of the Rajshree Group of Companies and Founder of India Design Forum.

5. Radhika Roy is an Indian media baron and co Chairperson and Managing Director, NDTV. Radhika has won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for Information, Communication and Entertainment in the year 2003. .

The list is endless. So don't under estimate women. Women and men both can be the good manager only because of their skills and not because of the history of managers.

Manali chowdhury said:   1 decade ago
Well my perspective towards this kind of statement is quite biased since I m not regardless of the feminist opinions, but the society has changed drastically and men are gradually being comprehensive about the priorities of women. In certain parts of India, people still hold patriarchal views, where women are still confined to the walls of their house and are expected to perform the domestic chores and cater to the needs of their family and spouse. Women turn out to be to better managers on professional as well as on personal grounds due to their perseverance and an inherent quality which is ingrained in them since their childhood.

Somewhere they are being mentally prepared to face such situations. We can't be negligent of the fact that even men these days do contribute some time out of their professional life to give time to family. Though the majority still lies with women for when it comes to sacrificing their ambitions for the upbringing of their wards its women who step forth. Men generally look after the external matters.

This is also because it is a pre conceived notion that mother can take better care of children than father, whereas it is not always so. Despite of being a woman I don't completely agree to this as several explanations can still be provided. I'm sure even the women/girls reading this agree that fathers take care of the family silently and are not expressive about their contribution whereas women are somewhat boastful about their importance and role in family.

Rahul Chauhan said:   10 years ago
Obviously Women are good managers. Gender discrimination and male dominance are hindering the females to step ahead and prove themselves. Otherwise, Women are born manager because whether it's a mom or a daughter or a wife.

A women always manages everything better. We can see examples such as in Rajasthan few women had started making papad and later their recipe is famous in all over the world. They now brought millions of turnover and helps in developing countries economy. The name of the company is "Lijjat papad".

So, its not matter whether you are male or female, the think matter is the managerial aspect and core knowledge in your respective fields.

Regarding the issues that many friends have mentioned earlier that Women physique are weak. So, they don't able to handle the field works. With the advancement in technology in today's era. Everything is automated and their are males who work under managers. So, individually if they are unable to complete the task, then team work will help it. As management is also about team work or working in a group.

So, if The developing country want to be a develop country. Than it has to make a mindset "No gender discrimination". And both men as well as women should support equally for the nation's bright future. Which makes us best one day.

Kundan said:   9 years ago
Yes I'm in favour of this statement. Women have the inbuilt ability to manage things efficiently. The example is the housewife. She has a list of things in her hand to do, like looking after the children, making them ready for school, preparing lunch/breakfast for them and for her husband. After she finishes her morning tasks, she has to then look after the house cleanliness or at the kitchen stocks.

So these sequential work automatically makes her efficient in performing the tasks. Therefore it can also be said that women are good at multitasking. So when it comes to an Organisation, they can apply their inherent traits. She has to deal with a lot of corporate relationships, employees, etc as according to her position in the organisation.

As someone said already, it is a fact that women are more calm and patient than men, ya but there are some exceptions where this point fails. They are also able to manage by virtue of their good communication skills and soft voice.

My conclusion is that women are better managers than men as seen in general but from personal point of view anyone (whether male or female) can be a good manager provided he has achieved the basic skills required through training or practice.

Saint said:   10 years ago
Someone said "Gender is not factor to determine the managerial capacity", the why the numbers (there are only 2% women CEO) suggest otherwise, don't tell me men dominate, its the law of nature that the fittest dominate, and if you say men dominate then what you really mean is that men dominate.

@ "Now scenario has changed" - the present women make less than 20% of top managerial position in spite of all reservation and special treatment, and if what you mean is that in future women will outnumber men, then come to me when that happen,

@ "Women are more balanced and loving" - really never heard of buddha, jesus, or vivrkananda, name a women who have done it better,

@ "Women manage home and office" - well what can I say to that, good luck with that,

@ "Women list is endless, don't underestimate them" - nobody is underestimating the, but you should come and see the men's list its much bigger.

@ "Both have same brains" - then why such a big disparity in accomplishment.

@ "Prathiba patil, ekata kapoor and other names that I not heard" - really those are best names you have got, can you even compare those names with gandhi, edison, steve jobs or alexander.

Saint said:   9 years ago
@"Gender discrimination and male domination are hindering the females" - Gender discrimination? you are kidding right, all I see around is reservations and special treatments for women's, whether it be government post or a seat in the parliament, and talking about the domination, well its the law of nature that fittest dominate.

@"In Rajasthan women's are making papad" - wow now what do I say to that, you are doing a marvelous job.

@"Womens are good at house hold activity" - if you think house hold work and being a Entrepreneur is the same thing, you have no idea what you talking about.

@"Women are playing a key role in every field as CEO and CMD" - women's are only 2% of the CEO's and only about 20% of top managerial level all over the company, and if you think that is the key role, you have got to work on your mathematics skills.

When you say that women's are wonderful managers and find them so badly outnumbered in that aspect, don't you think something is wrong with your whole argument there, its like saying that snail has all qualities for being a good runner, but out there they don't run.

MUSKAN KHATUN said:   3 years ago
YES, If we talk about do women make good managers, then surely they make. A woman has a lot of responsibilities since they become an adult they understand the situations going on in their surroundings and need to manage them accordingly. They have to keep an eye on everything whether it's about her home or her job they need to give an equal distribution of time to both. No matter what be the situation like she is sick or not feeling well, she has to continue her duties as a girl, wife or mother. They can't give excuses to get rid of the work. Women who work and also manages the home is a huge task for them. After coming from work also they have their house duties to perform. According to all of us, I think that it's not easy work for all to manage. Both men and women have their own situations to manage and nowadays there is no point of comparing the GENDER thing. All are equal in their respective places. But as far as the question arises about women. So, yes they are far more best in managing in any field they are given to and must be appreciated for tackling every situation wisely and smoothly.

Vidhi Singh said:   2 years ago
Yes, I agree with you that women would be a good manager as they have good patience and listening skills, and we know that many of women work at home and in the office too, which make them multitask. In my opinion, it does not depend on gender it mainly depends. Upon the way you handle the situation, patience, tolerance, creativity and knowledge.

If you want to do a job, the. Companies hire you on your capability, not the female or male, are you? A woman is a doctor, teacher, nurse, maid, protector and supporter and many more qualities a woman is having. She is manage her time very well. In day-to-day life if we want to go to a picnic or marriage. She is the only one who manages what to take with them so that difficulties don't occur I want to give an example of Kalpana Chawla who was the first woman who went to space '. The conclusion is that we should treat everyone equally. So that women can show their talent too. In my opinion, a Good manager is one who has the ability to manage a particular situation in an effective way. It does not depend on gender.

Thank you.

Harika said:   9 years ago
In my opinion either man or woman can be the good manager. It all depends on his/her mind set, ability, exposure to situations, communication etc. People just say that only men or women are good managers. It is because some situations made them think like that. No wrong in their opinions too.

People who support men are thinking that men are good managers because til now many reputed, goodwill earned companies have only men as CEO's, top level managers. So basing on this they concluded that men are good managers. People supporting women because they manage home, family, office etc. men cannot do that.

But I won't support only men or only women. Because to be good managers first chance is to be given to prove that they are the good managers. If women are employed in top position in companies they will prove them selves and they have proved it. Men can also be good house managers and they are even doing that so today every woman can go and work.

Finally both men and women will be the good managers but the only thing is chance should be given to prove themselves.

Sanjoy das said:   9 years ago
Before starting the discussion I would like to explain the word what actually manager means. A manager is a person who manage every thing, take care the organisational profit, set up a link between his or her employee for further progress of company or organisation. So the definition reflect the post or the designation is not depend upon gender or sexuality.

A Person having a good responsibility, personality, ethics, capability of understanding the fact, leadership quality and communication skill can groom himself or herself for the post of the manager.

In Indian economical market there is a plenty no. of example where the managerial post are hold by men and woman simultaneously. Chanda Kochhar is the MD of ICICI bank, Arundhuti Bhattacharya plays a top role in SBI BANK, KIRAN MAZUMDER-SHAW is the MD of Biocon Limited.

On the other we can name Kumar Mangalam Birla, Harse Neotia, Mukesh Ambani as a good manger. So my point is that a deserving person should hold the right position beyond of any sort of sexual reservation.

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