Do Women make Good Managers?

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Rohith said:   10 years ago
I think that women are good managers because no men will not run the family as well as a women. A family itself it needs the women "without a women a men wouldn't be" without a men a women would be. Not only that the other quality i.e., their sincerity, hard working skills will make her a good managers.

Karuna said:   10 years ago
Well, I think both men and women can be good manager depending upon the talent, leadership skill, communication skill, decision making. And he or she should have capability to manage situation. So there is no point in making difference.

Ssp said:   10 years ago
What we require to be a good manager is that good decision making, good communication, motivation to employees and manage the entire business and produce maximum output with minimum input and improve productivity so why there is question of men and women? Despite the fact is that women have ability to manage her family from her childhood so she can not manage business.

Manali chowdhury said:   10 years ago
Well my perspective towards this kind of statement is quite biased since I m not regardless of the feminist opinions, but the society has changed drastically and men are gradually being comprehensive about the priorities of women. In certain parts of India, people still hold patriarchal views, where women are still confined to the walls of their house and are expected to perform the domestic chores and cater to the needs of their family and spouse. Women turn out to be to better managers on professional as well as on personal grounds due to their perseverance and an inherent quality which is ingrained in them since their childhood.

Somewhere they are being mentally prepared to face such situations. We can't be negligent of the fact that even men these days do contribute some time out of their professional life to give time to family. Though the majority still lies with women for when it comes to sacrificing their ambitions for the upbringing of their wards its women who step forth. Men generally look after the external matters.

This is also because it is a pre conceived notion that mother can take better care of children than father, whereas it is not always so. Despite of being a woman I don't completely agree to this as several explanations can still be provided. I'm sure even the women/girls reading this agree that fathers take care of the family silently and are not expressive about their contribution whereas women are somewhat boastful about their importance and role in family.

Anushka said:   1 decade ago
Dear friends in my opinion we are living in 21 century, so we can not distinguish between men and woman, now woman managing job and home together, she doing everything perfect in any field, few year ago people was think -work done by men can not be done by women. But now days it is in vice-Versa. The CEO of google is a women and so many field they are giving their best.

Before some year there was no facility for woman. She was not educated so many restriction as compare to boys but after providing facility she uses of this facility very well. That's by our C.M. Providing many scheme for girls they can be become the part of our nation.

In conclusion I would like to say managerial skills not denpends on gender. One who has the ability who will be good manager.

Viswesh said:   1 decade ago
Dude now the world is changed and why do people stick on to the traditional beliefs that only men can become good managers ? Those who possess the managerial talents, skills and ability to coordinate can become managers. Its not immaterial that only men can be the good managers. Nowadays womens are also equally talented than that of men in all aspects, so its nothing that like only men can become good managers. Infact womens take quick decisions than that of men and obviously they are successful in their work. So I just wanna conclude by saying that don't just simply criticize women, because they can do anything and everything.

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