Do Women make Good Managers?

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Ssp said:   1 decade ago
What we require to be a good manager is that good decision making, good communication, motivation to employees and manage the entire business and produce maximum output with minimum input and improve productivity so why there is question of men and women? Despite the fact is that women have ability to manage her family from her childhood so she can not manage business.

Lakshmi said:   10 years ago
Yes, I agree with my friend's point. Women can be a good manager than the men. To become a good manager, a person require excellent skills, intelligence, fast decision making and all these things depend on his/her education, environment around him/her. Nobody whether its men or women are born managers.

Preethi komal said:   9 years ago
According to my opinion, now-a-days women plays a key role in every field and in every organisation as bank CEOs and CMDs. In this year women of some organisations are the awareness of FICCI. So, the women make the management in any field.

T.A.NJOMENI said:   8 years ago
According to me, the desired qualities for performing managerial functions are not specific to male or female but cut across gender.

T.Dharmadurai said:   9 years ago
Most of the women create their own placement in every field that means finally what I am telling, Women can handle the problems in every field then why can't handle the small organization and Kalpana Chawla? Its a joke right, because the last time I checked she was no manager or entrepreneur, and why would you call her a legend because she is a women or because she is an Indian, or because she died in a space shuttle crash, meant no this respect.

If she's a legend what would you say about Neil Armstrong (First man to moon) or Yuri Gagarin (First man to outer space). And for the record there were 5 men and 2 women's in Columbia (5>2).

Rani said:   6 months ago
Yes, women can be good managers. Now is not the situation for discussing about strength /skills of women this is 2024 so wake up and see around yourself in every MNC company max. Several women are handling the managerial post even in Govt. Sector women are working in managerial posts. Women's proved their capability every time & now there is no need to discuss about managerial skills of women. In some situations, women play a better role than a man. Women have an inborn capacity for strength, understanding, hard working, and emotions so they can understand colleagues in a better way than a man. A good manager should have faith in his team members & also team members should be loyal to their manager as weel as the company. There is one sentence "Respect should command not demand " that is perfectly suitable for any manager/boss.

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