Do we really need Smart Cities?

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Akash said:   5 years ago
According to my opinion, the Smart cities are those which are having proper facilities of clean water supply, healthy food, hygienic living condition, 24 hrs electricity. Ignoring these factors concept of the smart city can't be achieved. Thinking of Bullet trains, free wifi services, technological advancement without fullfilling basic amenities that one common person wants will not do anything in developing our country. We have to increase our literacy rate, maintain poulation sex ratio, reduce malnutrition, provides connectivity to rural villages, better wages to farmers. We should first think of women empowerment, increase employment, stop mob lynching, rape cases. After fullfillment of all these needs & facilities we can think of other requirements. So, first of all, make smart people, smart society as without achieving this it is pointless to think about the smart city.

Sayan said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, we don't need a smart city, we need a smart country where every citizen would be smart enough.

How many people live in a city?India is a country where maximum people live in rural areas. 80% of the people of our country can not spend more than 20 Rs. In a day. 19% of total poor in the world are from India. These people don't even know whether they have foods tomorrow or not. Many children are suffering from malnutrition. The Government of India still can not provide Basic needs like foods, safe drinking water, education, shelter, medical facility to maximum people of India after 70 years of independence. Unemployment is also a big issue in India. Our country's GDP is increasing but unfortunately, 56% of total GDP is in the hands of only 1% of our people. So rich is becoming richer and poor is becoming poorer.

So, in my opinion, at present, we don't need to focus on smart cities. First, we must focus on how to fulfill the basic needs of poor people. Our mission should be no children with malnutrition, 100% literacy rate, 100% employment. When people become smart enough then government don't need to worry about smart cities. India itself become a smart country.

Bhavgothadiya said:   5 years ago

I am Bhavadip Gothadiya from Surat.

As per my opinion, Smart city is Necessary for the nation or not?

I say it's necessary for us. Because we know that in our house we can't decorate all the rooms equally. But we decorated our rooms as per priority of room.


We spend more money on our Hall.

And Less money for bedroom.

We know that every guest Firstly visits our hall So, we spend more on that same concept is Here,

We know every educated citizen choose the luxurious lifestyle.
I am not against rural area and citizens.
But before developing the Smart city.
First, provide a safe environment.
And all daily needs first.
As. Education, food, water and all that thinks.
And then thought about smart city.

Sakshi Agrawal said:   6 years ago
Hello my friends,

My name is Sakshi Agrawal, and I am from Jabalpur.

In my opinion, we don't need of smart city we need of safe city where girls they can travels easily without any fear. We don't need of bullet train we need of good education we need of good compartment we need of safe life then after of this our country will automatically make a smart city.

As we know the people how to live in the village they don't know about the ceaseless traction they don't know how to use of internet and then our government work only in cities. They want to make metro cities so without develop village it cannot be possible.

So in my opinion, first we need smart education and safe city not smart city.

Sidhant Gupta said:   6 years ago

I believe that cities are made by people, the infrastructures and other non-living things are just the creation of human beings. To make a smart city we first need to make people smart, these discussions are just a part of what we think or believe but the major work that needs to be done is to implement those ideas and thinking. Smart cities are related to smart people.

People must get ready for the smart cities like taking an example of Tejas train, the condition of the train wasn't too good, people travelling stole the headphones from the train and the mirrors of the train were cracked, the tv screens were damaged, so if people can't handle the new ideas then how could you expect them to be living in smart cities.

Thus smart cities must be made after making people smart.

Mukesh said:   6 years ago
Hi everyone.

Yes, there is a need for smart cities but not now.

I understand that smart cities are required if we want to see our country to be in the list of developed nations.

But we need to understand that no structure can sustain for a longer time if the foundation is week. And then here the foundation is our villages.

We should first focus on improving the condition of villages and make them smart. A large no. Of people from villages are migrating towards the cities to get a better education and for other basic needs. And because of that cities are becoming crowded.

The Basic concept is: more the people, more no. Of vehicles, more will be the consumption of fuel and definitely, it will affect the environment.

First, we need to focus on making our villages smart.

Chandan Azad said:   5 years ago
According to my opinion, smart city means all basic needs and facilities are available in a smart city like good transportation, education facilities, law and order, clean water, proper electricity etc.

Every one wants such like facility but making cities smart India can not become smart because giving facilities to city make smart but in India most of people live in village and they have not basic facilities like good education facility, transportation, clean water, good hospitality etc.

We want to really smart India so we need to make India smart not only cities.

Make to all Indian smart by giving opportunities facilities.

NITIKA said:   4 years ago
The motto of the "smart cities" is to make India more developed. But working only for cities does'nt Going make India a developed nation! If the base is not strong automatically the building will be weak. Now here the base is villages in India. In INDIA, 80% of the population lives in rural areas and villages, they don't even have the basic facilities like education, electricity supply, water supply, banks etc. So before jumping on things which are already developing we should more concentrate on the areas which are acutally underdeveloped.



Sanjeet Kumar shrivastava said:   4 years ago
According to my opinion, only smart cities can't fulfil all the need of our country so firstly, We should make our ruler area smart because Rural area's people have not the facilities to develop themselves. So I think if cities people and ruler area's people both have equal facilities to develop our country then it plays an important role to develop our country.

Thank you.

Shivani said:   6 years ago

I am Shivani, in my opinion, smart cities is very good plan for our country but before we develop our cities firstly we develop our rural area, because there are very villages in our country still there is not travelling facilities available, there is no electricity, no emergency hospitals available that's why firstly we need to develop that villages to smart villages after that come to cities to make smart cities. Step by step we all automatically going towards the smart country. Jai Hind.

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