Do we really need Smart Cities?

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Rajat Arora said:   5 years ago
We don't need 'smart cities' but every corner of India to be smart.

Meaning of a smart city: making a city self-sufficient, providing world-class cities- having a good education system, good sanitation, environmentally sustainable, best infrastructure.

But my question is why few cities? Won't it lead to discrimination between different cities? If we are going to make certain cities smart. People from other cities will be attracted to these and leave their hometowns which lack behind in providing them facilities for their overall development. It will again repeat the scenario of urbanization-and create the problem of overcrowding.

WHY LEAVE BEHIND OTHER CITIES? If we pay tax in an equal amount as the people living in smart cities, don\'t we have the equal right of development? Why the people of rural areas, 'unsmart cities' shouldn't have equal access to the best infrastructure, environmentally sustainable towns where they live? Why do they have to move out of their homes to go to a smart city? Why shouldn't they have unpolluted homes?

Even sociologically, this is discrimination: if some cities will be smart where people will have world-class infrastructure, everything is connected to the network, there origins a mental approach that the people who live in normal cities- are backward, because they have not experienced what the people of smart cities were made entitled to. This furthers the problem of urban and rural lifestyle.

No nation can survive without agriculture which exists in rural areas. Then if a farmer who is responsible for providing food to the country doesn't have access to the same facilities which the people of smart cities have, isn't it discrimination? Why does he have to send his children to smart cities? Why can't his child grow in the same rural area and have access to the smart facilities?

If I live in a small town of Rajasthan but still pay an equal amount of tax as any other person living in Shillong/Dharamshala, why don\'t I have the right to have equal facilities as the people living there?

The govt is responsible for promoting equality in services and opportunities to me also.

The real answer to our problems is that govt and citizens should work cooperatively and there should be an overall development of the nation and not few cities. And if the argument is that we have to start from somewhere, I will still emphasize that this is not a good policy decision to move ahead by starting with few cities. The approach towards development should not coincide with urbanization. India does not need to follow a western model to develop. We can have our own indigenous model of governance and development. India being an agrarian country should try to work its way towards sustainable development by investing heavily in rural areas and make them smart. If we try to take a step back and go by a bottom-top approach, we can show the world that India is a 'smart country' who makes its own way.

Mahesh said:   5 years ago
I think we need smart cities for ourselves and for show off. Everyone wants to live in a better city with good infrastructures, good technology and pollution less environment. And if we have our own smart cities, our people don't have to go to other countries to live in a better place, So it also prevents brain drain.

And I said for show off. Yeah, To be honest, even I don't like saying this, but image of India in front of foreigners is not good. Even though we have good cities like navi Mumbai, when you say mumbai to a foreigner, what comes to their mind is slumdog millionaire's Mumbai, not the Navi Mumbai. And it also not possible to make a already existing cities much smart, so we should go for the new ones.

When our Prime minister talked about the smart cities 2 year back, I saw a lot about these smart cities in TV channels. They were showing some imaginary cities of complete automation. But actually we can't develop such smart cities.

So if anyone opposes this smart city concept, the main reason they give is why spending that much money on cities, where many people are struggling for daily food or when there our country is lacking basic infrastructures itself in many places. What I would say is, if you think smart cities, where government alone builds building and all, yea, it requires huge money and it won't succeed.

But according to me, how the smart cities should be build is, the government should acquire the required land, and it should plan the city, like how the roads should be, how broad they should be, where the buildings should be, where the hospitals should be. The government should provide good roads, drainage and all other facilities. And it should make telecom companies to provide very good network here.

But building all other things should be left to private sector. It should make people buy that land for some money and it should keep rules like the minimum number of floors should be 40 or 50. By doing this, the government won't lose anything, But it creates lot of benefits like it provides employment opportunities to many people. It should also make rules for keeping the environment clean and healthy.

And some people are saying it will be a discrimination if we make only certain cities smart, but I don't think so. Already all cities are not equally developed, and along with building smart cities, a equal importance should be given for the development of other cities and rural areas.

Akansha Nigam said:   7 years ago
Hello Friends,

I believe that Indian need smart cities. It's a very good move to make Indian people smarter. So many things became easy since we started using information technology which was taking actually time-consuming. Like now we are not in any queue whether it is an electricity bill queue or PVR cinema ticket counter queue. All the work happening today in a second. If I am not wrong every person is enjoying the welfare of it and living their life comfortably. Not only rich people common people also started living a standardised life until the time they are aware. Yes, I completely agree it's really a great and a very important change required to make India smarter as we all are still developing country. If we'll talk about the problem of India and don't adapt the new changes so I don't think that we can ever be a developed country. We need knowledge, awareness, resources to be smarter. Nowadays everyone is using smart cell pone if they thought first fight with out normal problem and settle down in our lives so they'd have been able to stand in front of other those who are regularly using these gadgets. Now a common people also enjoy the benefits of technologies. We do chats we do video calling we became closer to the people those we not even thought of meeting with them. Everyone need to be a smarter and we need smart cities.

I can give a number of examples as there are many people who can't afford to pay to learn new things but youtube became a great resource to learn whatever you want to learn and it's like free of cost. You can up skill yourself by using the technology and it's a great move.

All normal people are also able to travel in flights due to the less cost of the flights otherwise, it would have been just a dream off.

Smart cities are very much required and I believe Indian need to have more smart cities. We should help those people those who are not aware of these important things but we should never say no to learning and also to becoming smarter.

It's a need of life.

A very honourable person said that Education is money in a different country. So increase your knowledge as much you can and help others as because if you help them you are actually serving to the country.

Knowledge is money which you can spend as much as you can and increase your bank balance of Education.

Neha singh said:   7 years ago
Yes, we really need smart cities because we are in a technological era and we should match our feet with new technologies. But in my point of view, for smart cities smart education and smart facilities are not enough but the people having smart mindset is also entail for this. According to me, the definition of smart cities is the people having smart mindset. In India, people still have stone age mindset and they don't want to change it. There are two face of India like on one side we see there is a dynamic development in a technological field and on the second side we see horrible things of India like rape cases, murder etc due to backward and creep type of mindset of Indian people and just because of this horrible things India is still a" DEVELOPING COUNTRY " after so many years. I believe that education plays a very curious role in setting the mindset of people and as we all patently know the present scenario of our "INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM". So, government should first think to change our education system then to think about smart cities because illiteracy rate of India is still very high so, how government can think about the smart cities by knowing that that half of the population in India are uneducated. Government should amend their protocols and made a strict law for education compulsion for each and every kid of India whether they are poor or rich because "more educated people, more smart cities we have in future". If we really need smart cities, the people who have orthodox mindset should change their mindset according to new generation, should try to learn new technologies, implement in their daily life and motivate other people also. Indian people should cooperate with the government in their good moves like swatch Bharat Abhiyan, skillful India and many things which lead to making India a smart country in future.

PRATHAPA said:   6 years ago
Hi guys, my self Prathap.

If you consider my personal opinion in this topic Smart cities are really required in this developing country of India and I professionally and personally feel I appreciate the plans and policies running under NDA Government because our Honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is one of the good administrator and he is well planned manner also.

OK lets talk about Smart Cities necessities in India.

Yes absolutely its required for the upcoming generation Because smart cities are Eco-friendly with environment like. Less pollution, technically dispose of garbage system and sanitary problem,

And its include Implement of wind energy, solar energy, LAN internet connection proper transport facility, proper utilization of resources and improvement of IT in the local sectors. Before implementing this Government has to think our GDP level to invest to these smart cities our GDP is only 7.2 percent now moreover it has to focus Literacy rates are very less India here proper education for all the people of the country its take a grate role here because most of the people don't know about using of technology, make in India, Made in India and Digital India schemes so government has to create a awareness about that and with different programmes, yes this is the point is really required because without knowing the knowledge how we can use the facility, then before implement this smart cities Government has to solve the unemployment issues with attract the foreign investment moreover Government has to fulfill the basic needs for the poor people.

So, finally I can come into conclude the topic this is not the right time to Implement the plan it will take a longer time to establish with proper manner.

Projjal Gop said:   6 years ago
I introduce myself as Projjal Gop,

In my view, when we talk of an age that relies more on digitalization I believe the smart city is an immediate measure. We can all talk of manual effort but imagine a day without any computers and see the catastrophe. Smart city measure is a step taken by the government to provide better infrastructure and sanitation aids to the residents and the aim is to expand its territory over the years.

It is true that our country lacks infrastructure and the long-term planning because of which we fail in the long turn to achieve any realistic vision, but here one has to understand that in the run of votes many regions and states basically run behind the age.

When talking about the villages I would like to point out that a village's transformation depends on a neighbouring city's prosperity. Has anyone ever heard that because of villages cities run well? Villages are the hub of agrarian production whereas cities are the hub of trade business and in this setup cities gain the most as India's agrarian economy is nation based and not region based. Efforts are being taken by the govt to develop our agriculture but the recent losses triggered due to floods and heavy rain alarm that proper structural framework is required and that it has to start from cities which would generate revenues for the project. I would like to state that India today no longer depends on its agriculture resource as its lifeline, IT sector has taken it all. India now is a sleeping giant yet to dominate the world's silicon valley. So we do need digitalisation in form of smart cities which would generate more revenues to evolve our villages.

Biswajit sahoo said:   5 years ago
Of course, here we all need smart cities because of basic amenities will be there. All citizen will benefit up to limits as of 24*7 electricity, fast & forward travel service, water supply, clean city, al the basic requirements are there to fulfil the basic formalities. But here we have to look about the actual benefits and cons. Here we have to see for a better future but city should be take care of the agricultural research and environmental activities. In smart city actually, it is profitable up to poor for their lifestyle and activities. For the hope of job and to search for a work urban areas people who are jobless they will definitely come to smart city for their empty stomach. Govt should be take care of them and their environment. There should be awareness about health and wealth. Because of AI and IoT we got better refinement and smart cloud activities in short time period but it can be hacked by hackers. So cybercrime can be increased. So cyber control should be keep on eye them. It should be easier all to keep relaxing with our enjoyment of life. People should have a limit up to industrial activity and pollution should be managed in control. There is dearth of concrete environment in city. So implants of green plants and agriculture should be developed. There could be social awareness about and in every engineering college there will facilitate for new ideas for improving the smart cities requirements. It needs to fulfil our social things by contrast upon the activities of human being. It's a good opportunity for better future can be compared with other backward cities and people also get modernized by this good act.

Zara said:   7 years ago
In my opinion, we definitely need smart cities. Our government is already planning to turn many of the small cities into smart cities in the coming years which will a great initiative for our country as a whole. When we talk about smart cities, it is not just the attractive infrastructure, but a "smart city" actually refers to a city that makes the life of its people easy and good by means of better transportation, education, health and housing networks. But the major point here is that along with the good planning, our government should be able to provide good governance to execute the plans and achieve the desired goals. Smart cities will create more job opportunities which will relax the current unemployment problem in our country. Our country has manpower but fewer job opportunities for the people. Take an example of many engineering students who are either unemployed or are getting highly underpaid jobs, despite the hard work they put into their education.

Definitely, it is important to focus on the villages too, but the process will be gradual. The current small number of smart cities in our country are facing the problem of over-crowding and hence pollution rise. According to me as more cities will be turned into smart cities, the situation will be better.

Smart city will contribute towards economic development of the country and hence will enable the government to do more for the people below poverty line.

Apart from a better standard of living, a smart city gives good exposure to the people and hence can contribute in making people smart. Smarter the people, smarter and more developed the nation!

Souvik Rudra Biswas said:   4 years ago

According to my own view, I wanna say this project was a big stepping stone to develop our Country and Cities. We all know that this project had been launched by our Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi in 2015 on 25th June. A total of 98,000core has been approved by the Indian Cabinet to development of 100 smart cities and rejuvenation of 500 others. It has a big aim that is the development of our country through developing cities.

So, In our country, there are many rural places. Not only that, but rural people also suffering a lot and they are facing many problems. Like, lack of good drainage system, lack of sufficient hospital, lack of good infrastructure, lack of food, etc. We can tell the poverty is a big challenge in Infront of them.

I think if our government tries to develop our cities, develop our society and as well as a country so, the government should provide lots of opportunities for rural areas and the rural people. Like, proper food, water supply, electric facilities, etc. This way rural communities will be developed. Because a few days ago Indian-American economist Mr. Avijit Banerjee said India is a developing country in the world not developed countries due to the increasing poverty rate.

So, I think if urban people and the rural people both have the same facilities our Cities will be fulfilled to developed and if your city will develop or smart our lifestyles will be developed or smart as well as our society. In the near future, this type of developed society will be Developed our country in the world.

Well, I think we really need The Smart Cities.

Thank you.

KUNAL GUPTA said:   7 years ago
In my opinion smart cities involves the development of our society, living life style, economic.

Growth etc. Largely smart city focuses on the development along with providing basic amenities.

Like, construction of our school, hospitals and 24/7 electricity, housing to all lower-class and.

Middle-class family.

Every country wants to develop an the step taken by our government towards making smart cities is.

One of a kind. Although every country needs smart cities of one's country development but at the.

Same time it requires smart people around who can take smart steps towards making of our society.

In India, the need for smart cities increases as India is a developing country. So the parameters.

On which India must improve are above said points as well as providing assistance to countryside.

Areas. With the due course if India succeeds in making smart cities it can improve on only its.

Social condition but also economic condition, because with the building of infrastructure the.

Private investment also increases in country.

But above all the thought which arises is that, is it that simple to make smart cities? No, our.

Government is trying hard on this step and they would face various challenges like corruption,

Basic assistance of people. Also government should think of the problems which are created by.

Smart cities like environmental problem and other state and local government problem.

It can be concluded that, the step for making 100 cities is been taken and which is good, but.

Government has to make his feet down for all the challenges and find their solutions.

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