Do we really need Smart Cities?

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Jitendra said:   3 months ago
Yes, we need a smart City in over the country. But we not only focus on the city but also focus on village/ rural areas.

Firstly we can change a city into a smart City along with we should a village also change into a city.

All we know is that education is the most powerful weapon in the world so we should provide proper education to children about smart City and smart life.

All we know is that every coin has both sides like prons and cons equally.

So there are many cons to smart City,

When we need to establish a smart City then we will cut many trees.

That is very harmful to over environment.

At last, I would like to say that we really need a smart City but its side effects should be counted and followed it.

Arpit sarathe said:   6 months ago
In my opinion, is that we need smart cities for our better development. Smart cities provide fast transportation facilities, and better medical facilities. High chance of getting a job in smart cities. Smart cities will increase the economy of the country.

Shaurya Raghav said:   9 months ago
I would like to put my thoughts on the topic 'Do we really need smart cities'. In my opinion, We really need smart cities but not at the cost of cut down trees, increasing pollution, etc. With smart cities we can get services on time like transportation facilities, medical facilities, improved quality of education rather than quality, increase in employment etc. Smart cities will increase the economy of the country as well. The proper use of humans as well as a natural resource will increase by smart cities.

Shifama said:   10 months ago
I'm sharing my thoughts about do we really need smart cities?

In my opinion, smart cities must be beneficial to our nation, Today's plan for smart cities little bit harmful to the environment.

For our selfishness we drop the trees they may die due to us, This will lead to a disaster in future so I disapprove of this, smart cities were benifit from one point of view to the another side it will harm to our society and our health.

Thank you.

Diksha said:   1 year ago
Hi everyone,

In my point of view, we really need smart cities but for making smart cities we have to cut down trees and also we'll not have farming lands after making smart cities so before making smart cities we should plan to make our cities smart as the way that we can save our trees, lands and our environment because if we lose trees then how we'll fulfil our basic needs like food, fresh air. On the other hand, if we want a better life with good infrastructure, good health facilities, and good education institutions we really need smart cities. For smart cities government's first step should be to make our villages smart because when villages will be smart only then cities can be smart and both of these will make our country smart.

Thank you.

Soundariya said:   2 years ago
Good Morning friends.

May I have your kind attention please?

This is Soundariya.

I would like to add on points to the topic of smart cities. As far I am concerned smart cities are needed to enrich the better life for each and every citizen. Yes, smart citizens definitely need smart cities. First and foremost, I seek smart cities in order to enhance the decrement of crime. There must be better transportation services wherever we want to go, we can't on time due to increased traffic and rate of accidents day by day. Next, the major problem is unemployment, employment should be provided for those who are in need of a job. Due to the increased population, there is no housing facilities for all so that facilities must be provided in smart cities. Poverty-stricken people must not suffer without food, free foods should be provided for them. Hospitals, schools and colleges must have very good infrastructure. Many cities have already implemented and benefitted from this smart city scheme and some cities have invested. Many cities are yet to develop. I conclude that smart cities will provide optimum usage of space and resources along with efficient distribution of benefits. Thank you for this opportunity.


Theeksha said:   2 years ago
Hello, I am Theeksh.

In my opinion, we need smart city. Smart city means not only develop the village or city. It also thinking of people is also smarter.

Thank you.

Mrudulkanti Mohanty said:   2 years ago
Good Morning everyone,

Thanks for giving me the chance to share my opinion.

In my point of view, yes, we all need smart cities. For this, our pm Mr. Narendra Modi has created this scheme, we know smart cities can bring a smart country, for this we have to develop both big cities as well as villages also. Most of the villages are still under development. Most of the villages now also not got the proper livelihood. No water, no food, and not a proper shelter. So, a smart city is a big development, for this, we should create small developing communities in villages which will spread up and in this way both cities and villages can be got under development. Another aspect is unemployment, people from villages wouldn't get proper employment as compared to the people in cities. So, govt should assist them to get a job in their village so that they wouldn't b unemployed. In this way, we can change villages than cities and finally our country.

We concluded that we all should unite and change the small villages to be smart city and that smart city into a smart country.

Samiksha said:   3 years ago
Yes, we definitely need of smart cities. But to make our cities smart we have to develop our villages smart. There are no facilities in the village still people in rural areas are faces a lot of problems than whether it is a hospital facility or farming, electricity. And to make our cities smart then there should be sustainable development first. One of the economists also said that India is a developed country still it is a developing country.

So, if you want to make our cities smart first we have to make our village smart then automatically our cities & country will get smart.

Kavita said:   3 years ago
As there are development we are more focus on smart cities but before that, the main focus should be undeveloped cities or towns of India because at one end we are developing cities on the other end there are small towns or villages which are undeveloped. So, if we have to make our country development then we should make every city or town develop not only focus on big cities. Because together is better.

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