Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

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Anomii said:   5 years ago
A point as a start:

1. Yes, beauty is in eye of beholder, but there us a universal widely accepted definition of it.

It's like risk. It's individual but is priced and quantified eg by insurance companies. Same with beauty. Yes it's personal, but definitely it too is quantified eg miss universe pagents. Look at the contestants. All of a similar type. So yes, that's quantification of beauty, same with magazine covers etc.

Now to answer the question:

No scientific link exists (and will likely never be). Therefore, conclusions can only be drawn from statistics and observations.

From my observations, it follows the normal distribution - about 10% have both beauty and brains (these are the truly lucky ones, akin to winning the lottery of life).

10% have neither beauty nor brains, 80% are in the middle somewhere where they have a bit of both (but not too much if either).

CYNTHIA MAJHI said:   5 years ago
I feel the definition of beauty differs from person to person. A person may define beauty by the first appearance or the physical structure to be precise while another person would define someones beauty by the inner soul of that being. Like for example if we consider the previous comments on the given topic I came to find that some said beauty was the inner soul of the person where as the other said it was the physique. Hence to answer the question that whether beauty and brains go together we first need to know the exact definition of beauty or else the answer would differ for different people.

Gunjan krishnavanavanshi said:   5 years ago

I believe that, of course beauty and brain co-exist. As we know that that there are no certain defination of beauty. It depends on the various aspect of life instead of the Looks and physique (as we generally think). Both beauty and brain has their own importance, at some time a person in need can apply both to get desired result, while at other point of time one can be used effectively.

Sunil said:   5 years ago
Not necessarily always, a person with intelligence may not be beautiful and vice versa but what makes a intelligent person beautiful and a beautiful person intelligent is how they use them for better purpose.

Harsimran said:   5 years ago
Beauty and brain is the best combination of our life. Sometimes, beauty helps to see your first impression. And the brain is also good for our life for better living & better lifestyle. Because brain gives you the knowledge of how to make to do our life to best& better lifestyle.

Mohan Choudhary said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone.

I believe that beauty and brain can go together I believe that a person should have both beauty and brain. Brain makes you intelligent and beauty makes you adorable. If we mix the both things it becomes dynamite. Beauty doesn't mean what we see in a boy or in a girl sometimes beauty goes for your work also. Like how beautiful you do your work.

Daksha Jha said:   5 years ago
Yes, beauty and brains always go together because they are inter dependent on each other. Beauty is what you appear outside but that appearance itself depends on inner qualities, i.e. the way we think, the way we desire to live, our goals in life, what we eat, etc Even if a person is born with a very pretty face, but without confidence there is no beauty. This confidence is not god- gifted. It comes with constant efforts to achieve g goals in life. When one achieves things in life with great hard work, it boosts the person's confidence. Working hard for achieving a certain goal is not possible without living a disciplined life. Even to look attractive physically, one needs to lead a healthy lifestyle (eat the right food, extra activities) etc. It is the brain which plays a great role here. It is the knowledge which we gain that protects us from problems and helps us achieve goals by implementing it. Sometimes this knowledge is acquired by reading or maybe personnel experiences. So, it is basically intelligence without which beauty is not attainable. Similarly, if the appearance of a person is attractive, automatically the person feels confident from within and it is the this confidence which acts as the driving force that helps the person become more intelligent. Both are crucial aspects of life, incomplete without each other.

Swarnima Shrivastava said:   5 years ago
Beauty and brain both are the materialistic thing and they both are important in different aspects. As for example, first, we meet or see any person if his or her personality is adorable and attractive then we will be little bit impress him for his looks. That's the plus point of beauty. But brain is the very most important aspect it remains us with forever it do not fade like beauty and yes both can work simultaneously. But if we don't have brain then beauty doesn't work.

Prasanna Mahadagde said:   5 years ago
Beauty and brain both have their importance in making human as a Human. They are equally important in conjunction with eachother. And beauty doesn't signify only the beauty of any body from outside, it depicts the beauty of behaviour, beauty of character, beauty of soul. And having all these beauties in oneself shows that the individual must have got brain without brain one could not arguably think about all these beauties. So, yes only the beauty of a brain can go together.

Ananya Anand said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone!

Topic described above is "beauty and Brains goes together or not". Instead of focusing fact which is superior I would like to focus on fact that both reside in one place. Beauty is not bonded in chains of the complexion of the body, standard of society and all materialistic things, it's inside us when you appreciate yourself, has the courage to follow your dreams, be passionate to your work and most importantly inner peace. All these lead to intelligent brains which are confident, outspoken, dreamers and whatever you want to be. So, beauty and brain are interconnected to each other.

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