Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour

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Abhinav said:   1 decade ago
Defense and social budget are two different sides of a same coin i.e. if defense system is week social life will be affected by neighbors attack and if social system is week poverty and unemployment will make Indian people to work for terrorist organization and thus they will harm our defense system.

As India is nieghbored by seven countries we can not think of reducing defense budget as it will cause loss of our areas, life and property. Instead of this Political leaders can think of reducing their own budget for corruption and criminalism, black money stashed in Swizz banks should also be bring back to India as it will provide food and safety to us for 20 years without taxation.

Abhi said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

I appreciate with all of you, you all are correct at your point, but I will support those people who are supporting for DEFENSE BUDGET, 'social development is also important' and 'defense development is very important'. First security is important because if we are safe then only we can use these social welfare activities.

As we all know that our relations with our neighboring are not good 'specially from China and Pakistan' I request you all guys on one hand you keep security and on another hand you keep social welfare and now think which one important now, if condition is your life is in danger. I promise all of you will choose your life means security.

VEDANT GUPTA said:   6 years ago
Decreasing defense expenditure means that we are providing fewer funds to our armed forces who are actually protecting our borders. This leaves less room for the new technology in the defense field. India is a country which has dangerous neighbors like Pakistan. If we reduce the defense expenditure than we will not be able to cope up with the new technology of our enemy. Yes, I agree that the spending on social needs is also important but that doesn't mean that we neglect our safety. If the country is safe then only the investors from will invest in our country, which will only lead to the prosperity of the country and thus will have more funds to invest in social, defense of other areas.

Sagar Gimhavanekar said:   8 years ago
In my opinion, India's defense expenditure should never be compromised for whatever thing it may be.

During 26/11 attacks, Mumbai policemen were fighting using lathis and pre independence era rifles against terrorists laced with AK47s. Consequently, several policemen had to sacrifice their lives. There are millions of soldiers and defense personnel guarding and protecting our country and we don't won't them to lose their lives just because we had poor defense equipment's and obsolete technology.

Yes, social development is very important. India is already spending thousands of crores on PDS (Public food Distribution System) , Fertilizer and LPG subsidies, NREGA and other Yojanas but the benefit is not percolating down to the poor. So, the problem doesn't lie in allocation of funds but in delivery of benefits from these schemes to the poor.

Alex said:   9 years ago
Secure the border and fence of a garden, first. Flower will bloom as well. Otherwise it will get spoil each and every flower inside the garden. If we does not protect and care about the fence of a garden. And to improve the plantation. Gardener should be honest and trustworthy.

Suvimal said:   9 years ago
In India, defence budget should never be lowered. Our country is surrounded with two hostile nations, namely China and Pakistan, besides other anti-indian outfits operating in other neighbours. So, our defence services (Army, Navy, Air Force) must remain equipped with all necessary arms and ammunition.

Actually we need defence expenditure to be at least 3% of the national GDP. Our men in uniform need much more than what is provided to them today. We must have enough capability to defeat both China and Pakistan along with any other anti-national forces, eg. Terrorism outfits.

As far as social sector is concerned, that money can be exacted by divesting stakes in all the non-performing PSUs as well as selling those which have been eating the taxpayers money. This will solve the whole problem.

Avirup said:   8 years ago
Annual defense budget of the US is $581 m, China $129.4 m and India is $45.2 m. The sorry state of arms & ammunition that India have gets exposed each time she is attacked by terrorists. The last one in Mumbai saw Indian police and military running with totally outdated guns (the police cut a even sorry figure running with rifles) while the goons boldly moved with AK47.

It's obvious that a nation should spend on meeting the basic needs of its people but at the same time should be very well prepared to save the very same people against any sort of terrorism. Our brave soldiers & policemen give away their lives; but actually they are the victim of politics. With a rusted rifle one should not expect them to outclass a terrorist with a modern weapon. It's high time the government think about this. Also, instead of spending billions to import peanuts, govt. Should move forward with Make in India and start manufacturing indigenous weapons.

Finally, I would like to point out the expenditure incurred on armed forces. Government should also look into the monetary side and safety of our soldiers. Instead of increasing the pension of retired personnel, the govt should do something for the welfare of the men in harness. If the safety of our soldiers are not looked into, then we'll have countless numbers of Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar.

Shrishti sharma said:   10 years ago
It is well said by george washington the first president of united states of america that "if you want to maintain peace, you should be ready for war".

Decreasing defense expenditure is not mandatory as much of the research work is related from the field of defense. Decreasing research and development expenditure in the field of defense will hamper the 'indigenous' capability of weapons implement. It is favourable for any country to produce the indigenous weapons and armaments so that any country could not pay high prices for different weapon of same class from different country.

I want to end up with the fact that it was in the reign of our ex prime minister shri lal bahadur shastri that Indian defense budget was up to 25 percent of gdp.

With a slogan given by him.


Parag saurav mishra said:   6 years ago
Seeing the myriad problems in our nation, right from denial of basic education to proper sheltering, lack of nutritious food to less agri output, bad infrastructure to very minimal R&D investment, its quite true, that defence expenditure must be reduced saving lakhs of crores of money and using it for other productive purpose that would increase the life expectancy of our people, provide them with better living conditions, better environment, proper education opportunities, jobs and employments, etc. Buying huge caches of arms and ammunition would make us strive more and more for it. That too for a war that looks very uncertain. Ofcourse there should be national deterrent defense capability, but investing too much on them is denying basic rights and facilities to our own people of our nation where millions don't have their own home, toilets in their houses, don't have food to eat two times a day, don't have money to educate their kids, and provide them higher education in good colleges. Are we not doing injustice to them. Yes, safeguarding our territory from foreign attack or invasion is paramount and preparedness to that should be inevitable, but can't we find better ways to deal with that instead of spending billions in buying Arms from Russia, USA Israel and Uk. We can enhance greater trades with our neighbour who probably is our enemy. Y can't we encourage a situation where India takes a project in Pakistan, funds it, develops it and gift it to them and vice versa. Should we not increase people to people contact, or increase tourism between our nations. This all would help us to dissipate the air of hatred and war among us.

Deepika said:   5 years ago
Many of our friends confirmed it that both of them are useful and they should be balanced. With my point of view, I will agree with that. Because, if a person was under the peak of a gun and was asked that would you like to die or will you be like this without basic needs properly for several days, a person can't decide what to select. Directly by the gun, he may die or indirectly hunger makes him die. So maintaining both of them equally is important.

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