Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour

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Shailesh said:   1 decade ago
Ya, its right that one should reduce defence expenditure as its budget is very big. Had the money been used for social purpose it would have been better in the welfare of the society. But, india is surrounded by pakistan and china and these neighbours are not good one. In order to develop our society, its essential to save our country first.

In my view talks should go on and a starategic solution must come out of it. Once the peace establishes in the subcontinent area then obviously, we can decide to reduce the defence budget. At this point of time, its not possible at all.

Premsukh Godara said:   1 decade ago
I appreciate your views and would like to add some points that security is basic need which everyone want. If our n if our borders are secured its assurance to harmonious life and usual peaceful is supportive for development, upliftment of society.

Rohan bhowmik said:   1 decade ago
Ya, its true that we surrounded by china and Pakistan. These neighbours are not good one. But we also think about our poverty. In west Bengal still now above 30% people below poverty level. In India, literacy rate is still 70%. We should improve these condition.

Pushpender Singh Negi said:   1 decade ago
Well first of all,

A big thanks to those who gave their inputs about this topic. As it helped me to consolidate my views for this topic.

Well I don't think decreasing defense and increasing social expenditure is need of the hour. It is quite known to all that in todays time with the growing Business exchanges and military tie ups of our neighbouring countries, certainly smokes out a signal of a big threat for India, in such a situation showing your defence power to the maximum extent can certainly bring down the haughtiness of neighbouring countries and weakens the enemies future intrusion plans upto an extent.

Whereas increasing social expendtiure is not the assurity for bringing success to the country but by managing our defence mechanism can absolutely help India to keep all those threats at bay which might claim their life at any instant.

Avinash said:   1 decade ago
India spends 1/3 of his GDP on defense per year. Defense forces comprise of all three forces Army Nevy & Air force. At this stage we have many enemy like china pak etc. If our defense power is not up to date, we have engaging many war like conditions. Social development also affected.

Jeetendra Rana said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion the defence budget should not be reduced to the social expenditure. I agree that our country is facing so many social problems like poverty, population, corruption etc. But we cannot leave the most bigger problem that entire world is facing of. That is terrorism. And our country is most affected in j&k region. We are the only country that is surrounded by seven other countries. Some enemy country like pak, china, bangladesh etc. We are always in a state of war. So what will we do if the war occurs. It will cause loss to the huge life and property. So we have to make a fear in the mind of our neighbouring countries that we have the strong defence so that they cannot think of war.

Abhinav said:   1 decade ago
Defense and social budget are two different sides of a same coin i.e. if defense system is week social life will be affected by neighbors attack and if social system is week poverty and unemployment will make Indian people to work for terrorist organization and thus they will harm our defense system.

As India is nieghbored by seven countries we can not think of reducing defense budget as it will cause loss of our areas, life and property. Instead of this Political leaders can think of reducing their own budget for corruption and criminalism, black money stashed in Swizz banks should also be bring back to India as it will provide food and safety to us for 20 years without taxation.

Alok singh said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view I think that defense plays a vital role in the development of a nation. And India is a large country so I think that defense budget should be as maximum as possible. There two sides of a nation social (i.e. We) and defense (i.e. The warriors who fight at the borders to make us relax). If we will loose in defense then it results in danger of public and if we loose in social then it results in unemployment & poverty. So the budget should be in favor of both defense & social welfare.

Shweta s. said:   1 decade ago
See, there are two type of security, first one is internal security from terrorism and external security along the borders. As India is surrounded by countries whose economy and nuclear power is increasing day by day our country need to think about its defence level which is connected with the expenses being made. Unless, indians are not secured its of no use of taking out measures in social field.

NAVEEN MANGAL said:   1 decade ago
Hello guys, according to my point of view there should be balance and proper management in the expenditure between the defense and social. As Indian Government should provide to our defense all necessary things that they want fulfill their demands to make satisfied them from our side rather than the Indian Government invests lots of money on terrorists.

On other side efforts should be done for social empowerment in order to uplift the status of every mankind. For social empowerment it is also social duty of person that he/she would be aware from what is going on currently and come ahead to remove disorders which are spread everywhere in India.

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