Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour

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Saurabh said: (Mar 9, 2019)  
Right now, I think India has its hands full on both fronts. As India is growing and at one of the fastest rate in the world, a larger economy like China is slowing down and looking at India as a threat to its power in South Asia and the world. Pakistan is also trying to pull India down so that it feels safe about its own power, considering it wants to be seen as India's equal. In this situation, India has no other options but to bulk up its defence expenditure as just becoming a bigger economy won't help India to seen as a global power. It needs to be seen as a military power in proportion to economic growth. In terms of social expenditure, India spends a lot in form of subsidies, loan waivers, rural development, and many different govt plans. I don't feel India needs to increase social expenditure but to start managing it better. With 60% population only contributing 17% of GDP is a very bad ratio and one of the major components that are a burden on our economy.

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Payal said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
No. Both defense expenditure and social expenditure are equally important right at this moment. Defense expenditure because of the various attacks that India has already faced from ISIS and also because of the terms that India has with Pakistan and China. At any point of time, India might need amunitions, weapons and equipments for which it has to be prepared. Social expenditure is for the betterment of the society that will improve living standard of people and this will ultimately increase country's GDP. But since government cannot allocate funds equally between both, so it has to lessen its expenditure on one of the sector and this can be defense sector.

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Deepika said: (May 2, 2018)  
Many of our friends confirmed it that both of them are useful and they should be balanced. With my point of view, I will agree with that. Because, if a person was under the peak of a gun and was asked that would you like to die or will you be like this without basic needs properly for several days, a person can't decide what to select. Directly by the gun, he may die or indirectly hunger makes him die. So maintaining both of them equally is important.

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Vedant Gupta said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Decreasing defense expenditure means that we are providing fewer funds to our armed forces who are actually protecting our borders. This leaves less room for the new technology in the defense field. India is a country which has dangerous neighbors like Pakistan. If we reduce the defense expenditure than we will not be able to cope up with the new technology of our enemy. Yes, I agree that the spending on social needs is also important but that doesn't mean that we neglect our safety. If the country is safe then only the investors from will invest in our country, which will only lead to the prosperity of the country and thus will have more funds to invest in social, defense of other areas.

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Mdfaiz said: (Aug 7, 2017)  
Hi friends.

With a lot of respect to our neighbouring countries like. China, Bangladesh. We the Indians needed to determine that we should dence our country by our own way, nothing in this world caught us, if something which is with a proper and with a positive mind.

Indeed the world is beyond our imagination lets, take an oath to step forward for our defence, so the social expenditure can be controlled by our nation itself as like no black money should be the government needed to take a step forward, as I said previously we can help in defencing by our own way, same way here the government needed to help the people to get back their social expenditure it is just like tit to that.

Thank you.

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Parag Saurav Mishra said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
Seeing the myriad problems in our nation, right from denial of basic education to proper sheltering, lack of nutritious food to less agri output, bad infrastructure to very minimal R&D investment, its quite true, that defence expenditure must be reduced saving lakhs of crores of money and using it for other productive purpose that would increase the life expectancy of our people, provide them with better living conditions, better environment, proper education opportunities, jobs and employments, etc. Buying huge caches of arms and ammunition would make us strive more and more for it. That too for a war that looks very uncertain. Ofcourse there should be national deterrent defense capability, but investing too much on them is denying basic rights and facilities to our own people of our nation where millions don't have their own home, toilets in their houses, don't have food to eat two times a day, don't have money to educate their kids, and provide them higher education in good colleges. Are we not doing injustice to them. Yes, safeguarding our territory from foreign attack or invasion is paramount and preparedness to that should be inevitable, but can't we find better ways to deal with that instead of spending billions in buying Arms from Russia, USA Israel and Uk. We can enhance greater trades with our neighbour who probably is our enemy. Y can't we encourage a situation where India takes a project in Pakistan, funds it, develops it and gift it to them and vice versa. Should we not increase people to people contact, or increase tourism between our nations. This all would help us to dissipate the air of hatred and war among us.

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Amar Gajabar K said: (Oct 21, 2016)  
Both should be balanced because the in India half of the tax is going to defense forces, we need to concentrate on social as well as defense forces.

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Prabhat said: (Oct 11, 2016)  
What necessary is to maintain proper balance between both, because on one side of maintain security so that a country is safe which is very important aspect, another thing is you have to look around to our neighboring countries, that is mindset they have. Because a country develop only when there good security, then only investors invest there.

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Bhavani said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
In the present situation, many soldiers are given the life to India, so you give to respect and some defense. Some places girls can't contain safety at the day time. Many javans live his families save to India. Present India budget some good because the gov can take interest about the black money and it can be clear. So it is one of the reasons for developing of India.

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Pranav said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
In my opinion both are important but right now our need or rather our dependence is on defense so we need to concentrate on our defense then we have to come to our social expenditure which is also important but the main thing is that first we have to save our country from attacks of our neighbouring countries whether direct or indirect. Then we can increase our social expenditure.

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Laxmi said: (Jun 1, 2016)  
In my opinion,

Both social, as well as defense expenditure, are need of every country. By all historical experience, we know we don't have a good relationship with our neighbouring country like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

India is developing country we are not in the state of tolerance associated with any criminal activity like Mumbai attack, Pathan coat attack, issue related with Jammu and Kashmir etc. Less expense in defense means like supporting them in spreading of havoc here.

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Ab said: (May 27, 2016)  
In football, if your defence is weak opponent's strikers will easily enter in your d-box, score so many goals and you will lose the game do badly.

A similar thing happens if it is a matter of two rival countries. Firstly we should increase our defense with some courageous army officers, we should train them properly.

Thank you.

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Alia said: (May 13, 2016)  
Deal with a country is kind of dealing with a human body. If we are sick and suffering from a disease we need to cure the disease first instead of nutrition the body. Stopping the destruction is much more important than building up. In the same way. Defending the nation from bugs is much more important. Social welfare comes next. So I support to concentrate on defense system social afterwards.

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Bibek said: (May 12, 2016)  
Defence and strategic needs are the backbones of a country, no any compensation should be done in this regard. Due emphasis should be given on indigenous weapon developments and research works, by the central. And this obviously will demand a high budget allocation.

Supporting the defence expenditure, the social and economic status of a country is also a major issue. Poverty, employment, and education are the major areas for enhancement in India. Budget allocated for social upliftment of the country is adequate, but due to Indian politics and the game of corruption, the total amount for the social cause has never reached the beneficiaries, passing through different parties, officials and procedure, the poor hardly gets benefited by 20% of the total.

Improving the procedure of different schemes and funds, making it available directly to the beneficiaries, would reduce corruption, and will help the country to be socially stable. So not much increase in social expenditure is required.

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Swati said: (Mar 20, 2016)  
We need to spend more on defense not considering as a luxury as it is for the security of people in India. Our borders are not safe from neighbouring countries. The recent attack on Pathankot is a perfect fact for it. Our security forces are good, but not that good as in the USA and China so we need to spend a lot in the defense sector.

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Krishanu Paul said: (Mar 14, 2016)  
I think we have to establish friendship with Myanmar and have to use their soil the way China is using Pakistan. Then we need help of US to modernize our defence sector and sign treaties to seek their help if battle with China or Pakistan starts, and the same should be with Japan. Now we need more numbers of advance submarines and we also need to build many air bases next to China and Pakistan border and connect those areas with roads and rail route. We should add an extra part in defense recruitment exams as decision taking ability as we need soldiers who are not only strong but also smart and intelligent.

And for all these we need bigger part of the GDP or China and Pakistan together will convert us to homeless refugees. Feeding your baby is your responsibility not of the govt they can't waste money by giving rice at rupees 2. India's poverty and too much population is a growing problem as they eat up the majority of our GDP adding very little to it per head. Whatever we have two options feed these poor and surrender to China or increase funding to the defense sector to at least 4.5% of GDP and 6-7% if possible and fight for existence because currently our future not so safe.

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Prakash said: (Mar 10, 2016)  
Hi friends I would like to tell Indian should concentrate on both the defence as well as in social budget also, to achieve this by make in India project. Indigenously making missiles and aircraft's saves a lot of money being spent for imports which also gives job for the fellow countrymen. Amending stringent laws against corruption which decides the country's development. Security of the country is foremost priority than anything else.

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Mohit R Soni said: (Jan 28, 2016)  
We all know god has given us such friendly neighbors. Our little notorious brother Pakistan. Respected Sri Lanka our friendly competitor China. Not to forget our baby boy Bangladesh.

All sides we are surrounded by such "peace-creating" countries that we need a lot to spend on our defence budget. Think again what will happen if we decrease it!

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Riju said: (Nov 4, 2015)  
Hi friends, At first I have to say that India is currently expending nearly $46 m in its defense. It is necessary due to the exterior attacks from our neighboring countries in some of our key cities as well as border areas. It is also important to face internal warmongers like Maoists, Jihadists.

It is very sad to see in Mumbai terror attack that we still do not have adequate armories with respect to the ones used by the terrorists. Besides this, there is a constant threat of China in our North-eastern areas. So decreasing our defensive expenditure is clearly a No No.

But I do not think that social expenditure has to be decreased either. Because after all we have a nation to defend and at the same time we must not forget that it has to be made stronger internally. We can utilize our social expenditure by bringing black money back.

At the same time we must not use public money to bear expenses of criminals like Kasav. Instead we need to pay attention to those who are in actual need. Only maintaining balance between these two, India can prosper.

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Pathik said: (Sep 22, 2015)  
Hello friends.

Everyday in news paper or electronic media we saw that our country is being attacked by the terrorists by means of some time face to face or guerrilla method. Our brave soldiers stand every day and night by putting their self in risk for saving us. It is the north east part where we will always have to prepare as the track record of our neighboring countries are not good. Maoist attacks are also annoying.

Mumbai terrorist attack is also the one where intruders had come from sea way. In no time horripilation of fear tingle down by seeing the images of Kargil war and Mumbai attacks. So friends I am not disapproving that social welfare get secondary, but defense expenditure is mandatory. Here there is not comparison between what is wrongly done or right whether what is necessarily first. Here we are not so frugal about those. It is like that if your body is alright then all stuff like reading, playing etc are done properly.

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Avirup said: (Sep 11, 2015)  
Annual defense budget of the US is $581 m, China $129.4 m and India is $45.2 m. The sorry state of arms & ammunition that India have gets exposed each time she is attacked by terrorists. The last one in Mumbai saw Indian police and military running with totally outdated guns (the police cut a even sorry figure running with rifles) while the goons boldly moved with AK47.

It's obvious that a nation should spend on meeting the basic needs of its people but at the same time should be very well prepared to save the very same people against any sort of terrorism. Our brave soldiers & policemen give away their lives; but actually they are the victim of politics. With a rusted rifle one should not expect them to outclass a terrorist with a modern weapon. It's high time the government think about this. Also, instead of spending billions to import peanuts, govt. Should move forward with Make in India and start manufacturing indigenous weapons.

Finally, I would like to point out the expenditure incurred on armed forces. Government should also look into the monetary side and safety of our soldiers. Instead of increasing the pension of retired personnel, the govt should do something for the welfare of the men in harness. If the safety of our soldiers are not looked into, then we'll have countless numbers of Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar.

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Kanav said: (Sep 6, 2015)  
In my opinion nothing should be increased or decreased. There should be a balanced form of expenditure in the two fields. We need social expenditure to increase strength of the bond with other countries, our friends, yet, we should not be weak in defense. If someone tries to back stab or threaten us, we should be equally prepared because no one can be trusted especially when our relations with neighboring countries are at sixes and sevens.

"The balanced form of expenditure is the need of the hour" in order to maintain development and safety.

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Abhi said: (Aug 21, 2015)  
Hello friends,

I appreciate with all of you, you all are correct at your point, but I will support those people who are supporting for DEFENSE BUDGET, 'social development is also important' and 'defense development is very important'. First security is important because if we are safe then only we can use these social welfare activities.

As we all know that our relations with our neighboring are not good 'specially from China and Pakistan' I request you all guys on one hand you keep security and on another hand you keep social welfare and now think which one important now, if condition is your life is in danger. I promise all of you will choose your life means security.

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Manoj . T.Francis said: (Aug 21, 2015)  
Must increase our defense proportional to our enemy our soldiers are spend their life in boarder. Our social sector improvement is not greater than the life of our soldiers. So first secure our nation then strengthen our infrastructure and social development.

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Shubham said: (Aug 9, 2015)  
According to me eye for an eye is not a good approach but if one country always try to harm other neighbor by means of terrorism and other activities then increasing social expenditure is not a good deal one should go for enhancement of defense expenditure.

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Sanket said: (Aug 5, 2015)  
Hello friends,

I think since our country doesn't have good relationship with our neighboring countries and our country is even facing more terrorism attacks so India should invest more in defense.

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Anmol Dhiman said: (Aug 5, 2015)  
Prefer indigenous made war material over imported by other country by this step we are not reducing defense budget but bringing self dependency. We are giving millions of dollars for buying AIR CRAFTS, MISSILES if we make them in INDIA it help us to develop our technology skills and reduce our defense budget, bring employment in our nation.

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Sameer Avhad said: (Aug 1, 2015)  
Defence is must we are not going to attack on any country. But if any other country is going to attack on us then we should protect our self first. Dr. A.P.J. Kalam had same thoughts. He said that power respect power that has same meaning. China and Pakistan have no guaranty. America consoles India and Pakistan issue. And at the same time provides weapons to Pakistan.

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Suman said: (Jul 10, 2015)  
In my opinion, it is not necessary to decreasing in defense expenditure. Because our country's relationship with the neighbor country is not good. And the other developed country also doesn't want to go down. So our country is the target of so many developed country.

It doesn't mean that we should not increase the social expenditure. We can increase our social expenditure by other way. Like return the black money which is in swiss bank and many more ways to helping in increasing social expenditure.

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Jagdish Rawat said: (Jul 8, 2015)  
Too much talk is already done with both Pakistan and China. Now its time to show them we are not among those Nations who silently harassed by anyone. India emerges as the new world power, except china all 4 nations in security council i.e. US, Russia, UK and France wants India to be in the security council.

India's GDP growth in the next 2-3 years going to surpass china. All these above example shows that it is the right time to increase our defense budget as much as possible to heavily guarded our borders and and allow our military personnel to have some advanced equipment.

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Sandeepika456@Gmail.Com said: (Jun 14, 2015)  
I heel investing in social sector is more important these days because defense expenditure is already very high instead of giving a path to weapon world India should try to improve its relation with other countries. Social sector needs more so that people of our country don't lag behind.

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Mohit Soni said: (Jun 6, 2015)  
Hello friends.

According to me we have to increase expenditure in defense sector rather than social. Now a days India is facing many terrorism attacks and fear of country's like USA and China because they are more alert in defense sector and have active militant power.

So, India also have to increase their expenditure in defense sector, so that all soldiers standing on border to protect us have a better resource to defend ourselves and can teach USA and China that India is no more a looser in defense sector.

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Sourav said: (May 29, 2015)  
Hello friends,

I feel addressing both defence and social front of the nations is the need of the hour. While defence is absolutely essential part for India to maintain its stronghold over the offensive nations and avert any future threat, it is also important to properly allocate the funds toward social development causes in order to improve the living status of people.


The answer to this is in house development of weapons. For this India needs to spend more on research activities and encourage the institutions like IITS, DRDO, etc to come forward for the development as it will help to save billions.

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Sreenivasulu A said: (May 25, 2015)  
In my opinion, India should never be compromised with whatever it may be like social expenditure etc.

As we know, around the world so many attacks were happened. Recently in Pakistan 147 students died in Taliban attack. During 26/11 attacks Mumbai policemen were fighting with latish and pre-independence rifles against with terrorist laced with AK47's consequently several policeman had to sacrifice their lives.

In our borders millions of soldiers and personal guarding protecting us. We don't won't them to lose their lives just because we had poor defense equipment's and obsolete technology.

Yes, Social development is very important. In India we can see so many sachems for the people like PDS (Public food Distribution System) , fertilizers. For these schemes India spending corers of money.

Now a days every country would prefer to be advance in defense technology like US, China, Japan etc. Because they would prefer safety first.

For example if we spend a lot of money on social expenditure rather than defense expenditure. What should we do with schemes without safety? At the end, I am going to conclude is India should spend money on defense part.

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Prince said: (May 21, 2015)  
Its important to make a balance between defense expenditure as well as social. If we are leading from the both side them only be our nation will be developing.

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Mohan said: (May 11, 2015)  
India needs balance between defense expenditure and social welfare. Because it does not have very good relations with its neighbors like China and Pakistan which are military strong countries so it must be cautious about its defense. Through developing indigenous technology based arms and ammunition, selling of old military equipment to other countries and reduction in rampant corruption, we can reduce our defense expenditure and this saving amount can be used in developmental activities which will ultimately strengthen our defense system.

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Learner said: (May 5, 2015)  
According to my point of view, first comes security of the country then comes other social issues which country have to remove like illiteracy, corruption etc b/c we live in a country which has not good relationship with its neighbors like China and Pakistan. And it is well known that chain is encircling our country by making port in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and we also know the Pakistan good relationship with china and it is increasing its military power with the help of china.

So in these circumstances being weak in our military power means encouraging these country to attack on us. So there is only solution to keep these country quiet is increasing our defense power and that require more investment in this sector.

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Ritesh Kumar Panda said: (Apr 25, 2015)  
Hello gentleman's.

We the peoples of India are surrounded by hostile neighbors like Pakistan and china, well we all know that spending a lot of money towards defense really hampered the economy, in India there is a unique case we are the rising economy of the world on the other hand our sociology, economic problems are also exists, but decreasing the defense budget means to causing harm to our economy, countries like china has increasing its defense budget year by year and the war of conflict can took place any time.

On the other hand increasing social expenditure provides us:

1. Good human resource.

2. Provides greater economy stability.

3. Reduces backwardness.

So we need to think upon the alternatives to reduce our import rates of arms and ammunition and must tried to make weapons in home therefore by strengthening our foreign policy to eradicate our sociology, economic problem.

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Kundan Kamal said: (Apr 20, 2015)  
Hello friends,

In my point of view we should not try to reduce the defense expenditure. Because security is most important of any nation, at the current time each country is want to defeat to other country. In that situation we are not take a risk, but its also true that expenditure on social field is most important but I think both are the two face of coin both are most important for our nation,

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Nikhil said: (Mar 8, 2015)  
Well lets just say we are increasing defense budget we are getting new weapons developing new weapons but how do we know those weapons we are bringing are agile and likely forward changing like even we brought a fighter jet it has a limited flight capacity in 10000 hrs and gas turbine inside this jet need to be replaced which is whole lot another cost.

So I propose developing a sound is great need for India. If any country comes its way against India we can develop weapons then yeah it may take time but we strong manufacturing facility. But sorry why anyone would like to attack us?We would burn their house to ground how we got largest population for fight.

What losing our economy is the thing there is a clear line of distinction between rich and poor it could severely create riots and political in-stabilization. The poor people they are not even educated as it seem to be.

So education must be more preferable than defense. Because education could create better solutions like Kerala's all round development. Do we even have power 24/7 in our villages?

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Shashank said: (Feb 26, 2015)  
In my opinion people need food and money to live in this world and starting a new projects every sector needs man power, why should not our government invest money in establishing our own defense factories which would make better weapons full of technologies and by doing that we can remove wide range of poverty from India and the Indian money will remain in India only.

So, I suggest that Indian government should decrease the social expenditure and increase defense expenditure because indirectly the unemployed people of India are benefited and also we can sleep soundly as our defense will become stronger than before and protect us from local and foreign terror threats.

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Prashant said: (Feb 24, 2015)  
As we all know that India is one of the most powerful country in the world and we are expecting tremendous growth in all the sectors in next ten-fifteen years. Now the new government is focusing on to reduce the cost of defense by manufacturing weapons and latest technologies equipment in India itself to avoid high import cost.

Defense is the back bone of any country and for that there should be any ignorance. Innovation leads to improve the things without extra burden on the budget and if there is requirement of extra funds for the country's defense that should be taken into consideration.

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A Dhal said: (Feb 6, 2015)  
As we are talking about the need of the hour, our today's world there will be no such world war or nuclear war. We are surrounded by the nations like china who has a good economic situation than us but on the other hand Pakistan which is a failed nation. Like before Pakistan will try to engage India in a proxy war to destabilize India's growing economy.

If we are not going to focus in the defense issue, then china will show its superiority to India which is not a good thing at all. Secondly India's defense budget is not so high that we need to cut it rather we should increase it if it is the demand of the hour. Our defense budget is only the two point something percent of our budget and it is comparatively very low than china which is 9%.

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Sagar Gimhavanekar said: (Jan 30, 2015)  
In my opinion, India's defense expenditure should never be compromised for whatever thing it may be.

During 26/11 attacks, Mumbai policemen were fighting using lathis and pre independence era rifles against terrorists laced with AK47s. Consequently, several policemen had to sacrifice their lives. There are millions of soldiers and defense personnel guarding and protecting our country and we don't won't them to lose their lives just because we had poor defense equipment's and obsolete technology.

Yes, social development is very important. India is already spending thousands of crores on PDS (Public food Distribution System) , Fertilizer and LPG subsidies, NREGA and other Yojanas but the benefit is not percolating down to the poor. So, the problem doesn't lie in allocation of funds but in delivery of benefits from these schemes to the poor.

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Akshat said: (Jan 21, 2015)  
Both the aspects are equally important but if we are asked to select one then I would definitely go for the decrease of social expenditure because according to me working for the welfare of country is much more prioritized over welfare of the society and its people. We must never think our enemy to be weak.

So we must always be prepared for it should keep all preventive as well as offensive measures so as to protect our nation from its competitors because ultimately the society and its people belong to the country and how can a country be safe if it is not protected from the enemies.

So as a conclusion government as well as we people should invest on defence as much as possible so as to meet any kind of upcoming destruction and hence defense expenditure must be increased.

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Manas said: (Jan 14, 2015)  
Defense budget is be kept high. If boarder is secured, then we can work religiously for society. Prime minister's highlighting make in India concept, we can go for indigenous weapons, provide easy training and development towards the Defense. The investment towards the defense so be mechanized, automated for overcoming the day to day intrusion.

We sleep well only because of 24x365 alert of our defense. If we are spending more on defense there is betterment of the nation and which reflect on society where people can able to gain sufficient time to think towards innovation, creativity, proper utilization of resources.

If defense is strong enough, Un-social activities like terrorism because of biasing by internal as well as external factors can be easily able to convert to social without pain and bring stability.

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Sumit Dhaka said: (Jan 11, 2015)  
In my opinion,

Defense budget should be increased to decrease the possibilities of terror and to secure our borders. As everyone knows that we have tense border conditions with Pakistan and china, also china is a superpower and Pakistan had china's support.

Currently we see that is threatens world, Assam mass murders, Paris attack, Pakistan and Nigeria's mass murders by terrorists. As a result India should be prepared for any attack and war.

On the other hand for social developement good management of money and transparency in governance are good solution. Also corporate houses and groups should come forward to fight against poverty. Also we can link both sectors by educating poor peoples and then taking their services in defense sectors.

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Mansi said: (Dec 31, 2014)  
Today the world is having a tough time against terrorism. The Peshawar attacks reveal the grisly and inhuman attitude of the terrorists. At this juncture it is mandatory to have a strong defense against any mishap that may likely occur. If people can't sleep peacefully, what is the use of living in a modernized society. We can live without malls and hotels but not at the cost of mental peace and well being.

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Ranaut said: (Dec 4, 2014)  
We should keep in mind that one can choose his friends or enemies but not neighbors and the reality is we don't have good relationship with our neighbours so we have to be prepared for worst conditions. Also I think reducing defence budget will not solve internal matters such as poverty and all that up to that extent buddies expecting but it will only create insecurity to the countryman.

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Akshara said: (Nov 18, 2014)  
Why is it necessary that reducing the money spent on defence is going to be detrimental to security? Why can't we rely on diplomatic ties with other countries? I feel that India being surrounded by so many POWERFUL countries should be an advantage! If all these countries had good ties, it would save a whole lot of money, ours AND theirs.

First, we have to stop thinking of ourselves as citizens of a specific country, we are citizens of the world! Just think, if we had good ties with all countries, in such a way that war would only ever be considered as the very last option, when diplomacy fails, which I believe, can never happen if we truly want diplomacy. I'm not criticizing the people of any ONE country, we ALL have to change our mentalities.

If even half the money spent by each country was used for social development, we could develop at a very fast pace.

I do not mean to offend anyone with this, this is just my point of view.

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Bimal said: (Nov 14, 2014)  
Ya, Its true that we surrounded by China and Pakistan. These neighbours are not good one. But we also think about our poverty. In West Bengal still now above 30% people below poverty level. In India, literacy rate is still 70%. We should improve these condition.

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Pravesh Shukla said: (Nov 6, 2014)  
I think friends our expenditure in defence sector should not cut because to make social things there should be peace and peace can only be kept when there is minimum deterioration between us and our neighboring countries.

Peace can only be kept when prepare for war against outsider attack. We have in neighbor terror forced Pakistan in west and communist china with its notion of expansion in east. So what means to ore on social issued when we have security threat.

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Swaroop said: (Oct 25, 2014)  
Hai friends, in my point of view first India need to develop the defence in territorial areas, especially a country like India must definitely spent its 60% to 70% of its expenditure on defence, because to the west we have pakistan, the country which desires to have more violence than peace.

To the west we have bangladesh which is east pakistan, to the top of our country the largest of all countries china is there, all these countries are opposite to India that too they all are supportive to each other.

Not only these countries Pakistan gets US military aid and they aren't the bestest of friends. So, this shouldn't be a real surprise. So in my opinion, India first need to develop the defence areas than spending on social expenditure.

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Upendra Kumar Rout said: (Oct 9, 2014)  
So first of all I thanks to IndiaBix to gave us a opportunity to represent our view in front our society !

From my point of view it is a very good point. Because if we reduce defense spending the high budget we got can expend towards the poor people who are daily dying due to poverty, without any food. Its the thinking of rich people that defense is the first necessity of us, but actually all we agree that food is the first and main necessity of a man. So I thought the main motto of us should be that to improve social standard of poor people. In the above discussion one of my brother/sister remembered us about 26/11 attack, but I think he/she has no idea about the painful dying of poor people without food. So its some words I extracted from core of my heart, I have no intention to hurt any people, if any man hurt by me please forgive me. If it touch to the heart of any body please contact for more discussion. Thanks!

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Naresh Chettri said: (Oct 2, 2014)  
I think that defense spending should not be decreased. India is a developing country, so there is always a developing technology going on with better use and results. So, spending in strengthening our defense sector makes sense to be in level par with other countries. We all want to avoid war but it is unpredictable when the war will broke out. So, at then we should not regret that we do not have the technology to counter attack. We should always be ready to face the situation.

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Tukaram Sawant said: (Oct 2, 2014)  
According to me, it is very necessary to invest more money to increase our defense service rather than social service & provide advance technology weapon to your solder as they protect our nation.

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Nagarjuna said: (Sep 17, 2014)  
As 40% of india's population are BPL, most of the people are expecting every sought of help from the Govt and is the need of the hour Today. But, It is not correct to reduce our defence expenditure for the sake of implementing welfare programmes. Even with our present defense setup, we have seen 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist attacks, Bomb Blastings in several places of India etc.

What if we reduce our present existing defense setup? then more terrorist groups will try to exploit India to disturb our normal living and to create a war like environment in India.

Instead, we can make more corporate organisations, Top Industrialists etc, to make their own contribution for the welfare of the poor people in India.

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Suvimal said: (Aug 18, 2014)  
In India, defence budget should never be lowered. Our country is surrounded with two hostile nations, namely China and Pakistan, besides other anti-indian outfits operating in other neighbours. So, our defence services (Army, Navy, Air Force) must remain equipped with all necessary arms and ammunition.

Actually we need defence expenditure to be at least 3% of the national GDP. Our men in uniform need much more than what is provided to them today. We must have enough capability to defeat both China and Pakistan along with any other anti-national forces, eg. Terrorism outfits.

As far as social sector is concerned, that money can be exacted by divesting stakes in all the non-performing PSUs as well as selling those which have been eating the taxpayers money. This will solve the whole problem.

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Sudhir said: (Aug 9, 2014)  
I think what's the need of increasing the lifestyle if at some point the invaders take control of our country. All the facilities and laws will be suiting well for us, only and only if we are secured by the army. So social expenditure is no where be taken under control or conducted at the worth of comprising to defense budget.

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Avinash Kamboj said: (Aug 5, 2014)  
In my opinion, defense budget in India is already much lower than that of other rivals in the battleground. Defense is one of the serious field to take care of. US alone has much higher defense budget than other countries collectively have. To protect our natural resources, our people and our status we need a strong defense budget.

GOVT. If grants 100 rs for welfare of common people then only 1 rupee is utilized the way it was granted for rest 99 rs are utilized by our respectful politicians themselves for their own welfare.

So defense budget must be kept constant their is no problem in increasing social cost but at the expenditure of defense budget increasing social budget is never a fair deal.

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Nagamani Chintalarevi said: (Jul 30, 2014)  
In spite of many agreements and ceasefires, Pakistan still tend to violate them. Added to this with China's growing support Pakistan turning no stone unturned to provocate India to war. It may even go to the extent of nuclear war. Northeastern region of India being geographically isolated, socially and economically neglected from years, china increased incursions and encouraging separatist movements here. China has a strong defense base and its increasing support to Pakistan can make it behave ruthlessly against India.

While social budget is internal defense expenditure is external. They should not be compared at all. Instead of making a hue cry over defense expenditure we should think of extending their services to departments like Disaster management which save life and property.

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Sanjiv Kumar Singh said: (Jul 29, 2014)  
There is no any need to reduce the defense expenditure as it is essential for our life a, national dignity and pride. Our neighboring China has a budget of 132 million, where as we have allocated only 36 million USD for this sector. In no condition security of nation should be compromised.

Social investment is also the need of the hour and Government of India is running so many programs across the nation for the same. In my opinion some of the programs are not at all popular and not not reaching to the people properly. Those programs should be stopped and government should launch programs like NREGA, Indira Awas which are very popular and whose benefits is reaching to all BPL people. Yes, it is right that there is some percentage of corruption in this and with the tough effort of the government, it has been checked up to a large extent. In the same manner Government should combine many programs together and try to make a full proof few programs with proper policy framework, so that the benefits of programs could reach easily to real beneficiary. This way the social agenda of government will continue in better manner and the same will cater the need of the people too.

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Navin Amang said: (Jul 15, 2014)  
I feel defense expenditure should not be lowered. A lot of of money being spend on this area but do we ever think that how defense personnel work to save guard our country holding positions throughout the year. It is a fact that till today we are lagging far behind in quality defense mechanisms. It becomes a need to empower our soldiers with all modern equipments to save country and themselves as well. These are the country's finest man and they deserve a huge expenditure.

And for social expenditure we have other mediums irrespective of government funds, like private party contributing to it. And it becomes responsibility of every human beings to make best use of it.

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Suraj Maidur K said: (Jul 5, 2014)  
Reducing expenditure on defense will not cause any good. We are competing here with great powers like America, Russia, china etc. Which use advanced warfare technologies. What we need to do is first raise the standards of armor, military equipments and provide them best training.

As far as social expenditure is concerned optimum expenditure is required here, because Indian market is in crisis right now. The expenditure done socially should reach to each citizen, unless then I am not sure of ameliorating results.

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Sneha said: (Jun 20, 2014)  
From my point of view, reducing defense budget for social expenditure. It will not be work. As strengthening the power of country's defense system is very important. On other side social problems are rising because of the corrupt mentality of our countries politician and not the least all peoples. Diverting focus from Defense will make country weaker, and it will affect our development. If our politician behave sincerely towards the growth, will definitely minimize the social problems.

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Ranganatha said: (Jun 10, 2014)  
There are more than 40% people below poverty line, and huge shortage of infrastructure, insignificant education, health issues are to be solved first.

Coming to Indian defense, India has nuclear weapons, and required delivery system. So there is less chance of all out war with either China or Pakistan. Pakistan is just working on terrorism as tool of war, to get Kashmir. So no major threat to have huge sum of amount spent to defense.

We need some tactical war fare to deal with terrorists and infiltration in the border.

First develop ourselves with required infrastructure, have sufficient money in hand, then spend for to become military super power.

Right now the situation of poor in India is pathetic. So first focus on that.

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Alex said: (May 24, 2014)  
Secure the border and fence of a garden, first. Flower will bloom as well. Otherwise it will get spoil each and every flower inside the garden. If we does not protect and care about the fence of a garden. And to improve the plantation. Gardener should be honest and trustworthy.

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Hemendra said: (May 17, 2014)  
China's defense budget this year is 132 million and ours is just 36 million so we can compare easily that we should reduce defense budget or not, we should not forget Chinese incursions in Indian territory last year, and also china is supporter of Pakistan too so now decrease in defense budget means threat on our national security so condemn this discussion that we should reduce our budget.

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Pari said: (May 15, 2014)  
Reducing expenditure on defence won't do any good in building India as the superpower. I believe defence is the best attack and weakening it will harm us. Plus, India has enough money to work on the social front, just it is not utilized properly.

Unnecessary wastage of resources and imports should be cut down to raise money. Proper balance is required. Rich is getting more richer and poor is sliding down and down. Social expenditure is the need of the hour but not at the expense of defence. There are many other areas which can be cut down to raise money for the poor. We can tax more the rich guys.

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Gaurav said: (Apr 29, 2014)  
It is difficult for our country to curb down the expenses as we are surrounded by not so reliable, credible neighbours and if the country doesn't exist there won't be any society that we are we talking about. We need to rather implement the current policies effectively and make sure that the objective of the policies are fulfilled.

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Ankush Abrol said: (Apr 20, 2014)  
Its not easy to low down the expenditure on defense or to increase it for the social cause. Being a developing nation, India is on the verge of developing its relations with the developed countries for the betterment in the field of defense and also its people. Making friends all the time doesn't mean that there won't be any foes. We know that if we are making some good relations with someone it ll surely affecting some others interests as well. We still have some countries that are always ready for attacking us anytime.

So if we lower down our defense power we'll be surely defenseless one day. But it doesn't mean that we can ignore the settlement and the needs of our societies. So there is no need to decrease the expenditure or vice versa, we just need good techniques and strategic minds for the it.

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Mehak said: (Apr 16, 2014)  
In my opinion, there is no need to decrease defence expenditure because India is a renowned country and decreasing our defence expenditure will left a negative impression on other countries and our enemies will get more chances to attack.

I think India does not lack of money instead that money is not properly utilized. Politicians themselves use that money which should be utilized for the welfare of people i-e for social expenditure. So by eliminating corruption we will get a perfect balanced nation to live so we should focus on eliminating corruption instead of compromising by decreasing defence expenditure or something else.

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Ragav said: (Apr 6, 2014)  
In my opinion the expenditure on defense should not be reduced because defense sector plays major role in development of the country. As we know that half of the region of our country is surrounded by water and half from land so India have to spend too much money on defense.

And if we reduce the expenditure on defense then the research on defense will not go in progress as it should be. And under the threat of neighbor country they all have nuclear power. And to tackle this threat India have to spend more expenditure on defense. And under the well programmed scheme and by reduce corruption we can tackle all social problem.

Thank you.

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Ayesha said: (Apr 6, 2014)  
In my view the defense expenditure should not be reduced as protecting several lives of our country takes the highest priority than social status. So money for social expenditure should be dragged out from the houses of corrupted politicians and used for the poor people. It is our money which is illegally used by the politicians for their luxuries.

One proper solution for this problem is using the black money and improving country's status and provide basic amenities for every Indian.

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Deshraj said: (Apr 2, 2014)  
There should be proper balance in both expenditure. If we have to save our country from enemies then our defence should be strong. But to fight from social strategy we should first fight with corruption and if we utilize social expenditure in proper and systematic planned manner then we can strengthen up our social needs also.

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Navyamanthani said: (Mar 28, 2014)  
Reducing the defense expenditure and increasing the social expenditure is not the wise idea. It is just like forcing ourselves stand at the verge of threat. Budget raised for social expenditure is good enough if it is used for the people in the right way. Though there is a need to improve our social economic status I think it is done initially by changing ourselves that is not going behind the imported goods instead if we buy Indian goods that really helps and there is a need to improve research & development in defense to stand among other super power countries.

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Ankit said: (Mar 23, 2014)  
As India spend a major chunk of its GDP on defence budget so indirectly we are giving signals others countries that we are gearing ourselves for war. Even all our near countries with whom we have more chance of war all have nuclear power including us so even in worst case ultimate sufferers will be both so its to be live peacefully. Rather than focus on defence we focus on health, education, infrastructure development and employment.

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Vikas Lohchab said: (Mar 11, 2014)  
It is easy to say about spending of money on education or to control poverty but if the security becomes weak so many security like problems will raise like terrorist attacks and kidnapping by naxalites. It has been rightly said progress will take place in a secure environment. Also to grab permanent seat in UN security council we must prove world class actors which demands a strong defense capable of protecting national interest any where across the globe let it be south china sea in the east or gulf of Aden in the west.

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Mayank Dixit said: (Jan 16, 2014)  
I am not agree with increasing social expenditure at the cost of defense expenditure because of the situation of the our country as we are bothered with the neighbors like china & Pakistan, social development is definitely needed but for the integrity and sovereignty of country we need a strong defense structure that's why high defense budget is needed but one thing is also important that dependency on other countries must be deduced and concentrate on indigenous arms society will automatically get benefited.

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Shrishti Sharma said: (Aug 6, 2013)  
It is well said by george washington the first president of united states of america that "if you want to maintain peace, you should be ready for war".

Decreasing defense expenditure is not mandatory as much of the research work is related from the field of defense. Decreasing research and development expenditure in the field of defense will hamper the 'indigenous' capability of weapons implement. It is favourable for any country to produce the indigenous weapons and armaments so that any country could not pay high prices for different weapon of same class from different country.

I want to end up with the fact that it was in the reign of our ex prime minister shri lal bahadur shastri that Indian defense budget was up to 25 percent of gdp.

With a slogan given by him.


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Avinash.S said: (Jul 6, 2013)  
It is not that we have improve the social status and welfare of the people by decreasing the defence budget. If corruption is removed and the government ofFicials don't have an itching palm then surely the people of India will lead a healthy social life. The route cause OF SOCIAL ISSUES like poverty, malnutrition and unemployment are overpopulation and corruption that can be dealt differently and not by decreasing india's defence budget. First we need nation to live, which has to be safe guarded from our enemies, only then we need to think of the people. There is no point to invest money in a place where all people are dead or captured.

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Karandeep Chhbabra said: (May 16, 2013)  
Defence expenses should not be deducted because terrorist and naxalite attacks are increasing and areas like indo-china and indo-pak are getting disputed day by day.

And now we move to social issues, here expenditures are enough but corruption is immensely blocking the growth rates.

So both these expenditures should not be connected with each other.

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Mayank Madan said: (Apr 7, 2013)  
Instead of spending on defence government must spend on welfare of society. I do not know why government spent thousands of crores on Kasab what have they got out of it probably nothing that amount if would have spent on poor social welfare index must have risen. So government must start spending on social welfare instead of spending public money on defence and for whom they are saving for defence purpose when the citizens of India are not safe what else our enemy will harm us.

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Rajesh Kumar Sinha said: (Dec 30, 2012)  
Today we are living in a world where we have to fight an economic war. The times of world war and cold war are gone. Now we have to develop our economic status. There is no need of spending very much amount of money on defense. Instead of that if we will pay attention on our economical condition then it will be better.

Of course we also have to save our country from neighbors like Pakistan and china. But now we need to cut the defense budget.

A lots of people in our country are below the poverty line and are living in horrifying condition. If instead of using money on defense we use the money in developing the condition of our people then it can give good results.

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Naveen Mangal said: (Nov 15, 2012)  
Hello guys, according to my point of view there should be balance and proper management in the expenditure between the defense and social. As Indian Government should provide to our defense all necessary things that they want fulfill their demands to make satisfied them from our side rather than the Indian Government invests lots of money on terrorists.

On other side efforts should be done for social empowerment in order to uplift the status of every mankind. For social empowerment it is also social duty of person that he/she would be aware from what is going on currently and come ahead to remove disorders which are spread everywhere in India.

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Shweta S. said: (May 1, 2012)  
See, there are two type of security, first one is internal security from terrorism and external security along the borders. As India is surrounded by countries whose economy and nuclear power is increasing day by day our country need to think about its defence level which is connected with the expenses being made. Unless, indians are not secured its of no use of taking out measures in social field.

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Alok Singh said: (Apr 1, 2012)  
In my point of view I think that defense plays a vital role in the development of a nation. And India is a large country so I think that defense budget should be as maximum as possible. There two sides of a nation social (i.e. We) and defense (i.e. The warriors who fight at the borders to make us relax). If we will loose in defense then it results in danger of public and if we loose in social then it results in unemployment & poverty. So the budget should be in favor of both defense & social welfare.

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Abhinav said: (Feb 9, 2012)  
Defense and social budget are two different sides of a same coin i.e. if defense system is week social life will be affected by neighbors attack and if social system is week poverty and unemployment will make Indian people to work for terrorist organization and thus they will harm our defense system.

As India is nieghbored by seven countries we can not think of reducing defense budget as it will cause loss of our areas, life and property. Instead of this Political leaders can think of reducing their own budget for corruption and criminalism, black money stashed in Swizz banks should also be bring back to India as it will provide food and safety to us for 20 years without taxation.

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Jeetendra Rana said: (Aug 24, 2011)  
In my opinion the defence budget should not be reduced to the social expenditure. I agree that our country is facing so many social problems like poverty, population, corruption etc. But we cannot leave the most bigger problem that entire world is facing of. That is terrorism. And our country is most affected in j&k region. We are the only country that is surrounded by seven other countries. Some enemy country like pak, china, bangladesh etc. We are always in a state of war. So what will we do if the war occurs. It will cause loss to the huge life and property. So we have to make a fear in the mind of our neighbouring countries that we have the strong defence so that they cannot think of war.

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Avinash said: (Jun 17, 2011)  
India spends 1/3 of his GDP on defense per year. Defense forces comprise of all three forces Army Nevy & Air force. At this stage we have many enemy like china pak etc. If our defense power is not up to date, we have engaging many war like conditions. Social development also affected.

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Pushpender Singh Negi said: (Jun 5, 2011)  
Well first of all,

A big thanks to those who gave their inputs about this topic. As it helped me to consolidate my views for this topic.

Well I don't think decreasing defense and increasing social expenditure is need of the hour. It is quite known to all that in todays time with the growing Business exchanges and military tie ups of our neighbouring countries, certainly smokes out a signal of a big threat for India, in such a situation showing your defence power to the maximum extent can certainly bring down the haughtiness of neighbouring countries and weakens the enemies future intrusion plans upto an extent.

Whereas increasing social expendtiure is not the assurity for bringing success to the country but by managing our defence mechanism can absolutely help India to keep all those threats at bay which might claim their life at any instant.

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Rohan Bhowmik said: (May 7, 2011)  
Ya, its true that we surrounded by china and Pakistan. These neighbours are not good one. But we also think about our poverty. In west Bengal still now above 30% people below poverty level. In India, literacy rate is still 70%. We should improve these condition.

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Premsukh Godara said: (Sep 27, 2010)  
I appreciate your views and would like to add some points that security is basic need which everyone want. If our n if our borders are secured its assurance to harmonious life and usual peaceful is supportive for development, upliftment of society.

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Shailesh said: (Aug 3, 2010)  
Ya, its right that one should reduce defence expenditure as its budget is very big. Had the money been used for social purpose it would have been better in the welfare of the society. But, india is surrounded by pakistan and china and these neighbours are not good one. In order to develop our society, its essential to save our country first.

In my view talks should go on and a starategic solution must come out of it. Once the peace establishes in the subcontinent area then obviously, we can decide to reduce the defence budget. At this point of time, its not possible at all.

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Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour

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