Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour

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Weelayat said:   3 weeks ago
First of all, we have to take a look at our country India as we know that It's a vast country geographically and surrounded by 7 countries part many are our enemies so no doubt that our defense system should be more powerful to counter them if any disturbance creates, but we should also remember that our country is a second rank as per population index thus it's a rare thing that unemployment rate will increase year by year, so should also spend much more on social development.

There should balance in expenditure between the ratio of 60% and 40%, now if we look we use our 20% only for expenditure that's is much less. Very little amount of use for social development will cause more unemployment and less socialization.

Nitish said:   1 month ago
India is part of a growing economy. The expenditure on defence assets is much more useful for the betterment of our future generations. By the continuity with the trend, the changes in the defence system will not lack. The expenditure on social is also important but more useful in Defence.

Saurabh said:   5 years ago
Right now, I think India has its hands full on both fronts. As India is growing and at one of the fastest rate in the world, a larger economy like China is slowing down and looking at India as a threat to its power in South Asia and the world. Pakistan is also trying to pull India down so that it feels safe about its own power, considering it wants to be seen as India's equal. In this situation, India has no other options but to bulk up its defence expenditure as just becoming a bigger economy won't help India to seen as a global power. It needs to be seen as a military power in proportion to economic growth. In terms of social expenditure, India spends a lot in form of subsidies, loan waivers, rural development, and many different govt plans. I don't feel India needs to increase social expenditure but to start managing it better. With 60% population only contributing 17% of GDP is a very bad ratio and one of the major components that are a burden on our economy.

Payal said:   6 years ago
No. Both defense expenditure and social expenditure are equally important right at this moment. Defense expenditure because of the various attacks that India has already faced from ISIS and also because of the terms that India has with Pakistan and China. At any point of time, India might need amunitions, weapons and equipments for which it has to be prepared. Social expenditure is for the betterment of the society that will improve living standard of people and this will ultimately increase country's GDP. But since government cannot allocate funds equally between both, so it has to lessen its expenditure on one of the sector and this can be defense sector.

Deepika said:   6 years ago
Many of our friends confirmed it that both of them are useful and they should be balanced. With my point of view, I will agree with that. Because, if a person was under the peak of a gun and was asked that would you like to die or will you be like this without basic needs properly for several days, a person can't decide what to select. Directly by the gun, he may die or indirectly hunger makes him die. So maintaining both of them equally is important.

VEDANT GUPTA said:   6 years ago
Decreasing defense expenditure means that we are providing fewer funds to our armed forces who are actually protecting our borders. This leaves less room for the new technology in the defense field. India is a country which has dangerous neighbors like Pakistan. If we reduce the defense expenditure than we will not be able to cope up with the new technology of our enemy. Yes, I agree that the spending on social needs is also important but that doesn't mean that we neglect our safety. If the country is safe then only the investors from will invest in our country, which will only lead to the prosperity of the country and thus will have more funds to invest in social, defense of other areas.

Mdfaiz said:   7 years ago
Hi friends.

With a lot of respect to our neighbouring countries like. China, Bangladesh. We the Indians needed to determine that we should dence our country by our own way, nothing in this world caught us, if something which is with a proper and with a positive mind.

Indeed the world is beyond our imagination lets, take an oath to step forward for our defence, so the social expenditure can be controlled by our nation itself as like no black money should be the government needed to take a step forward, as I said previously we can help in defencing by our own way, same way here the government needed to help the people to get back their social expenditure it is just like tit to that.

Thank you.

Parag saurav mishra said:   7 years ago
Seeing the myriad problems in our nation, right from denial of basic education to proper sheltering, lack of nutritious food to less agri output, bad infrastructure to very minimal R&D investment, its quite true, that defence expenditure must be reduced saving lakhs of crores of money and using it for other productive purpose that would increase the life expectancy of our people, provide them with better living conditions, better environment, proper education opportunities, jobs and employments, etc. Buying huge caches of arms and ammunition would make us strive more and more for it. That too for a war that looks very uncertain. Ofcourse there should be national deterrent defense capability, but investing too much on them is denying basic rights and facilities to our own people of our nation where millions don't have their own home, toilets in their houses, don't have food to eat two times a day, don't have money to educate their kids, and provide them higher education in good colleges. Are we not doing injustice to them. Yes, safeguarding our territory from foreign attack or invasion is paramount and preparedness to that should be inevitable, but can't we find better ways to deal with that instead of spending billions in buying Arms from Russia, USA Israel and Uk. We can enhance greater trades with our neighbour who probably is our enemy. Y can't we encourage a situation where India takes a project in Pakistan, funds it, develops it and gift it to them and vice versa. Should we not increase people to people contact, or increase tourism between our nations. This all would help us to dissipate the air of hatred and war among us.

AMAR GAJABAR K said:   7 years ago
Both should be balanced because the in India half of the tax is going to defense forces, we need to concentrate on social as well as defense forces.

Prabhat said:   7 years ago
What necessary is to maintain proper balance between both, because on one side of maintain security so that a country is safe which is very important aspect, another thing is you have to look around to our neighboring countries, that is mindset they have. Because a country develop only when there good security, then only investors invest there.

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