Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour

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Pushpender Singh Negi said:   1 decade ago
Well first of all,

A big thanks to those who gave their inputs about this topic. As it helped me to consolidate my views for this topic.

Well I don't think decreasing defense and increasing social expenditure is need of the hour. It is quite known to all that in todays time with the growing Business exchanges and military tie ups of our neighbouring countries, certainly smokes out a signal of a big threat for India, in such a situation showing your defence power to the maximum extent can certainly bring down the haughtiness of neighbouring countries and weakens the enemies future intrusion plans upto an extent.

Whereas increasing social expendtiure is not the assurity for bringing success to the country but by managing our defence mechanism can absolutely help India to keep all those threats at bay which might claim their life at any instant.

Rohan bhowmik said:   1 decade ago
Ya, its true that we surrounded by china and Pakistan. These neighbours are not good one. But we also think about our poverty. In west Bengal still now above 30% people below poverty level. In India, literacy rate is still 70%. We should improve these condition.

Premsukh Godara said:   1 decade ago
I appreciate your views and would like to add some points that security is basic need which everyone want. If our n if our borders are secured its assurance to harmonious life and usual peaceful is supportive for development, upliftment of society.

Shailesh said:   1 decade ago
Ya, its right that one should reduce defence expenditure as its budget is very big. Had the money been used for social purpose it would have been better in the welfare of the society. But, india is surrounded by pakistan and china and these neighbours are not good one. In order to develop our society, its essential to save our country first.

In my view talks should go on and a starategic solution must come out of it. Once the peace establishes in the subcontinent area then obviously, we can decide to reduce the defence budget. At this point of time, its not possible at all.

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