Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour

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RAJESH KUMAR SINHA said:   1 decade ago
Today we are living in a world where we have to fight an economic war. The times of world war and cold war are gone. Now we have to develop our economic status. There is no need of spending very much amount of money on defense. Instead of that if we will pay attention on our economical condition then it will be better.

Of course we also have to save our country from neighbors like Pakistan and china. But now we need to cut the defense budget.

A lots of people in our country are below the poverty line and are living in horrifying condition. If instead of using money on defense we use the money in developing the condition of our people then it can give good results.

Mayank madan said:   1 decade ago
Instead of spending on defence government must spend on welfare of society. I do not know why government spent thousands of crores on Kasab what have they got out of it probably nothing that amount if would have spent on poor social welfare index must have risen. So government must start spending on social welfare instead of spending public money on defence and for whom they are saving for defence purpose when the citizens of India are not safe what else our enemy will harm us.

Karandeep chhbabra said:   1 decade ago
Defence expenses should not be deducted because terrorist and naxalite attacks are increasing and areas like indo-china and indo-pak are getting disputed day by day.

And now we move to social issues, here expenditures are enough but corruption is immensely blocking the growth rates.

So both these expenditures should not be connected with each other.

Avinash.s said:   10 years ago
It is not that we have improve the social status and welfare of the people by decreasing the defence budget. If corruption is removed and the government ofFicials don't have an itching palm then surely the people of India will lead a healthy social life. The route cause OF SOCIAL ISSUES like poverty, malnutrition and unemployment are overpopulation and corruption that can be dealt differently and not by decreasing india's defence budget. First we need nation to live, which has to be safe guarded from our enemies, only then we need to think of the people. There is no point to invest money in a place where all people are dead or captured.

Shrishti sharma said:   10 years ago
It is well said by george washington the first president of united states of america that "if you want to maintain peace, you should be ready for war".

Decreasing defense expenditure is not mandatory as much of the research work is related from the field of defense. Decreasing research and development expenditure in the field of defense will hamper the 'indigenous' capability of weapons implement. It is favourable for any country to produce the indigenous weapons and armaments so that any country could not pay high prices for different weapon of same class from different country.

I want to end up with the fact that it was in the reign of our ex prime minister shri lal bahadur shastri that Indian defense budget was up to 25 percent of gdp.

With a slogan given by him.


Mayank dixit said:   9 years ago
I am not agree with increasing social expenditure at the cost of defense expenditure because of the situation of the our country as we are bothered with the neighbors like china & Pakistan, social development is definitely needed but for the integrity and sovereignty of country we need a strong defense structure that's why high defense budget is needed but one thing is also important that dependency on other countries must be deduced and concentrate on indigenous arms society will automatically get benefited.

VIKAS LOHCHAB said:   9 years ago
It is easy to say about spending of money on education or to control poverty but if the security becomes weak so many security like problems will raise like terrorist attacks and kidnapping by naxalites. It has been rightly said progress will take place in a secure environment. Also to grab permanent seat in UN security council we must prove world class actors which demands a strong defense capable of protecting national interest any where across the globe let it be south china sea in the east or gulf of Aden in the west.

Ankit said:   9 years ago
As India spend a major chunk of its GDP on defence budget so indirectly we are giving signals others countries that we are gearing ourselves for war. Even all our near countries with whom we have more chance of war all have nuclear power including us so even in worst case ultimate sufferers will be both so its to be live peacefully. Rather than focus on defence we focus on health, education, infrastructure development and employment.

Navyamanthani said:   9 years ago
Reducing the defense expenditure and increasing the social expenditure is not the wise idea. It is just like forcing ourselves stand at the verge of threat. Budget raised for social expenditure is good enough if it is used for the people in the right way. Though there is a need to improve our social economic status I think it is done initially by changing ourselves that is not going behind the imported goods instead if we buy Indian goods that really helps and there is a need to improve research & development in defense to stand among other super power countries.

Deshraj said:   9 years ago
There should be proper balance in both expenditure. If we have to save our country from enemies then our defence should be strong. But to fight from social strategy we should first fight with corruption and if we utilize social expenditure in proper and systematic planned manner then we can strengthen up our social needs also.

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