Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour

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Suraj maidur k said:   9 years ago
Reducing expenditure on defense will not cause any good. We are competing here with great powers like America, Russia, china etc. Which use advanced warfare technologies. What we need to do is first raise the standards of armor, military equipments and provide them best training.

As far as social expenditure is concerned optimum expenditure is required here, because Indian market is in crisis right now. The expenditure done socially should reach to each citizen, unless then I am not sure of ameliorating results.

Sanjiv Kumar Singh said:   9 years ago
There is no any need to reduce the defense expenditure as it is essential for our life a, national dignity and pride. Our neighboring China has a budget of 132 million, where as we have allocated only 36 million USD for this sector. In no condition security of nation should be compromised.

Social investment is also the need of the hour and Government of India is running so many programs across the nation for the same. In my opinion some of the programs are not at all popular and not not reaching to the people properly. Those programs should be stopped and government should launch programs like NREGA, Indira Awas which are very popular and whose benefits is reaching to all BPL people. Yes, it is right that there is some percentage of corruption in this and with the tough effort of the government, it has been checked up to a large extent. In the same manner Government should combine many programs together and try to make a full proof few programs with proper policy framework, so that the benefits of programs could reach easily to real beneficiary. This way the social agenda of government will continue in better manner and the same will cater the need of the people too.

Gaurav said:   9 years ago
It is difficult for our country to curb down the expenses as we are surrounded by not so reliable, credible neighbours and if the country doesn't exist there won't be any society that we are we talking about. We need to rather implement the current policies effectively and make sure that the objective of the policies are fulfilled.

Mohan said:   8 years ago
India needs balance between defense expenditure and social welfare. Because it does not have very good relations with its neighbors like China and Pakistan which are military strong countries so it must be cautious about its defense. Through developing indigenous technology based arms and ammunition, selling of old military equipment to other countries and reduction in rampant corruption, we can reduce our defense expenditure and this saving amount can be used in developmental activities which will ultimately strengthen our defense system.

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