Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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Aman Shukla said: (Aug 4, 2022)  
It's not a matter of the countries boundary that India and China both are completed to each other but in few cases both products are good. As it is very clear like Chinese goods are shape but Indian goods have more quality Chinese goods look more attractive and we know one thing very clearly like the Indian people want the cheap product with more attractiveness if the product have more attractiveness it doesn't matter it has the quality or not that's why the Chinese goods are having a good sale in the country like India. If we have to buy the quality product it is very clear we have to pay high amount of money and most of the population in the India are poor and middle class that's why the dependency on the Chinese product increases in most of the reasons.

I also say if you have to buy something that is going to be long lasting and you want to do like you want something that is based upon your quality that you buy please the Indian product because that give warranty to but if you have to buy the cheap product if you have to buy like if you have to buy that toys for your children don't think that it is Indian or Chinese you just buy the thing that is she because that will be broke and few days itself but if you have to buy something like you if you have to buy television if you have to buy a motorcycle or why something that is going to that you where you are going to invest lot of money please don't go for the Chinese thing but one I want to also mention like we can't ignore the complete China on the basis that it is giving d chief and non quality product because if we are not buying the product directly but what happened actually most of the countries are there most of the MNCs are there who are buying the product from the China and they are using in their element like Apple is there buying the mobile from the Apple is not the Chinese company but we are buying that but Apple is using the shape that is made up of silicon and mostly the 65% of that silicon is completely important from the Chinese so we can't ignore something like that.

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Piyush Ranjan said: (Jul 5, 2022)  
Indian goods are more durable than Chinese goods. As per the features of products, Indian goods have a warranty but Chinese goods haven't a warranty.

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Dhanun said: (Mar 13, 2022)  
Hi everyone!

According to my point of view, we can't stop buying Chinese goods, it's highly impossible and most of them say Chinese goods are low-quality materials but you know one thing friends. There is an element called silicon and it is an important part of an electronic chip for transmission purposes and that chip is literally used in all of the laptops, pc components, mobile components, in short. Without silicon we can't make electronics, so by the way apple will also use silicon right? and you know that even the best mobile brand *apple* getting its silicon chips for China? and nearly 46% of apple's suppliers are Chinese! so don't say them as cheap quality materials. And for all the ppl who thinks to boycott Chinese products I have one question. Think of a mobile brand or what mobile brand you are having? I'm pretty damn sure most of us will have the Chinese brand. But yes in India, we also have low-quality Chinese products that's because they just export the second or third quality products to us and they use their first products. But if we see in India. We export the first quality products and use the second quality products this is because most of us just buy the cheap one and not the quality one if we all consider buying Indian goods the Chinese automatically reduces the exports to us and don't think I'm an anti-Indian ok lol. Pure Indian blood is running in my body. I'm just saying my point of view and also there is a reason for India to export first quality products and that is *CORRUPTION*. Due to corruption, our economy has decreased so we are pushed to sell our first quality goods to stabilize the economy. But in China, I think there is very little corruption compared to India. If there is no corruption in India then our economy will gradually increase we use our own first quality products and sell the other quality products so we reduce the usage of other countries' products and after some years (maybe) our country will be of fully Indian products and that's the every Indian's wish. Hope that day will come soon but it happens only if every Indian thinks about it.

Thank you.


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Sonu said: (Dec 28, 2021)  
Indian goods are more reliable than Chinese goods. If a person gives importance to the quality of goods then they choose Indian goods and if a person to have a matter of cost-effectively then they choose Chinese goods.

I think a country should be self-dependent on majorly defence goods.

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Shazia Siddiqui said: (Oct 27, 2021)  
Chinese goods vs Indian goods.

* Indian goods are costly and Chinese goods are cheap.
*Indian goods has a warranty but Chinese goods has not warranty.
*Chinese goods are more attractive than Indian goods.

Indians are addicted of Chinese goods because most of people want to buy cheap and attractive goods.

In my opinion, we have to buy Chinese goods that have less use, just like toys, because children break very fast. And we have to buy Indian goods that have more use, like mobile phones etc.

But we shouldn't boycott Chinese goods because in India a huge population are poor, so they can't buy costly goods.

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Lovkush Raghav said: (Sep 24, 2021)  
You all know it very well that Indian goods are good than Chinese goods. If we talk about the age then also the age of our Indian goods will be high than the Chinese goods. Our Indian goods can not be mixable, but the Chinese goods can be mixable. So our Indian goods are good than the Chinese goods. You know now these days china is making a fool of us. China gives us the temporary goods from their side. And a lot of people accept this. You know that goods went from India to China and gives the same item back to us and made in china.

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Vks Baghel said: (Sep 8, 2021)  

I am VKS Baghel, here I want to share my point of view Indian goods is better than Chinese goods because Indian goods have its durability and reliability, Chinese goods is cheaper and it has no guarantee and warranty it's together it affects us too much by selling products of raw materials and it is the biggest problem of Indian they want products at low cost but they are not aware of its side effects and quality and China is exporting too much their products in India and Indians are also giving importance other products that's why we should know about it and boycott all the Chinese goods.

So that India could improve in industrialization and industrialization will help in grow up Economically so being an Indian we should give importance to Indian goods and use more Indian goods and boycott Chinese and other products it will help us to become independent.

Thank you.


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Kanai Lal Mondal said: (Aug 23, 2021)  
Chinese goods are cheap in comparison to other goods.

As per quality concerns, it is not so bad. Many electronic devices we the Indian used their goods.

But, India should produce all types of products for our users, we must be self-sufficient within the next five years.

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Nishi Kumari said: (Aug 20, 2021)  
According to my point of view, we should boycott totally Chinese good. Because what they did with us last year we should never forgot. And also Chinese goods are cheaper but not durable and Indians goods are costly but it is durable. Now, we have to change our mindset and to buy Indian goods instead of Chinese goods.

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Pavan Godara said: (Aug 20, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

Chinese Goods have no garantee and no warranty but Indian Goods have garantee and warranty. Chines Goods have been very low cost but Indian Goods have very high cost.

Chines Goods are very attactive and very different products. India is not poor country but Indians person are poor who is not sall Indian products.

Thank you.

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Adarsh said: (Mar 12, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

As per my opinion, both has pros and cons for the Indian economy.

1) Chinese product cheap and in more variety compare to Indian products. But we have to not forget what china did with us last year.

2) Before attacked on Indian soldiers Chinese product was impacting on Indian economy we were dependent on these, like electronic products, lighting, etc.

3) We had to boycott Chinese product and this is a very brave decision took by Indian citizens.

4) India is not dependent on anyone we can also produce these type of product if our biggest businessmen do the help in this filed.

5) Indian economy was very much dependent on Chinese product but these days conditions are different, people are a more aware and good thinker, they have started to stop using Chinese goods.

6) Indian products are more reliable and of good quality compare to Chinese product, China used poor quality of raw material in products.

7) Chinese product is cheaper and available in more Variety that's why people purchase and use more in India.

8) India did a very well job to discontinue the Chinese app from the google play store sand it would be a lesson for China.

9) We have to show our patriotism to India to boycott the Chinese product.

10) This is the duty of every citizen of India to stop the use of Chinese apps and products for the betterment of India.

Jay hind.

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Satya Mallick said: (Mar 8, 2021)  
In my point of view, everything has 2 aspects if we consider both side then that will be Balanced but if we consider one side then we find some drawbacks. As an Indian, we should focus to our products. Recently, PM Modi chants vocals for local means we Indian people focus on our Indian products instead of Chinese products. Literally Chinese labour more efficient than Indian. Basically, Chinese products are cheaper than Indian products. China segments its products on youth so that their products are easily entered in every market. India is a youth county so Indian people are fully depended on Chinese products. If we consider a short period then Chinese products are best than Indian products but if we consider a long period then Indian products are best. If the Indian government imposes more tariffs on Chinese products then sell of Chinese products will become lesser. Indian government launched a new scheme self-reliant in that scheme every Indian should focus on Indian products instead of Chinese products.

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Abhishek Singh said: (Feb 7, 2021)  
We should change our mind that which thing we buy for not four days and we know very well that Chinese goods are not long-lasting so we should buy Indian goods.

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Bablu Rana said: (Jan 19, 2021)  

India has a major customer of both the goods. Over the decade we have witnessed the dominance of Chinese goods in Indian markets, because of its affordable cost price. For now, Chinese technological devices have complete dominance. Indian goods are lagging far behind in this competition in its own market. For making a good environment for local goods government have taken some initiative like "MAKE IN INDIA".

But, the question is why a person will pay more price and buy Indian goods rather than a cheap Chinese product.

For making a strong impact government should bring some policy, where they can help financially to start up that has potential to grow, make a better environment for the fresh entrepreneur. To make India a self-reliant country, policymakers need to think about the long term, they have to bring policies that give local MSME more access to the market and also can put more cess on Chinese goods.

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Nitin Kumar said: (Jan 16, 2021)  
Hello, everyone. Today I am going to express my views on this topic and the topic is Indian goods Vs Chinese goods.

According to me both goods are good and they help enhance to their national economy and G. D. P.

But in both goods are have some difference, Chinese goods are good because Chinese goods are cheaper than Indian goods and Chinese goods are easily available and every citizen easily afford Chinese goods. But Indian goods are good because Indian goods quality is better than Chinese goods and Indian goods are used for a long time.

And Indian goods are mentioned correct expiry date but Chinese goods are not mentioned correct expiry date.

In past, most of the citizens used Chinese products but in present time the value of Chinese goods is less because Indians cannot believe Chinese goods because in Chinese goods are found many problems as like in technical products have a hacking problem and in mobile phone blasting problem.

Indian goods are handmade but Chinese goods are made by machine so Indian goods are good.

And China copies other company product and after made the same products so they cannot used long time.

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Lokesh Saubhari said: (Jan 13, 2021)  
I am Lokesh Saubhari.

In my point of view, Indian goods are better than chinese goods.

In this pandemic situation, there is a much reducing in gdp and if we buy our Indian goods we shall give alot of help to our country.

Indian goods are very costly but their qualities are best so we should buy only insian goods.

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Raj Kumar Aps said: (Jan 5, 2021)  
Hi, Gentlemen.

I agree with your points. But if you see in the present scenario china is the most notorious rival of our country because of its boundaries and terror support to Pakistan. So we should in support of our country pride and growth. Give bloom to Indian products as they are best in quality. Made in our motherland Provide employment to our citizens. And the products are reliable and long-lasting.

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Raunak Yadav said: (Dec 21, 2020)  
Good night my dear friend today put discussion topic is Indian goods and Chinese goods.

We all know both are in their places first I want to say the quality of Indian goods is better than Chinese goods but it's the price is high but Chinese product gets minimum price so poor people afford.

Indian product can improve our Indian economy so our government should try to make more and more productive so that price will come down and all the people started to use Indian product.

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Vignesh said: (Dec 16, 2020)  
Hi friends.

I'm glad to participate in such a relevant topic about Chinese goods vs Indian goods this statement states itself about the current strategy of goods that is between China and India.

Firstly we should talk about Indian goods yes as my friends said that it was also having tremendous features that long last the quality but the price was a bit high than a China good As we all are Indians we do not like the Indian products, not even the goods any of the Indian products we do not encourage in our daily life.

Yes, this statement does not fit for the many families in our country.

We can also choose the Indian product in our budget the thing is we basically do not encourage the Indian goods.

That is the reason the Chinese goods are improvising their design quality but those do not give true assurance than Indian company goods give to us.

So, here finally encourage the Indian economy than Chinese fake assurance of goods.

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Shivani Gupta said: (Dec 16, 2020)  
In my opinion, Both goods are good and bad according to our situation, perception and thinking. When I wear Indian dresses than I feel own nationality form as being an Indian but when I wear Chinese dresses than I don't feel such things like that yet I wear because I work media, corporate, and the industrial sector where they force us indirectly that you have to wear this types of clothes in front of clients so that you look attentive and an up-to-date girl. Because as far as my concern Indian dresses not show this kind of look. On the other hand, I think about Chinese dresses, it's very cheap and attractive also. Easily anyone can buy any dress with less money and their own choices without hesitation and can fulfil their needs but these dresses neither can show Indian looks nor feel their own nationality. So, according to the situation, both are good and bad.


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Mridul Mishra said: (Dec 1, 2020)  
Chinese products are cheap and easily we can purchase.

Indians products are good but their cost is high compared to Chinese products.

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Deep Thakur said: (Nov 30, 2020)  
In my thoughts both are good in their places. Indian goods has quality but these are so costly, so the poor can not afford it. And Chinese goods are less costly than Indian but these have not quality but the poor can afford these easily.

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Kamal Kishor said: (Nov 25, 2020)  
Hello and namaste all of you.

I think Indian goods are best for us. I believe in Indian goods. So, we should boycott Chinese goods.

Thank you all of you.

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Kamal Kishor said: (Nov 24, 2020)  
Hello and Namaste all of you.

I think Indian goods are the best option for us. Chinese goods are bad. So we should boycott Chinese goods and buy only Indian goods.

Thank you All of you.

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Shashikant Kumar said: (Nov 20, 2020)  
Hello and namaste all of you.

China goods and Indian goods both are perfect of our social people but China produce very much products in low quality and sell in our market and poor people buy easily from market and Indian goods are very high quality and it is used for a long time but Indian products do not produce high because lower industry but Indian goods are very used by the economical person.

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Sandeep said: (Nov 19, 2020)  
Good morning all my dear friends, my name is Sandeep from Uk.

Now I'll come to on-topic Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods - I think Indian Goods are better than those of Chinese. Because Indian goods are well strong and well prepared due to which their working Period is high and working properly and also have a warranty and Guarantee But on the other hand Chinese goods are fragile and their working time is limited. And If we talking about which one is best for buying, then I say that Indian goods must be bought because economy conserved in India, hence, in my opinion, Indian goods is Best.


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Sachin Chauhan said: (Nov 13, 2020)  
In my point of view is, both are good according to the people convenience but the main difference is that Chinese products are much cheaper than Indian products. All people can't afford Indian products. And in terms of quality, it also makes big difference due to good quality. So govt should take initiative in making a large amount of products and make them cheap so that everyone can buy Indian products by this our all money is within our country. By this, we can improve our GDP. Thank you.

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Rupam said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
Hi friends all of you,

I am going to discuss the topic of Chinese goods vs Indian goods. Chinese goods is a cheap quality but Indian goods is of good quality. Chinese goods worths are less cheap than Indian goods. Chinese goods have not been used for a long time but Indian goods have been used for a long time.

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Shivani Dutta said: (Oct 14, 2020)  
Chinese goods:

Chinese goods are no way much more cost-effective than Indian goods. But also they are of cheap qualities. The reason that China is leading the high tech companies is that they are spending more part of their expenditure on research and development.

We can ask as to how the Chinese are becoming more and more prosperous day by day by selling these cheap quality products. One can easily say that we should avoid Chinese. Yes, we should but how can poor people afford to buy things which are not cost-effective. The reason that I mentioning this question is to show you that the inherent problem is poverty in the world. The wealth is getting concentrated on to a few hands.

Indian goods:

Indian goods are of better qualities but certainly, cost-effectiveness is a problem here. Also, when we say choose Indian. Sometimes we don't have an option of Indian because Indian companies are not manufacturing all kind of stuff that we need. In order to achieve that self-reliant India govt is making its effort. While we say its a gradual process. We can't immediately raise our industries manpower. It takes time also because of this pandemic. We need to promote more and more startups and also increse our expenditure towards reserch and development.

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Harsha Vardhan said: (Oct 1, 2020)  
The difference between Chinese goods vs Indian goods is;

Chinese goods are very cheap but not quality and it has some faults and we are buying and selling in India and it has no correct expiry date. Our India goods have quality and quantity and the fully good and there has correct mention the expiry date the rate is cheap but the item is quality.

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Sherr said: (Sep 26, 2020)  
According to me, Chinese product is easily available in at low cast than the Indian product. But China products have not better quality than India So those things which are for long time use they buy Indian product.

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Sudha said: (Sep 11, 2020)  
Both Indian and Chinese goods are playing a prominent role in our country. Though our Indian goods are better in quality, it is not such easily accessible because of the lack of awareness about Indian products and also due to the insufficient advertising. Instead of buying products from China, we should make it happen in our country. So, it directly adds to the Indian economy. And also, it increases the employability opportunities for Indians. This is my point of view, about this topic.

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Gunika said: (Sep 5, 2020)  
Hi, in my opinion, we Indians have been dependent upon the Chinese goods from a very long time such that our Indian markets are flooded with Chinese goods rather than Indian goods while it might be a good idea to eradicate Chinese goods in order to boom Indian economy it should be taken care that the people selling Chinese goods do not face unemployment all of a sudden. Our present govt has taken numerous decisions haphazardly but those have reflected in a negative way in our society hence this decision of using Indian goods over Chinese goods should not be taken all of a sudden.

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Arya said: (Aug 14, 2020)  

In my point of view, both Indian and Chinese goods are well but Indian goods are more compatible and reliable than Chinese goods but Chinese goods are cheaper and easily accessible. So we people decide that out country comes first.

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Prerna said: (Aug 10, 2020)  

In my point of view, both Indian and Chinese goods are well but Indian goods are more compatible and reliable than Chinese goods but Chinese goods are cheaper and easily accessible. So we people decide that our country comes first so we should buy Indian goods as I know many things will not be manufactured in India. So there is a problem but our young generation should develop it they will change the future.

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Shouvik Saha said: (Aug 4, 2020)  
One of the prominent reason for the slow-growing Indian economy is the coverage of Indian markets by Chinese products. They are not only cheap but are also easily available and easily storable. They filled the Indian markets and brought a huge competition for Indian industries in their own country to sell products. As the Indian, the middle class holds the majority part in Indian population people opt for cheaper Chinese goods. As most of the Indian industries do not have good access of infrastructure and modern equipment they are not able to provide cheaper goods but the quality of Indian goods is much compatible and better than Chinese goods. People knowing that Indian goods are of better quality and will contribute to the Indian national income then also opt for Chinese goods because of their easy accessibility, easily storable and low price. Indian goods are more handmade than the Chinese products which are made from machines which increases employment. Indian products are of better guarantee and quality than the cheap equipment made Chinese products which don't have a lasting life. Both Indian and Chinese goods have their own qualities and defects but it is the people who should understand than their country comes first.

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Bindu Akula said: (Jul 27, 2020)  
In my opinion, if we compare the quality among Chinese and Indian goods, Indian goods are the best in regard to quality and warranty. So, why don't we think broadly while buying any product in regard to quality and guarantee? I agree that Chinese goods are the cheapest compared to the Indian ones. But, we should not consider cost over quality. And in that case, if we are buying an Indian product for more money, our country's economy will be improved that makes our Indian technologists and scientists feel so pride and helps in motivating them in coming up with more creativity and talent.

Thus, in my personal view, Indian goods should be preferred as they are the best in all the ways compared to Chinese goods.

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Madhuram said: (Jul 11, 2020)  
The Factors is not about goods but it's over issue of Population, China & India both have Same Population, no other Places in Earth having such number of Population. In Economic Scenario, remind British Raj whole Economy was created, Controlled, Executed by the harder way, now we discuss import & Exports topics along with China !, India Now became a various trading partner with huge economic members countries, Like SAARC, ASEAN +3, South- East Asian Trading Zone, WTO with commendable Personality (Some Forums are Operated, Controlled directly or indirectly by India). So, If we totally band Chinese Goods this will short time problematic for few of Us but Our Population may be Safe from Gruiela Attacks of non-conventional arms! (What a Strange Arms they used in Ladakh Attack). So banding Chinese Goods, China's Power obviously Minimized. Also Except China, India Will track Others destination for required facilities of Trade.

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Aastha Pandey said: (Jul 7, 2020)  
I think Indian goods are far better than any Chinese goods because our Indian goods have durability which Chinese products have never given in their entire life.

I agree that Chinese goods are cheaper than Indians goods and I also agree if we go to buy a lighter of a made in china it cost will be 10 and if we buy a lighter which is of made in India then it cost will be 30 then obviously we will have the lighter of the cheaper amount But have you thought that 30 rs lighter will give you how much durability?

The answer is no why because we will buy that cheaper amount of lighter because it is not expensive and it is doesn't matter that this 10 rs lighter will be spoiled in a week. So its a matter of your thinking that how you are going to take this. Why to spend money on those products which have no guarantee. Because buy that product which you can use for the long term, not that product in which you are spending the money for its repairing.

So this whole matter is of your thinking. You might be thinking that why I am concerned with the durability why not with the economic status. I am not talking about the economic status because of its a matter of comparing our Indian goods with Chinese goods which have given no guarantee to us. I am not saying this because I am an Indian I am saying this because this is the only fact so stop blaming for that it could not be done practically it can be done practically if you really want it to be done. If you think about the product durability not about it cost. Because in the maintenance of Chinese product it can become more expensive than Indian goods. Buy Indian goods one-time use for a lifetime.

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Mayank Sharma said: (Jun 24, 2020)  
I agree with some points here. To my point of view in this is that it is not the right idea to totally ban Chinese products instantly. Because first of all china is the best exporter of products here in India. 2nd there products are cheap as well. Rest somebody below is saying that their quality is not good here I want to add is money. But still, it is cheap. For example, if we talk about Huawei, Lenovo, vivo, oneplus. So I don't think that there is any need to talk about there features and quality. And one was talking about repair is not possible for Chinese products. So we can easily find a service centre for those companies. And if we instantly boycott those Chinese products then it is for sure that we'll face huge economic loss. Because China is the largest trading partner of India as compared to other countries. And if we want to become self-reliant 1st we have to start building raw stuff in India so that it will help to increase the production of daily required market products here in India only. And it will take the time of at least 20-25 years. Till then Boycott China is not possible at all.

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Sakshi Kulshreshtha said: (Jun 24, 2020)  
According to my opinion, both Indian goods and Chinese goods has their own quality. If we talk about the quality then Indian goods are much better than Chinese goods but one difference is that Chinese product is cheaper than the Indian goods, so financial conditions are also concerned while choosing Chinese goods or Indian goods. But when we see the economic condition of India everybody should choose Indian products rather than Chinese products. So, buying Indian products will help our country to improve its economic conditions and will help many problems such that unemployment and poverty.

Thank you.

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Ankitkumar Kar said: (Jun 22, 2020)  
Hi all ..My name is Ankit. I am happy to share my thought in the current important topic " Indian goods vs Chinese goods "

As per my view, we should ban the goods of china and instead of we should purchase our country goods.

But Is this really practical?
If I gave an example of the current scenario, Sell of Redmi 9 pro goes out in 90 sec !!!

We buy their product because of less cost and high feathers available despite of less durability.

To overcome this we should develop our skill-based work, product, innovation, manufacturing. I know this is time taking process but I believe we will reach in those stages in future and called our country " self-reliant India".

Thank you.

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Raghavendra N said: (Jun 19, 2020)  
Hello Everyone,

Some of our People's in our Indian Country.

All can't recognize the Indian Products as Made in India. So, in the advertisement of "Indian Products" We should highlight on each and every product in Bold Letters as "Self Made in India" to easily people can identify the Indian products for purchase and should be advertised in Television and making the awareness of it and also should be aware of Fake products naming the same. Or The Government should only open the.

"Super Market's" in some major cities in India for trail purpose, Which only the Indian products should be available, not other than that includes.

Before Quitting the Chinese Goods first, we have to quit it one by one and we have to get ready at the same time and should be Stable in all the fields.

At the same time, our Politicians should also give the same effort and more preference to the Indian Goods.

That, we should not depend on other countries, Because by depending too much our countries economy will go down.

Let's hope for the Best.

Thank You.

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Mangesh said: (Jun 18, 2020)  

It is a pleasure to me to be part of this discussion. According to me. Chinese products are good but to become self-reliant we have to minimize the usage of their goods or consume as low as possible. But for that, we have to enlarge the scope for domestic products. As there some point that this activity will not in one day but by making small initiative individually we can do in the near future. Apart for that, we need to make improvement in technology or come up with new things so that we can produce better goods than Chinese goods. If we gained these changes faster than we will able to go for the tag of a stronger economy.

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Prashanth Shravanimett said: (Jun 16, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

I want to say one thing that;

All over the Indian people are talking about boycotting of the Chinese goods.

How this works practically.

I can give you one example.

Chinese lighter avail for 10 rupees that the same good Indian companies provide for 30 rupees. People always choose Chinese products because of China products available for use at low cost.

Even there is low durability we choose China goods then Indian goods.

And some of my friends put there WhatsApp statuses to boycott Chinese goods how it is possible practically I don't know yes individually it's happening but officially it's not happened.

Remember one thing that Indias third-biggest exporter.

If China people can think like us? India needs China market in the same way China need India market a lot then we need.

Boycott of China goods possible individually. Officially it's not possible at all.

In India, there is no huge production with great innovations.

India people are always satisfied with there budget only.

India not a poor country. Indian people are poor.

Thank you.

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Ishita Dubey said: (Jun 12, 2020)  
We need to make more products in India than on China, but how?

We know that China is not a democracy and it has no adherence to Reservation for jobs or education. It only concentrates on productivity. Everyone is working in China, they are efficiently utilizing their labour intensity. But India, cannot produce in bulk or implement the innovations until it gets over the corruption and unfair reservation. India has talent, but it needs to recognize it.

Unless you don't have the alternatives to Chinese products, there is no point banning it. It is a foolish thing to do, given the current reliance we have on Chinese products.

Let us take a basic example, Smartphone.

Is there any close Indian alternative to OnePlus series or MiSeries?

The answer is NO.

Hence, first, become equipped and then compare, give alternatives then ask people to ban.

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Pranil said: (May 30, 2020)  
I agree with Monika, that the Chinese goods are made in high quantity but its quality is too much bad as per everyone's experience.

The lifetime of Chinese goods is short as compared to Indian goods.

I personally think, that Chinese goods are in low cost bad quality but Indian goods are low cost with great quality.

Also, Chinese goods made more investment in India because they know, that India people purchase there goods. For example mobiles. I know India also purchase there goods in other country but mostly the Indian goods not selled at huge amount. So, I think we try to purchase our country made goods for more investment in here compare to china.

And last one is that, the repairance of Chinese goods isn't easily possible in here. But our Indian goods easily repair.

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Monika said: (May 8, 2020)  
Chinese goods are cheaper than Indian goods because it produces in high quantity. According to me, the life of Chinese products is less than Indian goods. In India, many of the people living lower the poverty line, so they like to purchase cheap products irrespective of considering their values. In India, People purchase Chinese products more as compared to Indian products which ultimately adversely affect our Indian economy. Prime Minister of India that's why launch a scheme of making in India to promote the Indian manufacturing industry.

Rate this: +42 -21

Sneha Saha said: (Apr 27, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, since we get products of Chinese companies at much lower price as compared to the prices of products manufactured in India, most of the people in India prefers to buy Chinese products even after knowing about the bad quality or less durability of the product because every time the goods get damaged due to some reason then they can buy and use the new ones again in a very low cost and there lies the loopholes in the thinking of the consumers.

Whereas Indian companies makes good and durable products which costs a bit more than the Chinese products which on buying can work for a longer period of time. So if consumers starts thinking wisely then they could analyse buying of which product will be profitable and as responsible citizens if we pay a little more and get the more durable goods then it will both add to the GDP of the country and also we can enjoy the use of the quality and original products of our country.

And moreover few days back I just saw in a news channel which after doing proper analysis claimed, how the Chinese company with their emerging technologies and smart marketing analogies are surveying the products made in India and about the goods prices and making the same thing at lower cost but with vague qualities of material to extend and spread their market all over India. So we should think smartly and work accordingly to find the differences and walk together in progress.

Rate this: +31 -12

Akash said: (Apr 8, 2020)  

In my point of view, Indian goods are better than that of Chinese. Because Chinese goods have a price that is more than it's worth. This will give a profit to the company but not to the buyers. At the same time, Indian goods are not soo expensive but they have a better quality than that of China.

Rate this: +28 -12

Hrishikesh Mahajan said: (Mar 19, 2020)  
Hi everyone,

I think Indian goods are having good quality than Chinese goods. But the major issue is with product cost, due low costing of the product may of the Indian people are preferring Chinese products, so I think this is not good and that goes wrong with our Indian economy as well. If most of the Indian peoples are buying Indian goods then our productivity will increase and that may lead to a good results.

Rate this: +16 -10

Kabir said: (Mar 18, 2020)  
Hi friends,

As per my point of view about the quality of chines goods and Indian goods. First of all as per my opinion every country follow it's own business strategy in market so we can find fake products in market this is all because of customer demands if a customer require a product at cheap price so this is the strategy of a country to produce less quality goods to customer as per market segmentation. Secondly countries like India and China has a huge number of popullation so as per customer demand they can produce goods with different qualities for unique customer's.

To conclude the topic in my opinion Indian companies are loyal than Chinese companies you can find very less fake goods in India but Chinese market export copy goods to the all around the world.


Rate this: +8 -9

Hajeera said: (Mar 8, 2020)  
Hello, friends Good morning everyone.

First of all, I'm very much thank full for getting an opportunity to discuss my opinion about the topic called "CHINESE FOOD and INDIAN FOOD".

As we all know that Chinese products are very cheap and easily available in the market most of them prefer Chinese products. My opinion is to everyone that please avoid china poducts and prefer more n more INDIAN products so that we all can develop our country and can make our country as n independent by getting employment opportunities and making small scale industries to grow in the market.

Thank you.

Rate this: +10 -14

Happy said: (Feb 15, 2020)  
Indian goods are better than Chinese goods because, the product quality so high as compared to a Chinese good. But Indian goods are more expensive.

Rate this: +14 -16

Abu said: (Feb 9, 2020)  

Indian goods are better than Chinese goods. But Indian goods are big profit even small goods. That is why people are saying Indian goods very are expensive. For example, some traders selling what price tag in the goods.

Rate this: +9 -8

Owais said: (Jan 28, 2020)  

As we know that China is growing day by day.

If we talk about the technologies in India and china. China is having more technologies than India. Chinese products are cheap and easily available in India, at the same time Indian products are most expensive but if we buy only Chinese products India's economy will be drained, we should buy and use our own manufactured products so that our small vendors can also make some revenue.

Rate this: +26 -7

Gayathri said: (Dec 5, 2019)  
Hello friends! I strongly disagree with those people who said Chinese products are the best. Because if we use Indian products then only our Indians will get job and our country become the economically richest country in the world. So make use of Indian products and support small and large scale companies.

Rate this: +40 -23

Hitesh Sharma said: (Nov 13, 2019)  
Hello Friends. My name is Hitesh Sharma. I'm glad to participate in such important & interesting topic "CHINESE GOODS vs INDIAN GOODS". So without wasting so much time let's start GD.

Firstly, I totally agree with all of you Guys.

As you know, Chinese Products are cheaper than Indian Products. Also, Chinese Products are very attractive & have new designs so Chinese Products attract us towards them and also it is affordable to everyone. That's why most of the people prefer Chinese Goods.

But according to my perception, we should prefer Indian Goods as much as possible. Not only because we're Indians but also it will provide employment to those companies or small scale industries where these products manufactured. Also by purchasing Indian Goods, our GDP will improve. And the most important point with that you're well familiar is Indian Products have Guarantee or Warranty for some time period & they make products in such a way that it will stay a longer time period as it is of good quality. So don't think about quantity just think about quality which matters.

In a nutshell, if we want to increase our Indian economy & want to develop our country's products then we should purchase Indian Goods.

Thank You.

Rate this: +177 -17

Satish said: (Nov 6, 2019)  
Ya friends as a thing have both +ve side and -side it is in minds of users how to use it Chinese goods are better for poor and middle-class families because they can't pay more money as chinese goods are cheap so these are beneficial for them but the more priority for Chinese goods, it will be hazardous for our economy and for our health also so controlled use of Chinese goods will be balance maker.

Rate this: +25 -13

Naresh Nayak said: (Sep 25, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

I think Chinese products are not good as Indian products, but even though those are cheaper than Indian products and as per the quality of the product also mandatory.

Rate this: +39 -21

Praveen P said: (Sep 22, 2019)  
Obviously Indian goods, because till now, India is suffering from poverty, there are many individuals whose businesses are suffering from cheap "Made in China" products. There are numerous points where we should support Indian goods over Chinese ones like, as Chinese goods are not reliable in terms of strength and life span while we can show some trust over Indian goods as they are reliable ones. Another most important factor is that by choosing Indian goods we will provide employment to numerous small scale industries and some families and we are able to improve our GDP in upcoming years. Why we should provide space to Chinese goods in the Indian market as they are rival of our country.

Indian economy will only become stronger when our money will stay in our country istelf.

Thank You!

Rate this: +43 -12

Jeevan Prajapati From Jhansi said: (Aug 29, 2019)  
Jeevan Prajapati Jhansi.

According to me, Chinese products are better for the poor and middle-class people. They can purchase these products in less amount and they can afford it while Indian products are more costly than Chinese products. They can not purchase it.

Chinese products have no guarantee or warranty but Indian products have a guarantee and warranty this is the point but you should have known that they sell their products at low cost. If the Chinese companies do not give a guarantee, it's not a matter. But their products are attractive and charming which attract the costumers. If we talk about Chinese mobiles, lights and many other products all things are good which us in our country. I think we should not say Chinese products are not good on the basis of the amount. If we will purchase costly products, these will also work properly. It depends upon us what we should use or no.

Rate this: +76 -20

Jeevan Prajapati said: (Aug 29, 2019)  
Jivan Prajapati Jhansi.

According to me, Chinese products are better for the poor and middle-class people. They can purchase these products in less amount and they can afford it while Indian products are more costly than Chinese products. They can not purchase it.

Chinese products have no guarantee or warranty but Indian products have a guarantee and warranty this is the point but you should have known that they sell their products in low cost. If the Chinese companies do not give a guarantee, it's not a matter. But their products are attractive and charming which attract the costumers. If we talk about Chinese mobiles, lights and many other products all things are good which us in our country. I think we should not say Chinese products are not good on the basis of the amount. If we will purchase costly products, these will also work properly. It depends upon us what we should use or no.

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Kaushik Vaghera said: (Aug 24, 2019)  
As in my opinion, the Chinese product is good. Because they are do not cheat us as their product quality is not good as well as the USA, Japan, Korea. Etc but they are make their product in cheap price. If they take a big price and not give us good product. That became a cheat Us.


Rate this: +14 -56

Riya Gandhi said: (Aug 2, 2019)  
Hi friends.

Let's start discussing how China products are hazardous to human life.

China is no 1 goods-producing country in the world. And the reason for being number one is we people. Instead of using Indian goods we are using Chinese goods because they are cheaper as compared to Indian goods. But friends have you noticed that they are made by using low-quality products which are harmful and hazardous for the environment and human life. And have a very short life span.

So to conclude I would like to say that Quality determines the value. And not the quantity.

Thank you.

Hope it is helpful.

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Saksham said: (Aug 1, 2019)  
We shouldn't buy many Chinese goods. These goods are exported from china that effects our Indian economy. Our Indian producers also have to face stiff competition. Chinese products are cheap but are of an extremely low-quality product.


Rate this: +37 -10

Sougata Paul said: (Jul 13, 2019)  
**Indian goods vs Chinese goods**.

"Quality of the product determines the real value of the product not the quantity".

Before Discussing this topic I could say Chinese goods are cheaper as compare to Indian goods. The Chinese product basically combines different materials. Chinese products are expanding as large. Another hand breed of Indian goods has loyalty. It has a guarantee, high longevity, user usable, overwhelming feedback which will not present in Chinese goods. It has seen that Chinese goods are more usable among common people.

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Ankit said: (Jul 7, 2019)  
Hello friends,

In my point of view, as an Indian, we must think about our economic condition and our GDP. If we stop using Chinese product then India's money will get utilised in India and the transportation cost also gets reduced. Hence, there will be an increase in the financial condition in our country.

Rate this: +44 -9

Chandni said: (Jul 4, 2019)  
Chinese Goods Vs India Goods.

Hello everyone,

According to my point of view, "Made in China," we Indians are familiar with these words. Chinese products are very cheap and longevity is very less also.

*Chinese goods are good*.

#Chinese products are good for poor people to get a high-quality product due to the cheap Chinese product, they can make their life better.

#there is a huge variety in Chinese products which give the customer more than to choose as their requirement.

#It has lacked in quality is not justified.

*Indians products are better*.

#Indian product is monetized by ISO standard but in Chinese products, there is no such standard certification is there.

#Most of the Indian company give 3 to 12 year or more than that time guaranty or warranty on their product quality but there is no such kind guaranty or warranty is available on Chinese products.


Rate this: +51 -11

Pallavi Rajput said: (Jun 20, 2019)  
According to me, both are good in different prospective. China gives its product quality according to the monetary amount because China also give their product to America and this product has very good quality. It is not true that Chinese products are always cheap. It depends on the country. Indian government buys mostly cheap Chinese product for all Indian people class, especially for poor class. Because Indians are price sensitive.

Rate this: +29 -8

Naresh said: (May 4, 2019)  
In my opinion, Chinese goods better than Indian goods because without chinese product India cannot maintaining there market. Our honourable pm Narendra Modi comment buy only Indian goods and give an advertisement make in India which was become a flop. Because most Indian products parts come from China. Thank you.

Rate this: +53 -72

Manish Raj said: (Apr 3, 2019)  
Indian product is a good product for our India.

But China's product is not good according to my point of view because it distributes many types of dangerous radiations more than Indian product so.

I want to say that all Indian use Indian product to develop our country.

Rate this: +68 -24

Prashant Kande said: (Mar 10, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

According to my side, India is a developing country and China is already developed. Indian peoples are very intelligent but our political party is the main reason behind that beacuse they are always fight with each other hence big project is not coming in India. According to me first upon bringing all new project in India which is benifit of our workers and make the own things manufacturing in India which is very affordable to peoples.

So, we stop china's goods in India and buy our own goods this is very beneficial for us. Because china's goods are cheap and not long life.

Rate this: +95 -19

Aaron said: (Mar 1, 2019)  
China has the cheapest labour in the world because it produces goods in bulk and for the Indian market, it is not possible to keep up with the prices of Chinese goods. Moreover, if the government increases taxes on Chinese goods hoping that we consume more Indian goods then China and India will indulge in a trade war and India will definitely lose against China. The Chinese market has conquered our Indian market. The Chines goods are technically advanced and cheap hence the dependency. We Indians should always aim to get our country on top and each of us should realize by buying cheap Chinese products we are not helping our country. From one side the Indian market needs to focus more on how they and compete with Chinese goods and we need to focus more on consuming Indian goods and saving our economy. The falling rupee and failing economy is all due to high imports and low exports.

Rate this: +62 -10

Beedu Bhai said: (Mar 1, 2019)  
I would prefer Chinese goods to Indian produce since Chinese are known to produce a product at cheaper cost, the main reason for the cheap products are because of cheap labour and quality labour so the cost of production goes down. Now coming to the quality of the product, China used to produce low-quality products which have added to the bad image of the country so the Chinese government has taken steps to check the quality of the product. From this move, China has emerged back as the hub of production. Before this major company such as Apple has been producing their products in China way before this move and checking quality at every step of production. As the saying goes "The American dream is made in China".

Rate this: +27 -11

Rajdeep Roy said: (Jan 29, 2019)  
Almost every company that sells products have their manufacturing bases in China. Apple an American company has all it's manufacturing done in China, similarly Tesla the electric car company has set up manufacturing bases in China. China has a huge availability of cheap and skilled labour and inorder to compete globally companies manufacture from China.

Chinese goods are therefore superior from a technological and economic perspective but if companies like Apple or Samsung do not do the strict quality checks then there is a tendency to create the product as cheap as possible with no emphasis on quality.

On the other hand, India does not have labour as cheap as China or even the technological know how but the real aim for manufacturing in India is to make it as durable as possible. So, the cost is higher in India but due to the tendency of manufacturers product quality is superior to Chinese but there are compromises in terms of latest technology.

There has been instances where rice or eggs imported from China have been found to contain plastic replica among them.

Therefore we can conclude that Chinese goods are cheaper and contain a lot of advanced features but they lack in quality because of the intention of manufacturers in China to focus on cost rather than quality. Meanwhile, Indian manufacturers have the intention to produce high-quality product but due to technological know how we produce the costlier and technologically backward product.

Being an Indian one should promote Indian products over Chinese inorder to strengthen our economy and manufacturing capability and technical know how. Also, Chinese products are not durable and can also be harmful to us so we must try to avoid them regardless of the cost-benefit they provide.

Rate this: +53 -13

Ajay said: (Jan 23, 2019)  
There are various types of products existing in Indian market. Everyone is talking about Chinese product but there are also various countries product which we are using very vastly and may affect the economic growth of our country. Indian goods have good quality but they are costly as compare to Chinese product. Chinese products provide variety as well as introduce new function as they have new technologies.

If we talk about Indian economy it must be increases but we have to support only that product which really have good qualities. Othrwise for a particular time it is good for economic growth but as the time passes it will affect the growth of Indian economy.

Rate this: +30 -7

Komal Gautam said: (Jan 15, 2019)  
In my opinion, Chinese electronic products are better than Indian products, for example, a smartphone, and any electronic gadget. But Indian products should be competitive in all over the world because India needs development for growing its economy. In that way, India can decerse its unemployment rate and poverty problem also. So, I would like to say India must come first for completion in all over world.

Rate this: +24 -14

Kavya said: (Dec 30, 2018)  
Hi friends!

India is importing a lot of products from China. And these products are cheaper than Indian ones which is a threat to Indian merchants. Because most of the Indians are middle class and lower middle class. They always want cheap and best so they choose Chinese products.

But the quality of Chinese goods is very cheap. Most of the products made by plastic which is harmful to health. And in India plastic is banned. Even though the rice also made off plastic.

There are many threats to India from China one of the main threat is India has some border disputed areas near Assam. The main aim of China is to cause damage to India as well as Indians, especially who are living in disputed areas.

Another major threat is China-Pakistan friendship. It may cause any damage to terrorism. China begins a friendship with countries which are neighbours to India. For example, China developed its road and railways to Nepal and Bhutan under Sino-Nepal friendship treaty. Which is a major threat to India?

And another threat is there is a lot of competition of software engineers of China to the Indian software engineers especially in other countries like USA and Europe countries.

So please don't concentrate on products which are importing from other countries. Give importance to the Indian ones and make India as a developed country.

Thank you!

Rate this: +63 -14

Kapil said: (Dec 25, 2018)  
Hello everyone!

Discussion topic is Chines goods vs Indian goods.

There are some facts because of which we favour the Chinese goods-.

1. Cost of the Chinese product:

We know very well in China labour cost is very less, labour is easily available because of highest population country. So the availability of labour with good skills is the main advantage of China.

2. Mass production capabilities:-.

Because of labour availability and automation of industries China produces in bulk so China can easily destroy an existing competitor.

3. Decision making fast:- Decision making of China is very fast so updated product produces at the proper time.

4. Technology:- China is not behind in technology so high technology products are Available at a lower price.

5. Resources availability by foriegn policies:- China diplomacy with all its neighbours is very good so, all the resources available very easily.

So they are some facts which shows how much efficient Chinese production system is?

Some facts against the if Chinese goods launch in India.

1. Indian competitor sustainability:- Indian competitor will not sustain longer because of low cost and high availability of Chinese goods.

2. Quality of goods:- Quality of Chinese goods are not bad always but which goods are coming in India they are not very durable and reliable. So again it is loss of India.

3. Economic growth of India reduces:- As we discuss Indian competitor will not sustain at long so the economic development of India is also stopping.

4. Dependency on China:- Indian dependency on China increase so it is not good for us.

Conclusion :-.

As the perspective of cost, availability and for short-term goals Chinese goods are better then India but if we think about long-term it is a big disaster for India.

So India government allow the Chinese products in India according to India's benefits and for fruitful competition.

Thank you!

Rate this: +91 -11

Ashish Kumar said: (Dec 11, 2018)  
Good evening everyone, I personally think that Chinese products through being not durable is not the reason to buy them because this is a transition era we never stick to some product for a very long period of time, for example if we opt a cell phone today we might get bored after a year and wish to get a new one so in that case Chinese products are the best one because they give us a very affordable price for their products and buying Chinese products may improve the business condition between the two countries and also the relation between them.

Rate this: +18 -7

Vinay Gogula said: (Nov 18, 2018)  
Hello everybody!

Chinese goods are better to use for those people who change their goods frequently because this country produces goods with less quality and cost compared with Indian goods. Due to this people choose the updated goods in market.

Rate this: +28 -7

Vishu said: (Oct 22, 2018)  
Good evening everyone.

Today's topic is Indian good v/s Chinese good.

Here I think Chinese goods are better than Indian goods because in India the largest number population belongs to the middle-class family and they have not spent a higher amount of money on items. Secondly Chinese goods and lower price in comparison with the Indian good. And the middle-class people only think about his/her budget and they aren't able to prefer Indian good the cost of Indian goods are higher in comparison with Chinese good.

Not all the Chinese good are long life about many of having a long life like as smartphones, electronics etc.

So I think Chinese goods are better than Indians goods because they can easily available at low cost. Because Chinese have greater technological advancement.

Thank you.

Rate this: +56 -25

Shobhit said: (Oct 11, 2018)  
Chinese goods they are not for long holds but the goods were cheap in terms of Indian goods. Chinese goods have no guarantee but in Indian goods have guarantee about return or exchange policy and In Chinese goods have varieties and attractive type of goods but in Indian goods not attractive as much as Chinese goods are but nowadays India are also tring to establish the factories for making goods in India because if we will do they tax of the goods will save and our India will also developed as other countries were developing.

Rate this: +28 -13

Surendra said: (Oct 9, 2018)  
The Indian product are too good in China product but its very cost and good quality of product and it provide good services for more time and chances of the failed product are less. But China product just appointed to all point.

Rate this: +19 -8

Amit Kumar said: (Sep 12, 2018)  
Both Indian goods and Chinese goods have their own pro and cons. If we talk about the quality then indians goods are much better than chinese goods but at the same time the same Chinese product is cheaper than the Indian goods, so budget and the financial conditions are also concerned while choosing chinese product or Indian goods. But to support our countries gdp everybody should choose Indian product over chinese.

By buying Indian product over Chinese will help our country to improve its economic conditions and consequently thal will help in getting rid of many problems such that unemployement and poverty.

The conclusion of discussion is that we all should favor Indian goods over Chinese.

Thank you.

Rate this: +115 -18

Bhargavraghavendra said: (Sep 12, 2018)  
Given topic is very relevant question for a young nation like India, As all are aware that India is Densely populated than China still we are a deficit in innovations, testimonials & in Research. According to the topic provided China goods VS India good I think India still have a chance to develop in Skills like mobility research etc. We all are aware that China goods are cheaper and useful for single time usage but Indian goods are much better than China they do not withstand the same impact as China that's my point China may be surplus in new products still they are lack in achieving target, we have facility and ability to do but we are not taking step ahead.

Rate this: +23 -3

Biswabhusan Senapati said: (Sep 5, 2018)  
Indian goods too much better than Chinese good because Chinese goods are low prices, quick expired, but in low prices China gives more features that's is very most important.

Indian goods are more costly than Chinese goods because the quality of products more expensive than Chinese goods, and take high maintenance and services ie Garrenty & warranty but Chinese products didn't give services.

India is a developing country people are used Chinese products because it's cheaper.

Rate this: +26 -16

Gopika said: (Sep 4, 2018)  
In my point, Indian goods are better when compared to china goods we have to reduce imports from other countries then our government will have some from peoples then prices also be available.

Rate this: +19 -10

Ayush Pal said: (Sep 1, 2018)  
Hello friends.

I would like to start my view on China that are;

As all of you know that nowadays China playing the very strategic game with their labour it provides a lot of fund to neighbour countries and acquire their land and financial locations.

And the also interrupt in the judiciary of the country.

So we should understand China's strategic game.

And be aware

Thank you.

Rate this: +15 -19

Tharun Bheesetty said: (Aug 31, 2018)  
Hi friends,

In my point of view,

The Chinese goods are about with very low prices but it will fastly expire, but the Indian goods are with 2 prices than Chinese goods but the Indian goods are 2 times better than Chinese goods.

For example: if the Chinese item is 2rs and the Indian item is 4rs then all the middle-class people will select cheaper one but they don't know the Indian item which is better than China item.

The people will always thinking about the investment what they kept to buy the products but they don't think about the durability of the product.

That's the China was captured the people mindset and they capturing more money from Indian people.

Rate this: +16 -8

Shivam Mishra said: (Aug 31, 2018)  
Hello friends.

In my point of view, Chinese electronics products have very high demand because they are providing more features on less cost, for example, Xiaomi phones but when it comes to automotive, cloths and decorative products than Indian products are in demand.

Rate this: +16 -9

Sanu Raj said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
Everybody knows the quality of the Chinese goods, "either it will run to the moon or damaged just after the purchase". Then also, the whole world is using the Chinese product too frequently. The main region behind this fact is very less price in comparison to other country products.

The Chinese products are known for copying original products even Indian products also like the copy of Fastrack watch, pulsar 200ns, and similar thousands of products. People trust blindly on Indian goods as they know it may not advance technology but product quality is much superior and long lasting. The manufacturing cost of Indian products is high at some far. To give strong compition to the chinese goods, Indian have to expend on technogy and research.

Rate this: +51 -9

Nitesh Banerjee said: (Jul 30, 2018)  
Chinese product is better than the Indian product because Indian people think that India can buy there product from China and Indian thought money which we give to China there support Pakistan. That was wrong. Many people think Chinese product are no longer and useless. That was wrong. Chinese product use for long-term such as electronic products, smartphone, smartwatch etc. China and India made half of fake product. China is the largest trading partner of India. And my conclusion is; Never ban any country product.


Rate this: +79 -76

Bhersa said: (Jul 29, 2018)  
When we think about Chinese products it comes in our mind that products which are not good and lifespan is less, like showpiece and loss of money.

It's happening because these products are made for the showpiece, when we go for purchasing shopkeeper shows us it in working condition but after using some time it doesn't work or give services.

Indian goods are handmade and their manufacturing is done keeping in mind about the beneficiaries need and trust on the products.

So, that there will be trust of customers on products. And it will increase the demand and production.

Rate this: +35 -9

Mayank said: (Jul 28, 2018)  
In my opinion, China is more experienced in making products than India. India is one among the top importers of Chinese product.

So it is common to see a lot of Chinese products in the market when it comes to products like electronics in most cases Chinese products win. India is short of some industries because of that India has to trade with China for some products that India don't manufacturers. These products are either not manufactured or manufactured at a very small scale in India, due to which its price rises but the quality is not compromised.

In the last, I would say those Chinese products are good that India doesn't manufacturers on large scale.

Rate this: +19 -15

Kiran said: (Jul 27, 2018)  
I think we are not a developing country we are much more advanced than others but not all all these products.

Are some way or the other the gift of Indians the only reason for no Indian products is that is there is no scope for our invention there is ocean of problems starting from basics where people pull each others legs for their survival corruption etc.

Rate this: +21 -12

Vijay Pulaparthi said: (Jul 26, 2018)  
According to me, there are some differences between India and China products. Our Indian people were not developed, they are still developing. The main reason behind the why Indian people buying China products is due to low cost. Comparing to Indian products Chinese products are very low cost and they maintaining good quality at that particular cost. In my point of view people will check the low cost and good quality products according to their budget, so, they are preferring to Chinese products. If Indian products will maintain good quality at that particular cost people will choose them. In our country more than 60% people are middle class so they adjust to their earnings. They don't show any regional feelings in our country.

Thank you.

Rate this: +60 -8

Saurav Sisodiya said: (Jul 25, 2018)  
Hi friends my name is Saurav Sisodiya,

I am happy that we are discussing about Indian goods and China goods. In my point of view, that Indian goods is better than China goods because the China goods has no long life but Indian goods has a long life and also a guarantee and warranty but China Mall has no guarantee and warranty if we are using the product of China we are increasing the power of China and also increase the employment of China but we don't know that if you do so we are increasing the unemployment our India day by day and so that we should try to use Indian product and don't use in Diwali channel amp in Holi China's colour and China smartphone if you do so we Are sending our money to China through which we are increasing the product selling market of China. If we want to make our India great we should try to stop to use China product and we should also use Indian product because we are Indian and not Chinese. In the last, I want to say wake up my friends and wake up Indians use Indian product and make our India the gold country Jay Hind Jay Bharat.

Thank you.

Rate this: +35 -14

Sunny said: (Jul 19, 2018)  
Hi guys. What I am going to say may be hard to digest to us. Most of the Indian don't know which is Indian product or other countries' product. Because there is a huge proportion of villages and people from villages literally don't know about this. They just go to the shop buy a cheap product because they don't have enough cash to buy a good product.

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Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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