Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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Enigma said:   1 week ago
Hi, I am Karthik, the initiator for the discussion of the Topic: Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods.

Before I start giving my opinion, I want to ask, Why Chinese goods are preferred in India?

The answer is quite simple. The tendency of the people here is to find goods that are cost-effective. In our developing country, more people are middle class, and even knowing the fact that the quality is not good, they tend to buy. Indian manufacturers find it difficult to match the price with the Chinese goods and this makes a few bunches of people start to import Chinese goods. The make in India initiative is a huge success that focused on Indian manufacturing rather than importing goods.

James pond said:   4 weeks ago
Chinese goods is 10 -70 per cent cheaper than Indian goods.
China has the largest economy and produces 9.3 percent of the world's economy.

Ananya said:   2 months ago
Hey, I am Annaya.

India import Chinese good because indians finds goods on cheaper price in comparison to Indian goods government of India support the Indian bussiness during the Pendamic by launching the mission of atnirbhar bharat were they encourage the Indian products.

Sakshi singh said:   3 months ago
Hello, I am Sakshi Singh.

The competition is genuine in the global market, not only for companies in the same industry but for nations as well because business is a massive part of a nation's economy. So if we have to narrow our horizon and analyze the production and exchange of goods between the 2 countries- Indian and China- we can see that Chinese products for decades have been dominating Indian markets until recently, after the implementation of Made in India scheme, a feeling of ethnocentrism developed in Indians and a part of their population started using more made in India products than made in china. Although Indian products haven't fully replaced Chinese products, they are on their way.

The question is what makes the competition so fierce between Chinese goods and Indian goods? Well, there are lots of factors- Chinese products are without a doubt cheaper than Indian counterparts, and even though they are of bad quality, they'll be purchased to attain the benefits for a short duration like fairy lights on Diwali.

Moreover, many Chinese products don't even have their Indian counterparts.

People don't have a lot of income to dispose of good quality products since the standard of living in India is still low in several parts of it.

We can stop Chinese electronics due to safety concerns but what about products that are non-electronics like clothes, stationery items, and other goods? We still don't have enough sentiment to boycott those because our pockets don't allow it.

Aman Shukla said:   6 months ago
It's not a matter of the countries boundary that India and China both are completed to each other but in few cases both products are good. As it is very clear like Chinese goods are shape but Indian goods have more quality Chinese goods look more attractive and we know one thing very clearly like the Indian people want the cheap product with more attractiveness if the product have more attractiveness it doesn't matter it has the quality or not that's why the Chinese goods are having a good sale in the country like India. If we have to buy the quality product it is very clear we have to pay high amount of money and most of the population in the India are poor and middle class that's why the dependency on the Chinese product increases in most of the reasons.

I also say if you have to buy something that is going to be long lasting and you want to do like you want something that is based upon your quality that you buy please the Indian product because that give warranty to but if you have to buy the cheap product if you have to buy like if you have to buy that toys for your children don't think that it is Indian or Chinese you just buy the thing that is she because that will be broke and few days itself but if you have to buy something like you if you have to buy television if you have to buy a motorcycle or why something that is going to that you where you are going to invest lot of money please don't go for the Chinese thing but one I want to also mention like we can't ignore the complete China on the basis that it is giving d chief and non quality product because if we are not buying the product directly but what happened actually most of the countries are there most of the MNCs are there who are buying the product from the China and they are using in their element like Apple is there buying the mobile from the Apple is not the Chinese company but we are buying that but Apple is using the shape that is made up of silicon and mostly the 65% of that silicon is completely important from the Chinese so we can't ignore something like that.

Piyush ranjan said:   7 months ago
Indian goods are more durable than Chinese goods. As per the features of products, Indian goods have a warranty but Chinese goods haven't a warranty.

Dhanun said:   11 months ago
Hi everyone!

According to my point of view, we can't stop buying Chinese goods, it's highly impossible and most of them say Chinese goods are low-quality materials but you know one thing friends. There is an element called silicon and it is an important part of an electronic chip for transmission purposes and that chip is literally used in all of the laptops, pc components, mobile components, in short. Without silicon we can't make electronics, so by the way apple will also use silicon right? and you know that even the best mobile brand *apple* getting its silicon chips for China? and nearly 46% of apple's suppliers are Chinese! so don't say them as cheap quality materials. And for all the ppl who thinks to boycott Chinese products I have one question. Think of a mobile brand or what mobile brand you are having? I'm pretty damn sure most of us will have the Chinese brand. But yes in India, we also have low-quality Chinese products that's because they just export the second or third quality products to us and they use their first products. But if we see in India. We export the first quality products and use the second quality products this is because most of us just buy the cheap one and not the quality one if we all consider buying Indian goods the Chinese automatically reduces the exports to us and don't think I'm an anti-Indian ok lol. Pure Indian blood is running in my body. I'm just saying my point of view and also there is a reason for India to export first quality products and that is *CORRUPTION*. Due to corruption, our economy has decreased so we are pushed to sell our first quality goods to stabilize the economy. But in China, I think there is very little corruption compared to India. If there is no corruption in India then our economy will gradually increase we use our own first quality products and sell the other quality products so we reduce the usage of other countries' products and after some years (maybe) our country will be of fully Indian products and that's the every Indian's wish. Hope that day will come soon but it happens only if every Indian thinks about it.

Thank you.


Sonu said:   1 year ago
Indian goods are more reliable than Chinese goods. If a person gives importance to the quality of goods then they choose Indian goods and if a person to have a matter of cost-effectively then they choose Chinese goods.

I think a country should be self-dependent on majorly defence goods.

Shazia Siddiqui said:   1 year ago
Chinese goods vs Indian goods.

* Indian goods are costly and Chinese goods are cheap.
*Indian goods has a warranty but Chinese goods has not warranty.
*Chinese goods are more attractive than Indian goods.

Indians are addicted of Chinese goods because most of people want to buy cheap and attractive goods.

In my opinion, we have to buy Chinese goods that have less use, just like toys, because children break very fast. And we have to buy Indian goods that have more use, like mobile phones etc.

But we shouldn't boycott Chinese goods because in India a huge population are poor, so they can't buy costly goods.

Lovkush raghav said:   1 year ago
You all know it very well that Indian goods are good than Chinese goods. If we talk about the age then also the age of our Indian goods will be high than the Chinese goods. Our Indian goods can not be mixable, but the Chinese goods can be mixable. So our Indian goods are good than the Chinese goods. You know now these days china is making a fool of us. China gives us the temporary goods from their side. And a lot of people accept this. You know that goods went from India to China and gives the same item back to us and made in china.

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