Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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Vegiraju sowmyacharishma said:   2 months ago
Hello gentlemen, I'm here to discuss the topic of Chinese goods versus Indian goods. We all know that China product is used everywhere in real life in India. Compare to other country's products we can get China products at a cheaper price. The main thing that I noticed in China products are for only for temporary period More of them are duplicate products whereas the Indian goods are standard in quality maintain high quality and even cost is somewhat high when compared to China products but in India, the product will a long lifetime but whereas China won't. China goods do not have any type of standards. But when compared to both the countries china will advance in new technology.

Vijay Pratap Singh said:   2 months ago
Hi, Brother and sisters,

Today l'm here to discuss the topic 'Chinese goods versus Indian goods.

Chinese goods are based as under:-
1. Cheap in rate.
2. Attractive in nature as many of its varieties.
3. No longer durable.
4. Having no warranty.
5. Made on poor things.

Whereas Indian goods are as under:-
1. Fewer costly than Chinese items.
2. Best in quality.
3. Made with a good product.
5. Nowadays many varieties are available.

Friends, India is the best country. We can't compare it with others. Because we are best and all our position in global being raise day by day in every field.

Dhanak gurjar said:   2 months ago
I am here to discuss the topic 'Chinese goods versus Indian goods'.

As you guys already mentioned here about the topic. Most of the information you have mentioned.

I m also going to tell you something about it.

So basically Chinese goods mean they are made in China and Indian goods means made in India. So being Indian we should support Indian goods obviously but still, there is a craze of Chinese goods in India reason is clear that Chinese goods are cheaper and attractive in comparison of Indians. They provide us with attractive goods in low prices but on the other side if we talk about the quality and duration then they are low-quality products and not long-lasting. As we heard that few days fun Chinese goods exactly do the same they give us a few days of fun only but still we buy Chinese goods because we know that in India lot of the middle class and poor people so they only prefer the affordable cost they don't care about quality first they check price I m not saying that we should ban all the Chinese goods but we should buy Chinese goods according to our needs like if we need toys and some other things that not need to be long lasting so we should buy them but if we talk about the necessary things like mobile phone, television, freezer and other expensive things then we should not prefer Chinese ones. If we talk about Indian goods then they are expensive because they are long lasting and good quality products.

Now, I suddenly remembered that I have to talk to my friend so I'm finishing this topic here.

Shanu pal said:   3 months ago
We are here to discuss the topic.

"Indian goods vs Chinese goods".

We see that more people buy Chinese products.

Because its cost becomes low but gives nor a long-lasting product.

But in our country, more of people belongs to middle-class family so they do not see the strong Ness of the product they see the worth of the product and they buy Chinese products.

Because China gives us the product in low rate than that of India.

But in my opinion, people should buy Indian products because that's long-lasting products.

Shahzaman Khair said:   3 months ago
Chinese Goods Vs Indian Goods

Actually, both are equal from a market perspective. Chinese Goods are attractive, Low prices, and easily available in the market. Because manufacturing of Chinese goods is not so costly and is highly profitable.

And If I talk about Indian Goods which is costlier than Chinese Goods because of manufacturing. In India, there is a lack of Industry as compared to China. So, this is the reason Indian Goods are costly.

Now coming to the reliability of goods definitely Indian Goods are highly reliable as compared to Chinese Goods. So my conclusion, is that both are equally important for the Market. Because in Market People belongs to various segment. And these goods are highly important for them.

For example Chinese phone. These phones can purchase by everyone because of less price.

Meera said:   3 months ago
Chinese products vs Indian products.

Actually, Chinese products are fancy, attractive and cheaper in price. These are basic quality that attracts us to purchase Chinese products. Other side Indian products are high in price and less available. If we think that we should motivate and encourage to purchase Indian products, then we should think about better quality at attractive prices. But Indian product has a warranty and Chinese product has no warranty. So before purchasing any product, we should think about whether the product is durable and reasonable in price or not.

I want to say one thing here international business is good for any country. It builds a better relationship between the two countries. So both countries governments should motivate and make better relations. I think it will be more fruitful for both countries. Thank you.

Jitendra Kumar said:   4 months ago
Actually in India, peoples do not things more about the quality they go for the things that they can buy and Indian things are always more in price than Chinese things and also look stylish that's why in India people likes to buy the things.

Enigma said:   8 months ago
Hi, I am Karthik, the initiator for the discussion of the Topic: Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods.

Before I start giving my opinion, I want to ask, Why Chinese goods are preferred in India?

The answer is quite simple. The tendency of the people here is to find goods that are cost-effective. In our developing country, more people are middle class, and even knowing the fact that the quality is not good, they tend to buy. Indian manufacturers find it difficult to match the price with the Chinese goods and this makes a few bunches of people start to import Chinese goods. The make in India initiative is a huge success that focused on Indian manufacturing rather than importing goods.

James pond said:   9 months ago
Chinese goods is 10 -70 per cent cheaper than Indian goods.
China has the largest economy and produces 9.3 percent of the world's economy.

Ananya said:   9 months ago
Hey, I am Annaya.

India import Chinese good because indians finds goods on cheaper price in comparison to Indian goods government of India support the Indian bussiness during the Pendamic by launching the mission of atnirbhar bharat were they encourage the Indian products.

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