Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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Anusha said:   8 years ago
Chinese good better than Indian product. It is very long lasting.

Sharanjeet singh said:   8 years ago
As per my point of view, Indian goods are more reliable and last long than Chinese goods. But India is so poor in their economy and their employment as well. Because Indian workers earn very low salary and they are enabled to buy Indian products because of it in very expensive than Chinese. So, if we want to stop Chinese product in India, first of all, we should increase the wages of our employees and maintain a standard of equality in every employee in over nation.

Ankit Verma said:   8 years ago
According to me,

1 India has own unique power and intelligence.

2 India captured IT. Companies in Asia and as well as in Japan.

3 India mobile companies is growing.

4 It provides an occupation to Indian workers.

5 Indian product are reliable and also very good in quality.

6 Chinese product are such as firecrackers and plastic toys are found to be health hazards.

7 last but not least China earns lot of money from India but china support and provokes Pakistan against India.

Aadii said:   8 years ago
Ya, it is true that Chinese products are much cheaper than Indian products, but when we talk about quality of the products it is India who has the upper hand. Undoubtly India is a developing country so we have to appreciate its all steps towards development.

Manoj Kumar Singh said:   8 years ago
I shall invariably opt for Indian goods. Quality of Indian goods are far better than that of Chinese goods. Chinese goods are neither qualitative nor durable. Further Chinese items are not environment-friendly. China understands psychology of Indian masses who are crazy for cheap items. Lastly, wages paid in China is much lower than that of India to their workers. It is a kind of exploitation. So, I am flag bearer of Indian goods.

MUSTKEEM KhAn said:   8 years ago
Good morning everyone.

I think Indian products are better than Chinese from point of view of their Life, but when we talk about appearances/looking then we can say Chinese products are more attractive.

So we need to improve our products looking.

And it's possible, let's friends try it.

Piyush said:   8 years ago
Chinese goods vs Indian goods if we compare the only goods than India manufacture the goods as per the long term basis as compare to Chinese goods but if we compare the market sense so China have a great market sense as compare to India and others. They better know how to deal and attract the customers that is why they often made a short run goods at cheap price so the customers refer Chinese goods as compare to Indian goods.

Monam said:   8 years ago
I support Indian goods because our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi also supports Indian goods. He was in favour of making things form hand and keep in use.

Arkadeep Chakraborty said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone, as my point of view, I think that Indian product is much better than Chinese product from their quality and longevity. Although of the Chinese products are cheaper than Indian products, but most of the Chinese products have no warranty, and if it does not work or malfunctions, then most of the cases repairing would not be possible, so it acts as ''use and throw''. Another point is that, if we buy Indian products, then passively our economy would be benefited because the money will stay in our country. If we buy Chinese product then Chinese economy will be benefited. For that reasons I think that buying Indian product will be more clever action than buying Chinese ones. - Thank you.

Priya said:   8 years ago
I also supported for Indian goods.

Because Chinese products are mostly low on the quality, and the price of Chinese goods is 10-70% lower than that of Indian goods. Their low price attracted lots of buyers.

But the quality of Indian goods is best when compared with the china goods.

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