Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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Hitesh Sharma said:   3 years ago
Hello Friends. My name is Hitesh Sharma. I'm glad to participate in such important & interesting topic "CHINESE GOODS vs INDIAN GOODS". So without wasting so much time let's start GD.

Firstly, I totally agree with all of you Guys.

As you know, Chinese Products are cheaper than Indian Products. Also, Chinese Products are very attractive & have new designs so Chinese Products attract us towards them and also it is affordable to everyone. That's why most of the people prefer Chinese Goods.

But according to my perception, we should prefer Indian Goods as much as possible. Not only because we're Indians but also it will provide employment to those companies or small scale industries where these products manufactured. Also by purchasing Indian Goods, our GDP will improve. And the most important point with that you're well familiar is Indian Products have Guarantee or Warranty for some time period & they make products in such a way that it will stay a longer time period as it is of good quality. So don't think about quantity just think about quality which matters.

In a nutshell, if we want to increase our Indian economy & want to develop our country's products then we should purchase Indian Goods.

Thank You.

Amit Kumar said:   5 years ago
Both Indian goods and Chinese goods have their own pro and cons. If we talk about the quality then indians goods are much better than chinese goods but at the same time the same Chinese product is cheaper than the Indian goods, so budget and the financial conditions are also concerned while choosing chinese product or Indian goods. But to support our countries gdp everybody should choose Indian product over chinese.

By buying Indian product over Chinese will help our country to improve its economic conditions and consequently thal will help in getting rid of many problems such that unemployement and poverty.

The conclusion of discussion is that we all should favor Indian goods over Chinese.

Thank you.

Niladri Pramanik said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone.

We all know that the world has become very competitive. Every other country wants to dominate over the other, so is China. China has a huge market not only in India but across the globe in the field of electronics, toys, household appliances, etc. From small to big thing, from pair of scissors to a computer our homes are filled by Chinese goods. The main reason for their dominance is cheapness in their prices. As far as India is concerned we don't have any chip manufacturing company in India. Hence we are lacking in technology.

Because of several border conflicts made by China, many of us have decided to boycott Chinese goods.

But that isn't so easy. People of our country say that we should ban using phones made by Chinese companies and should buy phones made by Indian companies. But the fact is that these so-called Indian companies in the name of making in India, what they do is buy the entire body of the phone from China and give a label of their company on it. I have seen my friends on social media posting a screenshot of uninstalling uc browser, Chinese browsing app to show their anger against China. But the phones that they are using have a label of companies like Micromax, Intex and others which use rebranded phones brought from China. By saying all these it does not mean that I don't love India, I love my country like every Indian. What I feel is that only boycotting Chinese product can't help in promoting Indian goods, but we have to make our products so much technology advanced that we can give a head to head competition to China and also get appreciated from the whole world for our goods.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead of you.

Sona singh said:   6 years ago
Hello, friends.

Today I would like to express my views in favour of using Indian goods, I'm in favour of using Indian goods due to following reasons.

1. Indian goods are durable and reliable.
2. Indian goods are of better quality.
3. Using Indian goods will increase the economy of our country.
4. Using Indian goods may give employment to the unemployed and can also improve their living conditions.
5. By using Chinese goods we are doing nothing but helping other countries (China) to grow.
6. Chinese goods are cheaper but they are neither durable nor of good quality.

Ousepachen jose said:   5 years ago
I think Chinese goods is more helpfull. That means it has low price comparing with Indian product and also china products profit will get in India. Some of are said China product has low life, some low quality produt is ''made in india'' and they printed made in china. In other countries china product is very good quality that is original china product there is no problem. We are using smart phone, all touch screen are producing in china. Indian product have more price but some techonologies are same compare with China and price is very more in India. So more Indians are buying in China.

Prashant kande said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone.

According to my side, India is a developing country and China is already developed. Indian peoples are very intelligent but our political party is the main reason behind that beacuse they are always fight with each other hence big project is not coming in India. According to me first upon bringing all new project in India which is benifit of our workers and make the own things manufacturing in India which is very affordable to peoples.

So, we stop china's goods in India and buy our own goods this is very beneficial for us. Because china's goods are cheap and not long life.

Shazia Siddiqui said:   1 year ago
Chinese goods vs Indian goods.

* Indian goods are costly and Chinese goods are cheap.
*Indian goods has a warranty but Chinese goods has not warranty.
*Chinese goods are more attractive than Indian goods.

Indians are addicted of Chinese goods because most of people want to buy cheap and attractive goods.

In my opinion, we have to buy Chinese goods that have less use, just like toys, because children break very fast. And we have to buy Indian goods that have more use, like mobile phones etc.

But we shouldn't boycott Chinese goods because in India a huge population are poor, so they can't buy costly goods.

Prashanth shravanimett said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

I want to say one thing that;

All over the Indian people are talking about boycotting of the Chinese goods.

How this works practically.

I can give you one example.

Chinese lighter avail for 10 rupees that the same good Indian companies provide for 30 rupees. People always choose Chinese products because of China products available for use at low cost.

Even there is low durability we choose China goods then Indian goods.

And some of my friends put there WhatsApp statuses to boycott Chinese goods how it is possible practically I don't know yes individually it's happening but officially it's not happened.

Remember one thing that Indias third-biggest exporter.

If China people can think like us? India needs China market in the same way China need India market a lot then we need.

Boycott of China goods possible individually. Officially it's not possible at all.

In India, there is no huge production with great innovations.

India people are always satisfied with there budget only.

India not a poor country. Indian people are poor.

Thank you.

Samit bhattacharya said:   5 years ago
Chinese product better than Indian product because Chinese products used for long term.

Kapil said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone!

Discussion topic is Chines goods vs Indian goods.

There are some facts because of which we favour the Chinese goods-.

1. Cost of the Chinese product:

We know very well in China labour cost is very less, labour is easily available because of highest population country. So the availability of labour with good skills is the main advantage of China.

2. Mass production capabilities:-.

Because of labour availability and automation of industries China produces in bulk so China can easily destroy an existing competitor.

3. Decision making fast:- Decision making of China is very fast so updated product produces at the proper time.

4. Technology:- China is not behind in technology so high technology products are Available at a lower price.

5. Resources availability by foriegn policies:- China diplomacy with all its neighbours is very good so, all the resources available very easily.

So they are some facts which shows how much efficient Chinese production system is?

Some facts against the if Chinese goods launch in India.

1. Indian competitor sustainability:- Indian competitor will not sustain longer because of low cost and high availability of Chinese goods.

2. Quality of goods:- Quality of Chinese goods are not bad always but which goods are coming in India they are not very durable and reliable. So again it is loss of India.

3. Economic growth of India reduces:- As we discuss Indian competitor will not sustain at long so the economic development of India is also stopping.

4. Dependency on China:- Indian dependency on China increase so it is not good for us.

Conclusion :-.

As the perspective of cost, availability and for short-term goals Chinese goods are better then India but if we think about long-term it is a big disaster for India.

So India government allow the Chinese products in India according to India's benefits and for fruitful competition.

Thank you!

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