Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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Vks Baghel said:   2 years ago

I am VKS Baghel, here I want to share my point of view Indian goods is better than Chinese goods because Indian goods have its durability and reliability, Chinese goods is cheaper and it has no guarantee and warranty it's together it affects us too much by selling products of raw materials and it is the biggest problem of Indian they want products at low cost but they are not aware of its side effects and quality and China is exporting too much their products in India and Indians are also giving importance other products that's why we should know about it and boycott all the Chinese goods.

So that India could improve in industrialization and industrialization will help in grow up Economically so being an Indian we should give importance to Indian goods and use more Indian goods and boycott Chinese and other products it will help us to become independent.

Thank you.


Kanai Lal Mondal said:   2 years ago
Chinese goods are cheap in comparison to other goods.

As per quality concerns, it is not so bad. Many electronic devices we the Indian used their goods.

But, India should produce all types of products for our users, we must be self-sufficient within the next five years.

NISHI KUMARI said:   2 years ago
According to my point of view, we should boycott totally Chinese good. Because what they did with us last year we should never forgot. And also Chinese goods are cheaper but not durable and Indians goods are costly but it is durable. Now, we have to change our mindset and to buy Indian goods instead of Chinese goods.

Pavan Godara said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

Chinese Goods have no garantee and no warranty but Indian Goods have garantee and warranty. Chines Goods have been very low cost but Indian Goods have very high cost.

Chines Goods are very attactive and very different products. India is not poor country but Indians person are poor who is not sall Indian products.

Thank you.

Adarsh said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

As per my opinion, both has pros and cons for the Indian economy.

1) Chinese product cheap and in more variety compare to Indian products. But we have to not forget what china did with us last year.

2) Before attacked on Indian soldiers Chinese product was impacting on Indian economy we were dependent on these, like electronic products, lighting, etc.

3) We had to boycott Chinese product and this is a very brave decision took by Indian citizens.

4) India is not dependent on anyone we can also produce these type of product if our biggest businessmen do the help in this filed.

5) Indian economy was very much dependent on Chinese product but these days conditions are different, people are a more aware and good thinker, they have started to stop using Chinese goods.

6) Indian products are more reliable and of good quality compare to Chinese product, China used poor quality of raw material in products.

7) Chinese product is cheaper and available in more Variety that's why people purchase and use more in India.

8) India did a very well job to discontinue the Chinese app from the google play store sand it would be a lesson for China.

9) We have to show our patriotism to India to boycott the Chinese product.

10) This is the duty of every citizen of India to stop the use of Chinese apps and products for the betterment of India.

Jay hind.

Satya Mallick said:   2 years ago
In my point of view, everything has 2 aspects if we consider both side then that will be Balanced but if we consider one side then we find some drawbacks. As an Indian, we should focus to our products. Recently, PM Modi chants vocals for local means we Indian people focus on our Indian products instead of Chinese products. Literally Chinese labour more efficient than Indian. Basically, Chinese products are cheaper than Indian products. China segments its products on youth so that their products are easily entered in every market. India is a youth county so Indian people are fully depended on Chinese products. If we consider a short period then Chinese products are best than Indian products but if we consider a long period then Indian products are best. If the Indian government imposes more tariffs on Chinese products then sell of Chinese products will become lesser. Indian government launched a new scheme self-reliant in that scheme every Indian should focus on Indian products instead of Chinese products.

Abhishek singh said:   2 years ago
We should change our mind that which thing we buy for not four days and we know very well that Chinese goods are not long-lasting so we should buy Indian goods.

BABLU RANA said:   2 years ago

India has a major customer of both the goods. Over the decade we have witnessed the dominance of Chinese goods in Indian markets, because of its affordable cost price. For now, Chinese technological devices have complete dominance. Indian goods are lagging far behind in this competition in its own market. For making a good environment for local goods government have taken some initiative like "MAKE IN INDIA".

But, the question is why a person will pay more price and buy Indian goods rather than a cheap Chinese product.

For making a strong impact government should bring some policy, where they can help financially to start up that has potential to grow, make a better environment for the fresh entrepreneur. To make India a self-reliant country, policymakers need to think about the long term, they have to bring policies that give local MSME more access to the market and also can put more cess on Chinese goods.

Nitin Kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello, everyone. Today I am going to express my views on this topic and the topic is Indian goods Vs Chinese goods.

According to me both goods are good and they help enhance to their national economy and G. D. P.

But in both goods are have some difference, Chinese goods are good because Chinese goods are cheaper than Indian goods and Chinese goods are easily available and every citizen easily afford Chinese goods. But Indian goods are good because Indian goods quality is better than Chinese goods and Indian goods are used for a long time.

And Indian goods are mentioned correct expiry date but Chinese goods are not mentioned correct expiry date.

In past, most of the citizens used Chinese products but in present time the value of Chinese goods is less because Indians cannot believe Chinese goods because in Chinese goods are found many problems as like in technical products have a hacking problem and in mobile phone blasting problem.

Indian goods are handmade but Chinese goods are made by machine so Indian goods are good.

And China copies other company product and after made the same products so they cannot used long time.

Lokesh saubhari said:   2 years ago
I am Lokesh Saubhari.

In my point of view, Indian goods are better than chinese goods.

In this pandemic situation, there is a much reducing in gdp and if we buy our Indian goods we shall give alot of help to our country.

Indian goods are very costly but their qualities are best so we should buy only insian goods.

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