Beauty Pageants are a Must

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Adeeba zaidi said:   11 months ago
In my opinion, as we know beauty pageants are the competition held at national and international levels to judge "beauty with brain" remarks.
According to that contest, one should have a perfect and adequate physical appearance, communication skills, and confidence. It reinforces more on outer appearance rather than inner beauty. It is just another platform for promoting fashion and modernity. I feel there is always pressure on girls after winning these types of contests to maintain their body size and to find good opportunities. Harnaz Sindhu got criticism after gaining weight. It is called a contest that empowers women however these types of contest exploits naturalness and promote artificial beauty.

Kinsley said:   2 years ago
No. They ruin little girls self-esteem and sometimes lead them in the wrong direction.

Raj said:   3 years ago
As we all know, today's discussion topic is "beauty contests are a must ", but before starting the topic I would like to define what is a beauty contest, it is a type of competition in which contestants participate and judged on the basis of their appearance, skills, hidden quality etc but I think in the most cases more preference is given to appearance. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of beauty pageants are held worldwide nationally and internationally, for example in India on the national level miss India is held annually. Now, I come to the topic- as per my views beauty pageants are good but not just because there are other best ways to increase the confidence level of girls and to strengthening the level of women like providing more job opportunities to girls, governments can provide them more facilities to make equal to the boys, etc and I think this is the real women empowerment.

Ravinder yadav said:   3 years ago
Beauty contest free from colour, eligion and traditional. It boost up the confidence of a woman. It also gives a job for a woman. On this platform, a woman can proof her hidden qualities. It is a great example of woman empowerment. It shows a woman can do everything which a man can do.

Anurag awasthi said:   4 years ago
It is an example of women empowerment.

Because it is a platform for women where.

Each and every girl participate in beauty contests. They can show their potential power, talent and attitudes. Because of it, an ordinary girl get to become a princess and get name and fame. In a beauty contest, girls show their physical beauty at any cost to wining. That is a vulgar display because it's the effect on youngers children who less than 15 years because they see to them live or by social media. Besides, it creates a negative impact on society.

In the nutshell, I would like to say everything has merits and demerits. Because of beauty contests, the female can uplift to themselves from the grassroots level. And can do everything possible.

Ashu bnna said:   4 years ago
Beauty contests is a platform where women can show their talent in front of the world. Through these types of competition, women get a golden opportunity to uplift their condition from the grassroots level. It's very helpful for women empowerment. I fully support to beauty contests.

Prakruti said:   4 years ago
I think beauty pageants aren't necessary because they don't seem to have any good purpose. Beauty pageants rank and judge contestants on their physical attributes. This can create a negative impact on society. Beauty has no boundaries but these pageants have narrowed it down to looks and appearance. Size and shape of body, ramp walk and some intelligent talk seems to be the measurements of beauty in these pageants. They have no real purpose. They are just another advertising platform for the fashion industry to showcase their talent on a global level.

Siva naidu said:   5 years ago
Beauty in the character harmony in the home, harmony in the beauty can lead all organisational activities, beauty in the character can lead worldwide humanity activities. Shadow of the beauty blurred character and knowledge of the beautiful heart reputed self-assertion.

Simran said:   5 years ago
It's not necessary because every person has different qualities. First of all, the question raises what is a beauty? The point of view to judge beauty always differ. Because the likes and dislikes never match to other persons.

If someone like one's eyes then its possible other one doesn't like. And in Asia continent we people mad for fair colours although Britishers and European makeup there face appearing a partly wheat colour. Beauty is in our heart if you are beautiful by your appearance and your works or deads are not good or appreciable then all fairness expensive dresses or ornaments in vain. So, I don't think so that beauty is outer appearance it's internal. If internally you are beautiful your face always glow with real happiness and you look more beautiful than a beauty contest winner.

Rajesh Singh Kaswa said:   6 years ago
Hello Everyone.

As we well know our GD topic is Beauty contest I would like to share my opinion in refer to it. I think Beauty is not a big thing to judge a person it is only a god gifted thing in that of case we can't do anything. If we want to success in any field of life then beauty is vain everywhere because of it can't replace talent. It has only first impression but if you go ahead then it doesn't help you to make great in your life. For greatness you have to use your talent, Attitude and personality.

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