Beauty Pageants are a Must

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Raj said: (Dec 5, 2021)  
As we all know, today's discussion topic is "beauty contests are a must ", but before starting the topic I would like to define what is a beauty contest, it is a type of competition in which contestants participate and judged on the basis of their appearance, skills, hidden quality etc but I think in the most cases more preference is given to appearance. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of beauty pageants are held worldwide nationally and internationally, for example in India on the national level miss India is held annually. Now, I come to the topic- as per my views beauty pageants are good but not just because there are other best ways to increase the confidence level of girls and to strengthening the level of women like providing more job opportunities to girls, governments can provide them more facilities to make equal to the boys, etc and I think this is the real women empowerment.

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Ravinder Yadav said: (Aug 6, 2021)  
Beauty contest free from colour, eligion and traditional. It boost up the confidence of a woman. It also gives a job for a woman. On this platform, a woman can proof her hidden qualities. It is a great example of woman empowerment. It shows a woman can do everything which a man can do.

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Anurag Awasthi said: (Jan 12, 2021)  
It is an example of women empowerment.

Because it is a platform for women where.

Each and every girl participate in beauty contests. They can show their potential power, talent and attitudes. Because of it, an ordinary girl get to become a princess and get name and fame. In a beauty contest, girls show their physical beauty at any cost to wining. That is a vulgar display because it's the effect on youngers children who less than 15 years because they see to them live or by social media. Besides, it creates a negative impact on society.

In the nutshell, I would like to say everything has merits and demerits. Because of beauty contests, the female can uplift to themselves from the grassroots level. And can do everything possible.

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Ashu Bnna said: (Jan 6, 2021)  
Beauty contests is a platform where women can show their talent in front of the world. Through these types of competition, women get a golden opportunity to uplift their condition from the grassroots level. It's very helpful for women empowerment. I fully support to beauty contests.

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Prakruti said: (May 26, 2020)  
I think beauty pageants aren't necessary because they don't seem to have any good purpose. Beauty pageants rank and judge contestants on their physical attributes. This can create a negative impact on society. Beauty has no boundaries but these pageants have narrowed it down to looks and appearance. Size and shape of body, ramp walk and some intelligent talk seems to be the measurements of beauty in these pageants. They have no real purpose. They are just another advertising platform for the fashion industry to showcase their talent on a global level.

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Siva Naidu said: (Jun 2, 2019)  
Beauty in the character harmony in the home, harmony in the beauty can lead all organisational activities, beauty in the character can lead worldwide humanity activities. Shadow of the beauty blurred character and knowledge of the beautiful heart reputed self-assertion.

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Simran said: (May 7, 2019)  
It's not necessary because every person has different qualities. First of all, the question raises what is a beauty? The point of view to judge beauty always differ. Because the likes and dislikes never match to other persons.

If someone like one's eyes then its possible other one doesn't like. And in Asia continent we people mad for fair colours although Britishers and European makeup there face appearing a partly wheat colour. Beauty is in our heart if you are beautiful by your appearance and your works or deads are not good or appreciable then all fairness expensive dresses or ornaments in vain. So, I don't think so that beauty is outer appearance it's internal. If internally you are beautiful your face always glow with real happiness and you look more beautiful than a beauty contest winner.

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Rajesh Singh Kaswa said: (Nov 4, 2018)  
Hello Everyone.

As we well know our GD topic is Beauty contest I would like to share my opinion in refer to it. I think Beauty is not a big thing to judge a person it is only a god gifted thing in that of case we can't do anything. If we want to success in any field of life then beauty is vain everywhere because of it can't replace talent. It has only first impression but if you go ahead then it doesn't help you to make great in your life. For greatness you have to use your talent, Attitude and personality.

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Isha Mondal said: (Jul 25, 2018)  
Outer beauty is a gift but inner beauty is an accomplishment. India should concentrate more on inner intellectual beauty rather than flaunting designer dresses and magic of makeup. Beauty goes deeper than the surface. If beauty pageants are a must and the majority says that it gives confidence, than why are the dark skinned women criticized?Why is there still Racism even in the 21st Century. People should no more feel superior if they are beautiful and won a beauty contest. In fact there should be no beauty pageants.

Every girl is beautiful creation of god and no one has the right to judge a girl's beauty.

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Mahendra Singh said: (Jun 5, 2018)  
I agree with my friends. In my point of view, I would like to say that this types programme improve women's condition and confidence. I think its good initiate for women. And they realise physically feet and beautiful.

Manusi Chillar she wins miss world awards. She is from Haryana. It's proud filling for us and nation. By its many women motivated. And its improve women empowerment.

Now, I want to conclude this topic. And last, my personal opinion is that beauty contest must be started. It will be good for our country.


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HARSH said: (Oct 27, 2017)  
Hello friends.

This is HARSH, In nowadays our country has developed a lot.

In this world, we need smart working males and females and beauty pageant distracts women more on their beauty than knowledge so.

From my opinion, beauty pageants are destroying women's and growth of India.

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Ankit said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
As I'm thinking that first of all beauty pageant means that whenever we pageantry to look nice and beauty around the people. So that not must if we are as simple as possible as well as if we showed our intellect that matters and all appreciate you. Like one of the most examples is south Indian famous actor Rajnikanth, he is not handsome as outlook but the whole world knows what's the talent he has to flamboyance the people. So, as simple as that outlook does not matter or it doesn't make a big difference.

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Aks said: (Sep 3, 2017)  
I disagree with people who think ONLY beauty (appearance wise) is temporary. One should count money, intellect etc in the list of temporary things. Secondly, just like IQ, beauty is a gift of God as one simply cannot make their IQ as good as Einsteins with even a lot of hard work.

Having stated this, I would like to tell that I in no way think Beauty pageants are a necessity. They can be there just like other business competitions or other stuff but one simply cannot rank someone on inner beauty. That's a perspective that varies. Telling someone their inner beauty plus add ons (intelligence, prettiness, etc) is better than others is utter non-sense. These are mere competitions for entertainment endorsed by beauty products and simply do not deserve to be called as a must.

Somebody narrowed down all the 'musts' under the umbrella of GDP drivers. This is also untrue. One simply cannot make GDP a function of necessities. Art and aesthetics do not necessarily add to economic growth but they are an essential part of cultural development.

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Ramesh said: (May 28, 2017)  
In my point view, Beauty about heart and thoughts it is not about outer looks. If a person very beautiful and rich it is not useful your at a desert (i.e difficult situations). Positive thinking and mingled nature is always helping to grow life safely. Beauty pageants are only for some people who are increasing their product sales in markets.

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Chandrasen Yadav said: (Mar 1, 2017)  
There are two means of beauty.

First one is "physical" and second one isnot shown by eye it can only be seen by heart".

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Sapna said: (Feb 14, 2017)  
As per my opinion, beauty is not important because many times the person who looks beautiful and charming, they are also unable to impress the interviewer. As we can say that beauty with brain is must.

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Akila said: (Dec 18, 2016)  
According to my view,

Beauty does not lie in the face but it lies in their attitude, character.

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Mazhar Ul Haq Bashir said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
It is very difficult to judge beauty in this world. Because everyone has its own standers to define beauty. So beauty pageants result are fake.

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Nikita Kumawat said: (Nov 13, 2016)  
I don't think beauty pageants are a must. Yes, beauty is the factor of attraction but attraction lasts for few minutes only. Beauty is just initial factor but to grow and become successful it's not just beauty you must have attitude, wisdom, personality, way of talking, perfect gestures, postures and also good at heart. If are not good at presentation then your beauty is in vain. If you are beautiful doesn't mean you can be actor, actress or model, along with beauty you must know how to represent. For example f you are beautiful and chosen in film industry but you don't know acting, expressing yourself then you will be of no use in film industry. Even if you are in any other sector and someone gets attracted towards you and calls you for interview but you don't have enough knowledge, lack of confidence then why he/ she is going to appoint you. They are working for growth of their organisation, their beauty is not going to work. So I conclude along with beauty you must have knowledge, confidence, personality and a good heart, which makes a person completely beautiful.

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Harsha said: (Oct 27, 2016)  
It is one of key factor but not most important factor. Beauty gives us the confidence to face the world. But beauty without attitude is nothing indeed. And beauty without wisdom goes in vain. So key factors are your attitude and wisdom. Beauty just gives you confidence for the initial starts.

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Harshita B said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
If beauty is the only way to gather attention, then many of the speakers should have been actors or models. Beauty is something which can make a person to pay attention for a fraction of a minute. But the way you talk or the way present your ideas carries a heavy weight age. Many times people loose their concentration by being conscious about their attire. So for any person being beautiful should not be the main priority.

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Rahul Kumar said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
Beauty is temporary, but knowledge stays with you till the last. Simple and sweet.

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Antrapriya said: (Jun 26, 2016)  
Beauty pageants play a major time in any aspect because beauty gives the confidence to stand before the world. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways and they have their own style to showcase the beauty. In my opinion, beauty gives strength to speak to work delightfully because the person knows everyone's eye is on them so the person tries to improvise themselves.

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Siri said: (Jan 20, 2016)  
Beauty never help in the development or in any aspect, many think beauty gives confidence to stand before world, but it is exactly correct because of this reason many of them are hesitating to come forward and prove their talents. So, I want to say is beauty never play a major role to grow our country.

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Shubham Patni said: (Oct 22, 2015)  
Beauty is a naturally gifted thing whereas knowledge or brain is shows your way thinking and knowledge can be gain by doing 2-3 month of course but beauty you cannot purchase or keep beauty with cream do longer.

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Suchismita said: (Oct 4, 2015)  
Beauty is a necessary aspect in today's daily life. We all are beautiful in our own way. As we all know everyday or the other fashion trends are set for us. Girls and boys both love to look trendy, this comes with the help of beauty pageants. The famous designer Manish Malhotra always set us a fashion trend with tradition and as well as which goes with our culture. Thus yes beauty pageants are surely needed.

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Sonu said: (Jul 26, 2015)  
Hello friends.

As my some of friends saying that beauty pageant helps the person for success. So from my point of view this is a great misconception of people about this. Just take a example of gold and artificial ornaments, artificial looks pretty as it is as gold but still they does not have any value as compare to gold. Because their looks and shining worth for only few days. So from this example I just want explain that talent and knowledge of a person is the real beauty and from this only he/she can succeed.

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Sugapriya said: (Jul 25, 2015)  
Hi friends its me Sugapriya.

In my point of view beauty is not a big factor to judge anyone. Its never help anyone even boy/girls to achieve their life. Some old proverb says "first impression is the best impression". Its totally wrong in now a days. We have to change this as, the impression by expressing their beauty (talents) through our +ve aptitude then only we can reach their goal.

At the same time for successful life no need to impress anyone by expressing their beauty (external appearance). So beauty doesn't help to our life. It may just a initiative. That all friends.

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Oshank said: (Sep 18, 2014)  
Hi friends this is Oshank.

Person should be judged on the basis of their talent, skill and mental ability not on their outlook or their beauty. Beauty are only for a while but talent remains for ever.

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Shraddha Gupta said: (Aug 31, 2014)  
In my point of view Beauty Pageants are not necessary in todays era. As we all know that we are living in a scientific era where one can not be judged by his/her beauty instead one should have a good knowledge, remarkable IQ level, and great talent. The one who is brilliant and knowledgeable can only help in development and growth of a country.

We can take the example of an interview where the one who is knowledgeable gets of placed instead of the one who is beautiful. So looks never matters what matters is your knowledge, your talent and your positive attitude towards life.

No one can get success because of having good looks. But yes Beauty with brain can make a person successful in his/her life.

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Luu said: (Jul 12, 2014)  
I think now a days looks are matter for any one girl or boy to startup in any field, if anybody's have weird face, people have tendency to guess nature and how it is from face it self. But beauty is no longer in front of talent.

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Falak Noor said: (May 28, 2014)  
I think, it is not necessary because real beauty is the beauty of character. Its not a matter whether the person is beautiful or not. The real thing is high and positive thinking.

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Sunil said: (Jan 30, 2014)  
Hi this is sunil,

In my opinion people can't judge the persons by their first impression. I mean that the beauty and pageants on first attracts and impresses for only short time but if the person is with us for day or more than a day we can easily judge the person. So beauty and pageants play a prominent role in our lives.

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Gayathri said: (Jul 7, 2013)  
In my point of view beauty gives to first impression, but it doesn't helpful for a full life. Character and knowledge should lead a life smoothly and perfectly. I give a little bit of importance to beauty.

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Jeni said: (Dec 12, 2012)  
Hey friends this is Jeni,

In my point of view beauty and pageant is not much helpful for the successful life but it may be for our confidential exposure of our talents.

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Vipul said: (Sep 8, 2012)  
In my opinion beauty pageants are not necessary. In this materialistic world people are more attracted towards wearing clothes which comes with heavy price tags, people things that to look beautiful we must have heavy gold in our neck, even though they can't afford those, I think in today's world we are not thinking much about our necessities we are more attracted towards luxurious goods this is solely due to the impact of films in our mind.

For those people who are more attracted towards beauty pageants "simple living and high thinking" is the needed mantra.

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Pinky said: (Jun 25, 2012)  
According to me beauty pageants not only help the willing competent to showcase their talent in various field but also help in marketing of brands, jewelry and other materials used by the contestant.

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Pooja said: (Jun 2, 2011)  
Hey this is pooja.

In my opinion such beauty contests often incorporate personality, talent and answers to judges questions as judged crieria. So this beauty contest help to develop your hidden talents in fronts of all and from this they can be grow econiomically and socially. And this also help in showing different culture, differenr traditional altire, music ad style on the single platform.

So overall I want. S to say that this contests are the mixture on both mind (brain) and beauty. So it motivates girls to come forward and show their talents in front of all.

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ROHIT NEMA said: (May 22, 2011)  
No, I think it is not our attire but our desire which really makes us. It is, how strongly one want something from his/her heart only helps one in achieving a particular thing.

Depending on a prob which is beauty pageants in this case for our development will not called to be as our real achievement or development.

Only true efforts are needed for any wish come true which we have with us. So I think beauty pageants are not mandatory.

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Abhinavi said: (May 9, 2011)  
In my view the beauty pageants these days are not limiting... to showcase their talents,culture of their country.. but the pageants.. are turning out to be a platform for commercial purpose instead of en lighting the tradition and culture.. it has emerged into a way of marketing..

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Chandu said: (Feb 25, 2011)  
Yes,Beauty pageants helps to boost the confidence of women participating.My concern is they should not end up doing modelling or films.When the face the questions, they will say that they will help the poorest nations in the world(Africa).All they do is Taking advantage of it and get famous with skimpy cloths.

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Niti said: (Feb 22, 2011)  
Hey this is niti.

Well friends in my opinion beauty doesn't matter with any way of life for the development beauty never matter for the growth of economy or for increase GDP their must be brain what we do if we have beauty without brain. Friends. We are living in scientific era where we need brain for our development and for countries development. Beauty is nothing for this preset era this is for only showcase but if we have beauty with brain then it just like gold over silver. One should look good or smart but in preset time only those can persist we have great skill, having great knowledge and IQ. For example Dr. A p j kalamji he one of the greatest skill person and known as man of missiles in India although he not so beautiful or smart. Beauty is only for shown I am saying because take the ex of heroines they live in news when they are still young or beautiful. But after some time they disappear for the news but the mind always live after their death also for ex Lt. Dhirbhai ambani, Lt. Jashadji tata (broughtindustrial revolution in India). Thanks.

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Ajit said: (Feb 13, 2011)  
Well. Lets take this in the spirit of a sport where participants from different countries come and went through rounds of qualifications. I do not see anything wrong if this is used by marketing managers to promote their products. As some people said, few lucky ones win and can build their modelling & acting career. This is nice isn't it? people advocating its social harm should realise India is also a country where p*rn movies is highest searchable word of on Google. This is a nice and beautiful competition and enjoy it just as you watch any good reality show. Thanks.

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Prakash said: (Feb 12, 2011)  
Beauty pageant are way to showcase beauty, talent, personality and a great way to market cosmetic products.. are some of the important point discussed till now.

But now a days this has been just limited to a beauty, **x scandal, marketing strategy, and big way to earn money for event management firms.

Because of this life of many aspirant have been destroyed, they are departed from there family to do some thing but when they get closer they come to know harsh reality behind this career.

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Prakash said: (Feb 12, 2011)  
In my opinion beauty peasant was not launched to harm social culture. Its aim was to showcase differrent culture, different traditional attire, music, style in a single platform. But in later stage some agency took it as a monet making concept. To advertise some product they use peasants in their own style which can not be supported.

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Anubhav Sharma said: (Feb 10, 2011)  
In my opinion beauty pageant provides You the platform to showcase your talents globally. It helps to develop your hidden talents in front of all and can grow economically and socially. We can take an example of many women who achieved great height in their careers. Beauty pageants are the mixture of beauty with brains. So it motivate girls to come forward and share their talents in front of all.

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Divyashalu said: (Feb 2, 2011)  
Beauty pageants are must because woman showcase their talent in different styles. They immense to do deliver things intelligently. Whoever we take, like in the field of modelling, films etc. Beauty helps woman to enhance their intelligence. At the same time we can say beauty not only lies in external appearance. Beauty lies in innovative ideas too.

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Monika said: (Jan 17, 2011)  
Beauty Pageants are must because this is the way for represent the talent for a women in front of all.This is the test of "BEAUTY WITH BRAIN".In all this test a women represent over culture, society, country and one of the most her talent in all field as well as respect of her family.

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Deepak said: (Jan 1, 2011)  
Beauty Pageants are basically to market the cosmetic products in developing world. It is to choose pageants from developing countries and make them as a ambassador to sell these products. India has won these things a decade ago, do you think countries have dearth of beautiful women. Its about well disguised marketing strategies. Today Indian market is so developed that affordable women know how to get them self beautiful and hence you may not see any winners from India in near future. Did ever seen a US / UK / developed country participant wining this award at international level. Yes some contests are held in national level to promote the glamour industry in to right direction.

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Manas Ranjan Sahu said: (Jul 28, 2010)  
Beauty pageants put india in the world map with aishwarya rai, sushmita sen..lara dutta and Priyanka Chopra.

It opens up doors to modelling which is a carrer in itself.

Just as every profession has requirements so has like everybody cant be doc or engg so every body cant particpate in paegants.

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Leo said: (Jul 28, 2010)  
There is no harm in it, it helps the lucky one to grow socially and economically. We have seen so many of them enter film industries or modelling after obtaining the crown.

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Navin said: (Jul 16, 2010)  
Ya its a must because people from different world come over a single place and show up their country's nature and culture, this would help out atleast in some aspects to help growing good relationships with neighboring country's.

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TrippleX said: (Jun 15, 2010)  
It is not necessary, because every women is beautiful in their own way.

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Beauty Pageants are a Must

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