Beauty Pageants are a Must

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Niti said:   1 decade ago
Hey this is niti.

Well friends in my opinion beauty doesn't matter with any way of life for the development beauty never matter for the growth of economy or for increase GDP their must be brain what we do if we have beauty without brain. Friends. We are living in scientific era where we need brain for our development and for countries development. Beauty is nothing for this preset era this is for only showcase but if we have beauty with brain then it just like gold over silver. One should look good or smart but in preset time only those can persist we have great skill, having great knowledge and IQ. For example Dr. A p j kalamji he one of the greatest skill person and known as man of missiles in India although he not so beautiful or smart. Beauty is only for shown I am saying because take the ex of heroines they live in news when they are still young or beautiful. But after some time they disappear for the news but the mind always live after their death also for ex Lt. Dhirbhai ambani, Lt. Jashadji tata (broughtindustrial revolution in India). Thanks.

Nikita Kumawat said:   8 years ago
I don't think beauty pageants are a must. Yes, beauty is the factor of attraction but attraction lasts for few minutes only. Beauty is just initial factor but to grow and become successful it's not just beauty you must have attitude, wisdom, personality, way of talking, perfect gestures, postures and also good at heart. If are not good at presentation then your beauty is in vain. If you are beautiful doesn't mean you can be actor, actress or model, along with beauty you must know how to represent. For example f you are beautiful and chosen in film industry but you don't know acting, expressing yourself then you will be of no use in film industry. Even if you are in any other sector and someone gets attracted towards you and calls you for interview but you don't have enough knowledge, lack of confidence then why he/ she is going to appoint you. They are working for growth of their organisation, their beauty is not going to work. So I conclude along with beauty you must have knowledge, confidence, personality and a good heart, which makes a person completely beautiful.

Oshank said:   10 years ago
Hi friends this is Oshank.

Person should be judged on the basis of their talent, skill and mental ability not on their outlook or their beauty. Beauty are only for a while but talent remains for ever.

Pooja said:   1 decade ago
Hey this is pooja.

In my opinion such beauty contests often incorporate personality, talent and answers to judges questions as judged crieria. So this beauty contest help to develop your hidden talents in fronts of all and from this they can be grow econiomically and socially. And this also help in showing different culture, differenr traditional altire, music ad style on the single platform.

So overall I want. S to say that this contests are the mixture on both mind (brain) and beauty. So it motivates girls to come forward and show their talents in front of all.

Gayathri said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view beauty gives to first impression, but it doesn't helpful for a full life. Character and knowledge should lead a life smoothly and perfectly. I give a little bit of importance to beauty.

Raj said:   3 years ago
As we all know, today's discussion topic is "beauty contests are a must ", but before starting the topic I would like to define what is a beauty contest, it is a type of competition in which contestants participate and judged on the basis of their appearance, skills, hidden quality etc but I think in the most cases more preference is given to appearance. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of beauty pageants are held worldwide nationally and internationally, for example in India on the national level miss India is held annually. Now, I come to the topic- as per my views beauty pageants are good but not just because there are other best ways to increase the confidence level of girls and to strengthening the level of women like providing more job opportunities to girls, governments can provide them more facilities to make equal to the boys, etc and I think this is the real women empowerment.

Rahul kumar said:   8 years ago
Beauty is temporary, but knowledge stays with you till the last. Simple and sweet.

Falak Noor said:   1 decade ago
I think, it is not necessary because real beauty is the beauty of character. Its not a matter whether the person is beautiful or not. The real thing is high and positive thinking.

Vipul said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion beauty pageants are not necessary. In this materialistic world people are more attracted towards wearing clothes which comes with heavy price tags, people things that to look beautiful we must have heavy gold in our neck, even though they can't afford those, I think in today's world we are not thinking much about our necessities we are more attracted towards luxurious goods this is solely due to the impact of films in our mind.

For those people who are more attracted towards beauty pageants "simple living and high thinking" is the needed mantra.

Isha Mondal said:   6 years ago
Outer beauty is a gift but inner beauty is an accomplishment. India should concentrate more on inner intellectual beauty rather than flaunting designer dresses and magic of makeup. Beauty goes deeper than the surface. If beauty pageants are a must and the majority says that it gives confidence, than why are the dark skinned women criticized?Why is there still Racism even in the 21st Century. People should no more feel superior if they are beautiful and won a beauty contest. In fact there should be no beauty pageants.

Every girl is beautiful creation of god and no one has the right to judge a girl's beauty.

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