Beauty Pageants are a Must

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TrippleX said:   1 decade ago
It is not necessary, because every women is beautiful in their own way.

Navin said:   1 decade ago
Ya its a must because people from different world come over a single place and show up their country's nature and culture, this would help out atleast in some aspects to help growing good relationships with neighboring country's.

Leo said:   1 decade ago
There is no harm in it, it helps the lucky one to grow socially and economically. We have seen so many of them enter film industries or modelling after obtaining the crown.

Manas Ranjan sahu said:   1 decade ago
Beauty pageants put india in the world map with aishwarya rai, sushmita sen..lara dutta and Priyanka Chopra.

It opens up doors to modelling which is a carrer in itself.

Just as every profession has requirements so has like everybody cant be doc or engg so every body cant particpate in paegants.

Deepak said:   1 decade ago
Beauty Pageants are basically to market the cosmetic products in developing world. It is to choose pageants from developing countries and make them as a ambassador to sell these products. India has won these things a decade ago, do you think countries have dearth of beautiful women. Its about well disguised marketing strategies. Today Indian market is so developed that affordable women know how to get them self beautiful and hence you may not see any winners from India in near future. Did ever seen a US / UK / developed country participant wining this award at international level. Yes some contests are held in national level to promote the glamour industry in to right direction.

Monika said:   1 decade ago
Beauty Pageants are must because this is the way for represent the talent for a women in front of all.This is the test of "BEAUTY WITH BRAIN".In all this test a women represent over culture, society, country and one of the most her talent in all field as well as respect of her family.

Divyashalu said:   1 decade ago
Beauty pageants are must because woman showcase their talent in different styles. They immense to do deliver things intelligently. Whoever we take, like in the field of modelling, films etc. Beauty helps woman to enhance their intelligence. At the same time we can say beauty not only lies in external appearance. Beauty lies in innovative ideas too.

Anubhav sharma said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion beauty pageant provides You the platform to showcase your talents globally. It helps to develop your hidden talents in front of all and can grow economically and socially. We can take an example of many women who achieved great height in their careers. Beauty pageants are the mixture of beauty with brains. So it motivate girls to come forward and share their talents in front of all.

Prakash said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion beauty peasant was not launched to harm social culture. Its aim was to showcase differrent culture, different traditional attire, music, style in a single platform. But in later stage some agency took it as a monet making concept. To advertise some product they use peasants in their own style which can not be supported.

Prakash said:   1 decade ago
Beauty pageant are way to showcase beauty, talent, personality and a great way to market cosmetic products.. are some of the important point discussed till now.

But now a days this has been just limited to a beauty, **x scandal, marketing strategy, and big way to earn money for event management firms.

Because of this life of many aspirant have been destroyed, they are departed from there family to do some thing but when they get closer they come to know harsh reality behind this career.

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