Beauty Pageants are a Must

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Mahendra singh said:   5 years ago
I agree with my friends. In my point of view, I would like to say that this types programme improve women's condition and confidence. I think its good initiate for women. And they realise physically feet and beautiful.

Manusi Chillar she wins miss world awards. She is from Haryana. It's proud filling for us and nation. By its many women motivated. And its improve women empowerment.

Now, I want to conclude this topic. And last, my personal opinion is that beauty contest must be started. It will be good for our country.


HARSH said:   6 years ago
Hello friends.

This is HARSH, In nowadays our country has developed a lot.

In this world, we need smart working males and females and beauty pageant distracts women more on their beauty than knowledge so.

From my opinion, beauty pageants are destroying women's and growth of India.

Ankit said:   6 years ago
As I'm thinking that first of all beauty pageant means that whenever we pageantry to look nice and beauty around the people. So that not must if we are as simple as possible as well as if we showed our intellect that matters and all appreciate you. Like one of the most examples is south Indian famous actor Rajnikanth, he is not handsome as outlook but the whole world knows what's the talent he has to flamboyance the people. So, as simple as that outlook does not matter or it doesn't make a big difference.

Aks said:   6 years ago
I disagree with people who think ONLY beauty (appearance wise) is temporary. One should count money, intellect etc in the list of temporary things. Secondly, just like IQ, beauty is a gift of God as one simply cannot make their IQ as good as Einsteins with even a lot of hard work.

Having stated this, I would like to tell that I in no way think Beauty pageants are a necessity. They can be there just like other business competitions or other stuff but one simply cannot rank someone on inner beauty. That's a perspective that varies. Telling someone their inner beauty plus add ons (intelligence, prettiness, etc) is better than others is utter non-sense. These are mere competitions for entertainment endorsed by beauty products and simply do not deserve to be called as a must.

Somebody narrowed down all the 'musts' under the umbrella of GDP drivers. This is also untrue. One simply cannot make GDP a function of necessities. Art and aesthetics do not necessarily add to economic growth but they are an essential part of cultural development.

Ramesh said:   6 years ago
In my point view, Beauty about heart and thoughts it is not about outer looks. If a person very beautiful and rich it is not useful your at a desert (i.e difficult situations). Positive thinking and mingled nature is always helping to grow life safely. Beauty pageants are only for some people who are increasing their product sales in markets.

Chandrasen yadav said:   6 years ago
There are two means of beauty.

First one is "physical" and second one isnot shown by eye it can only be seen by heart".

Sapna said:   6 years ago
As per my opinion, beauty is not important because many times the person who looks beautiful and charming, they are also unable to impress the interviewer. As we can say that beauty with brain is must.

Akila said:   6 years ago
According to my view,

Beauty does not lie in the face but it lies in their attitude, character.

Mazhar ul haq bashir said:   6 years ago
It is very difficult to judge beauty in this world. Because everyone has its own standers to define beauty. So beauty pageants result are fake.

Nikita Kumawat said:   7 years ago
I don't think beauty pageants are a must. Yes, beauty is the factor of attraction but attraction lasts for few minutes only. Beauty is just initial factor but to grow and become successful it's not just beauty you must have attitude, wisdom, personality, way of talking, perfect gestures, postures and also good at heart. If are not good at presentation then your beauty is in vain. If you are beautiful doesn't mean you can be actor, actress or model, along with beauty you must know how to represent. For example f you are beautiful and chosen in film industry but you don't know acting, expressing yourself then you will be of no use in film industry. Even if you are in any other sector and someone gets attracted towards you and calls you for interview but you don't have enough knowledge, lack of confidence then why he/ she is going to appoint you. They are working for growth of their organisation, their beauty is not going to work. So I conclude along with beauty you must have knowledge, confidence, personality and a good heart, which makes a person completely beautiful.

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