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The nucleus of an atom consists of
electrons and neutrons
electrons and protons
protons and neutrons
All of the above
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Dharmi said:   4 years ago
So, the correct option is (c)protons & neutrons.

& ELECTRONS just revolve around the nucleus.

Dr GORA said:   4 years ago
1. Generally we can calculate No. of moles of solute in a solution, solution is prepared by accurately weighed W grams of solute (of gram molecular weight: GMW), transferred into V ml (say 1000 ml) standard flask, dissolved and made up to the mark with solvent
Number of moles of solute (n) =W/GMW.

2. You can find the number of moles of 1kg solvent n= 1000/GMW of solvent.
For example if you take 1kg of water, n=1000/18=55.55 moles.

KIM PANTHA UGANDA said:   4 years ago
Hi. How do we know the number of moles of solute present in 1 kg of a solvent?, Please tell me.

Madhusmita said:   4 years ago
The nucleus of an atom consists of both protons and neutrons.

Teejay Onishola said:   5 years ago
Nucleus consist of nucleons and nucleons is equal to the addition of protons and neutrons.

i.e. both positively and negatively charged.

Naveen varma said:   5 years ago
The combination of protons and neutrons has nucleus.

M virupakshi said:   5 years ago
The atom is having three subatomic particles such as proton, neutron, electron. In atom nucleus is the central part of the atom, it consists of two subatomics i, e proton, neutron proton is having positive charge and neutron is the no charge and electron is revolution around the nucleus it is having negatively charged.

Marvelous otugalu said:   5 years ago
It is Proton and neutron.

Ahmad hussain said:   6 years ago
Yes, it is Proton and neutron.

Divya said:   6 years ago
Nucleus consist of proton and neutron.

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