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The most electronegative element among the following is
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Kishore said:   2 years ago
Flurone has high electronegetivity because if we move from left to right in periodic table electronegativity increases.

Pretty Candie said:   2 years ago
Because it needs one more electron to complete its octet state and that is why it is an electronegative element. It is also because it reactive state of accepting electron.

Pretty Candie said:   2 years ago
Because fluorine accepts electrons and d most reactive non metal in the Halogens family.

Subhalaxmi Behera said:   3 years ago
Flourine is the most electro negative among them.

Because in the outermost shell, there are 7 elections.

So to become stable it required only 1 election.
So it gains 1 electron from any atoms who has extra 1 electron.

Though flourine required 1 electron, it becomes F". Or ELECTRO NEGATIVE.

Sarath sfc said:   4 years ago
Fluorine is the correct answer.

Electronegativity increases across a period(left to right) and also decreases down a group.

So the general trend is diagonally across the periodic table from left to right(excluding the noble gases).

Fluorine is the most electronegative element and also the most reactive non-metal.

Chriti said:   4 years ago
Because fluorine is the only element that accepts 1 electron to complete its outermost shell therefore making it highly electronegative.

Gangaraju said:   4 years ago
Because the fluorine atom is small in size.

Clifford said:   5 years ago
Fluorine is more electronegative because it gains one electron to be stable.

Gunjan said:   5 years ago
Fluorine is more electronegative because its ion is -1 while oxygen is -2. The lesser the electronegative charge the more electronegativity.

Josh West said:   5 years ago
Electronegativity is high in non-metals than in metals flourine is the most electronegative because it's a non-metal, it has 7electrons in it outer most shell and can easily accept 1 electron to obtain an octet state.

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