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The most electronegative element among the following is
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Gopala krishnan said:   1 decade ago
F is the most electronegative element compare with other elements... due to
1.from L-R atomic size decreases, electronegativity increases because of nuclear attraction increases...
2.its e-configuration is 1S2 2S2 2P5... in p shell having 5e- it will be get another 1e- its formed octet(8e-) configuration as well as stable... so its easily attract e-.....

Saissingh said:   1 decade ago
Since the a flourine have smallest size and require 1 elec to complete a outet we move R-L of periodic table electro-neg decrease.

Ganesh said:   1 decade ago
The reason is that flourine is to the right in the periodic table, as we know that when we move from left to right in PT electronegativity increases.

Rakesh patil said:   1 decade ago

Because florine is more electronegativity than other molecule.

King said:   1 decade ago
Flourine has the highest ionization energy of 4.0

Anamika said:   1 decade ago
Atomic no of florine is 9 its configuration is 2,7 outermost shell contain 7 electrons it is easy to gain one 'e' to complete its octect. That's why it is more electronegative element.

Ruksana Khan said:   1 decade ago
Fluorine is the most electronegative element among the given options Sodium, bromium and Oxygen because of among these elements fluorine has small element. As atomic size increases, nuclear attraction decreases, and therefore the electro negativity decreases. As we move from left to right in periodic table atomic size decreases then EN increases in 2nd period elements. The F - EN is 4.

Gladis said:   1 decade ago
In flurine outer shell becomes 7 electrons. Hence one electron accepts from any element its outer shell will 8 electrons. So it is electronegative element.

Supriya said:   1 decade ago
If florine is small in size then what about oxygen itz atomic no is 8. Compared to florin oxygen is small.

Nancy said:   1 decade ago
Because fluorine is small in size.

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