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The ionic radii of N3-, O2-, F- and Na+ follows the order

[A]. N3- > O2- > F- > Na+
[B]. N3- > Na+ > O2- > F-
[C]. Na+ > O2- > N3- > F-
[D]. O2- > F- > Na+ > N3-

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Padma said: (Jan 5, 2012)  
Positively charged ion has less ionic radius than negatively charged ion.

Mr.D said: (Jun 11, 2012)  
Across the period, ionic radii decreases.

Rajesh said: (Aug 11, 2012)  
When the negative charge increases that means the number of outer most electrons are also increases that cause more repulsion and that results significant increase in ionic radius that exactly adverse to positive ions.

Subhash Jha said: (Mar 10, 2013)  
In respect to the electron in atom as electron density decrease in the atom the ionic radii decrease.

Jimmy said: (Aug 2, 2013)  
Which have higher proton, have less ionic radii. Na+ have 11 proton and N3- have 7 proton.

Sumanta Kumar Nayak said: (Jul 8, 2014)  
Due to isoelectronic of all atom. The no.of electrons are same. So the lower atomic no. Atom has greater in ionic radii. So the order is follows sa type in A.

Bikash Ranjan Parhi said: (Nov 5, 2014)  
N3-, O2-, F- and Na+ are isoelectronic ions. When the negative charge increases, the number of outer most electrons are also increases and added to the new shells of that particular ions which causes the increase in ionic radius.

So the order of ionic radii is in the following order;

N3- > O2- > F- > Na+.

Md Tauhid said: (May 13, 2015)  
Greater the value of zeff lower the radii so Na has higher zeff, so lower radii.

Savita said: (Feb 1, 2016)  
For the completion of octet atom loses e- forms negative ion, so size is small. When gains e-forms positive ion, so size is large. Cation having large size than anion.

Yusuf said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
Since the element is in the same period, so ionic radii increase.

Sunitha said: (May 5, 2017)  
As negative charge increases ionic radii increases.

Samrat said: (Jul 10, 2018)  
When sodium loses one electron it acquires neon configuration.

And as we know that noble gases are measured in terms of Vanderwall's radius surely it is of greater value compared to others.

Sonu Soona said: (Apr 8, 2020)  
Ionics radii = 1/size.

Mahwish said: (Oct 31, 2020)  
The more negative charge on the non-metal ions the more they will increase in size.

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