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Plants receive their nutrients mainly from
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ABINAYA said:   1 decade ago
Plants syntkesis carbohydrate from sunlight. Carbohydrate provide carbon and hydrogen to plants. Ohygen will recived from atmosphere through respitation. Nitrogen, phosperous and potossiom is observed from soil through active and passive nutient uptake methods with the help of roots. Soil is the mein source for macro and micro nutrients. This may from natural soil or fertilizer application.

Shalini said:   9 years ago
Plants are the child and roots are the parents, we are depend and lovable to our parent that way plants are lovable to roots, that roots so much of respect to the soil.

So plants are receiving nutrients from only the source of soil (this is also a CHAIN process. Soil (nutrient) ->root->steam->leaf (observe) ->photosynthesis process they get their food.

Ananta said:   8 years ago
Plants receive the minerals and the nutrients from the soil because the plant and the soil are in direct contact with the root hair which has the capacity to absorb the necessary minerals, water, and nutrients from the soil.

All the other are not in the direct contact with the plant.

G.harini said:   1 decade ago
Mainly more nutrients are available in soil because our has basically more nutrients. So many animals, plants, human beings lives in our country. Wastage of them also one type of nutrients to land. Mainly roots can take the nutrients for plants. It is under soil.

Shweta soni said:   10 years ago
Plants have the base of birth from soil so they have originally grown due to available nutrients in soil that's why soil is the main nutrient supplier to the plants and other sources like light, temp, and chlorophyll are the helping hands of plants to grow.

Amul said:   1 decade ago
In soil Nitrogen content and potassium content are more and the plants can get this contents easily from soil because of the roots which are present under the soil can take this nutrients along with the water present in the soil very easily.

B.jayasree said:   1 decade ago
Plants receive more nutrients from the roots, they are in soil. In soil the micro organisms like rhizomes are present. They help to take nutrients to plants and plants also help to them by giving nutrients. This is also known as symbiosis.

Amrutha said:   1 decade ago
Roots are the main source to take any necessary thing into its body. For example, plants observe water through roots. In that way the plants observe every essential nutrient from the roots as they lay in the soil.

Amit kumar. said:   8 years ago
Because of the roots of the plants are in the soil so as there are many nutrients, minerals, and many useful ingredients are available in the soil. We know that they are very useful for the growth of a plant.

Tulisa said:   1 decade ago
Plants recieve their nutrients mainly from soil because it is soil which contains humus, water and minerals for proper growth of the plant.There are also some useful microbes present in the soil.

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