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Plants receive their nutrients mainly from
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Amey said:   4 years ago
Plant acquire nutrients from soil because Root of the plant that is in soil contain vascular tissues which help plant to contain their food and water. And also plant get water from the soil.

HEMLATAVERMA said:   8 years ago
Plants receive their nutrients from mineral, sunlight, CO2, temperature. These 4 components are very essential but the soil is one of the main component for the development of plants.

Kousiya said:   1 decade ago
From the roots the water is entering into it. The roots are supplying water to all parts of the plant and so it is getting nutrients from the roots present in the soil.

Ravi berry said:   7 years ago
Plants receive the nutrients mainly from the soil through their roots and from the air (mainly consisting of nitrogen and oxygen) through their leaves.

Najaf Younas Wahla said:   9 years ago
Soil contain all necessary nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. So soil is the most beneficial way to get nutrients for plant.

Gideon said:   6 years ago
Plants acquire nutrients from the soil because it was their roots are situated and nutrients for example water, humus, etc are all in soil.

Sam said:   1 decade ago
Plants receives nutrients from soil xylem transfer these minerals to leaf, after respiration phloam transfer food to all parts of plant.

Chhama said:   1 decade ago
As all the macro and micro nutrients are present in the soil, plants with the help of roots are able to absorb the nutrients directly.

Krishna said:   9 years ago
Soil is so important for plants root because root can hold and suck the water so its became easier for the growth of the plant.

P.subasree. said:   8 years ago
In soil, NIF genes help to keep more nitrogen-nitrogen which is the best source for soil so the soil is important for plants.

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