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Plants receive their nutrients mainly from
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Patrick Bateman said:   1 year ago
What is Transpiration? Please explain about it.

Hana Addisu said:   2 years ago
Very nice.

Amey said:   4 years ago
Plant acquire nutrients from soil because Root of the plant that is in soil contain vascular tissues which help plant to contain their food and water. And also plant get water from the soil.

Suganya said:   5 years ago
What is this?

Antar hantal said:   6 years ago
The plant observes through the roots, dissolved nutrients, groundwater help in their growth and development.

Gideon said:   6 years ago
Plants acquire nutrients from the soil because it was their roots are situated and nutrients for example water, humus, etc are all in soil.

Ankita said:   6 years ago
Soil is the answer because plants recieves nutrients and minerals from the soil which help in their growth and development.

Ogunmola Ibrahim said:   7 years ago
Plants gets their food from soil through the process of photosynthesis.

NWALA JOY said:   7 years ago
I thought it is sunlight.

Aashiya said:   7 years ago
Plants receive the nutrients from the soil.

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