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Plants receive their nutrients mainly from
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Anonyms said:   7 years ago
Transpiration is the main cause for this.

Ravi berry said:   7 years ago
Plants receive the nutrients mainly from the soil through their roots and from the air (mainly consisting of nitrogen and oxygen) through their leaves.

Saikul said:   7 years ago
Because minerals are in soil.

P.subasree. said:   7 years ago
In soil, NIF genes help to keep more nitrogen-nitrogen which is the best source for soil so the soil is important for plants.

Wazanga punga said:   7 years ago
Plants mainly receive minerals from the cell, this is done by the root hair cell which does this through active transport.

Jennifer o ify said:   7 years ago
What are the functions of the light?

Ananta said:   8 years ago
Plants receive the minerals and the nutrients from the soil because the plant and the soil are in direct contact with the root hair which has the capacity to absorb the necessary minerals, water, and nutrients from the soil.

All the other are not in the direct contact with the plant.

HEMLATAVERMA said:   8 years ago
Plants receive their nutrients from mineral, sunlight, CO2, temperature. These 4 components are very essential but the soil is one of the main component for the development of plants.

Amit kumar. said:   8 years ago
Because of the roots of the plants are in the soil so as there are many nutrients, minerals, and many useful ingredients are available in the soil. We know that they are very useful for the growth of a plant.

Pat said:   8 years ago
Plant receive nutrient from the soil through the root.

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