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Plants receive their nutrients mainly from
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RENU RANI said:   1 decade ago

Ankita said:   1 decade ago
In soil much more nutrients and water are there for plants.

Ramkrishan said:   1 decade ago
In soil many microorganisms present. Microraganism play important role in providing nutrient for plants.

Sagarika Das said:   1 decade ago
Plants recieve their nutrients from soil because soil consists of good nutrients wich help in the growth of the plant.

Nani said:   1 decade ago
Roots receive its nutrients from soil and supply to the other parts of plant.

Shahnawaz rana 8881490461 said:   1 decade ago
Plants receve their nutrients from soil becouse soil has many component which required for plants. So soil is a best answer.

Kousiya said:   1 decade ago
From the roots the water is entering into it. The roots are supplying water to all parts of the plant and so it is getting nutrients from the roots present in the soil.

Raj said:   1 decade ago
Minerals are rich in soil.

MARYAM said:   1 decade ago
Plants receive nutrients from soil through roots then xylem or phloem transport it to all parts the of plant.

ABINAYA said:   1 decade ago
Plants syntkesis carbohydrate from sunlight. Carbohydrate provide carbon and hydrogen to plants. Ohygen will recived from atmosphere through respitation. Nitrogen, phosperous and potossiom is observed from soil through active and passive nutient uptake methods with the help of roots. Soil is the mein source for macro and micro nutrients. This may from natural soil or fertilizer application.

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