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What would these meter readings indicate about the circuit in the given circuit?

Meter Readings: I = 7.6 mA, V = 12 V

R1 is open.
R2 is open.
The fuse is open.
The circuit is operating normally.
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Saichaitanya said:   1 decade ago

In Parallel circuit, the current will differ and the voltage will remain same across all the branches. In other words, the voltage across R1, R2 and R3 will be 12V each.

I1= 12/7.5K => 1.6mA
I2= 12/5K => 2.4mA
I3= 12/2K => 6.0mA

In above, the total current 7.6mA will take place correctly when only I1 and I3 present *(since, I1 + I3 = 7.6mA).
Hence, R2 must be discarded/ remove from the circuit. In other words, R2 is open.

Anomie said:   4 years ago
I=7.6mA so.
So R2 is not considered for the meter current so it can a open R2.

Saish said:   6 years ago
Yes, you are correct. Agree @Addy.

Sudhansu said:   1 decade ago
Well done Saichaitanya and Himanshu Verma.

Shinoj said:   1 decade ago
@ Saichaitanya, Perfect explanation.

Sriram pn said:   1 decade ago
Saichaitanya perfect explanation

Suthan said:   1 decade ago
Fantastic Himanshu Verma & Saichaitanya ..Great work.

Gigi said:   1 decade ago
Do the total resistance in the cut by V/I that is 1.578.

Then do the total combination or resist ivory in parallel which resisters combination gives 1.578 ohms and other resistor is open.

Santosh said:   9 years ago
Voltmeter is in parallel connection, so reading is 12V.

Now for resistance calculation which is connected parallel with 2k ohm resistance (R3):

Equivalent resis. R = 12V/7.6mA = (30/19)K ohm.
So, Rx ll R3 = (30/19)k.
or, (1/Rx)+ (1+R3) = 1/(30/19)k.
or, (1/Rx)+ (1/2) = (19/30).
or, (1/Rx) = (19/30)-(1/2).
or, 1/Rx = 4/30.
or, Rx = 30/4 = 7.5k ohm.

i.e., shows R1 is connected & R2 is opened.

Pre said:   7 years ago
Well done @ Himanshu Verma.

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