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What would these meter readings indicate about the circuit in the given circuit?

Meter Readings: I = 7.6 mA, V = 12 V

R1 is open.
R2 is open.
The fuse is open.
The circuit is operating normally.
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Anomie said:   5 years ago
I=7.6mA so.
So R2 is not considered for the meter current so it can a open R2.

Muhammad Feroz Aftab said:   6 years ago
Perfect Answer, thanks @Saichaitanya.

Saish said:   7 years ago
Yes, you are correct. Agree @Addy.

Maan said:   7 years ago
I agree @Saichaitanya.

Pratiksha said:   7 years ago
Well said, thanks for the given explanation.

Addy said:   8 years ago
Just look at the fig. above, there is showing batteries positive lead is connected to ground. Not a short to another component which is also grounded. If positive supply connect to the ground else is there current flow in the circuit! Please tell me.

Samir said:   8 years ago
Thank you guys for giving a clear explanation.

Pre said:   8 years ago
Well done @ Himanshu Verma.

Santosh said:   10 years ago
Voltmeter is in parallel connection, so reading is 12V.

Now for resistance calculation which is connected parallel with 2k ohm resistance (R3):

Equivalent resis. R = 12V/7.6mA = (30/19)K ohm.
So, Rx ll R3 = (30/19)k.
or, (1/Rx)+ (1+R3) = 1/(30/19)k.
or, (1/Rx)+ (1/2) = (19/30).
or, (1/Rx) = (19/30)-(1/2).
or, 1/Rx = 4/30.
or, Rx = 30/4 = 7.5k ohm.

i.e., shows R1 is connected & R2 is opened.

Gigi said:   1 decade ago
Do the total resistance in the cut by V/I that is 1.578.

Then do the total combination or resist ivory in parallel which resisters combination gives 1.578 ohms and other resistor is open.

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