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When both inputs of a J-K flip-flop cycle, the output will:

[A]. be invalid
[B]. not change
[C]. change
[D]. toggle

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Ravi Sinha said: (Sep 30, 2011)  
Q(next state)=JQ^+K^Q.
so the truth table of J K flip flop will be :-
J K Q(next state)
0 0 no change(Q)
0 1 reset(0)
1 0 set(1)
1 1 toggle(Q^)

Asheer said: (Oct 1, 2011)  
What is the meaning of inputs of j k flipflop cycle?

Sundar said: (Oct 3, 2011)  
Assume J=0 and K=1

When cycle it, it becomes as J=1 and K=0.

Anaya said: (Oct 14, 2011)  
Then there will be change how answer is no change.

M.V.KRISHNA/PALVONCHA said: (Dec 29, 2011)  
Why can't the answer be toggle ?

Govind Singh said: (Feb 18, 2012)  
I think correct answer is toggle because at 11 position jk toggle

Guru said: (Jun 8, 2013)  
@Sundar clue is correct but small changes.

After one cycle the value of each input comes to the same value
ex: Assume J=0 and K=1.

After 1 cycle, it becomes as J=0->1->0(1 cycle complete) and K=1->0->1(1 cycle complete).

So answer is B. not change o/p.

Adil said: (Mar 24, 2014)  
@Ravi sinha tabe is right. When they form in cycle they form in 1 & 0 so output become no change.

BHUJI said: (Jun 28, 2014)  
What is meant by toggle?

Ravikanth said: (Nov 6, 2014)  

Toggle means complement.

Vihari said: (Dec 5, 2014)  
Toggle condition when the J-K flip flop receives the both the inputs as high and clock is also in rise edge the output of the flip flop will be changes to 0 and 1.

It will not be constant constant output for every clock cycle it will race in between 1/0/1/0.

Prashanth said: (Aug 27, 2020)  
When it cycles like j=1and k=0 then how it becomes no change, It becomes set condition right?

AL From M.U. said: (Mar 8, 2022)  
Cycle = 2 x toggle.

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