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Who is appointed as Prime Minister of Tunisia by Tunisian President Kais Saied to form govt in 1 month?

A. Hichem Mechichi
B. Rached Ghannouchi
C. Elyes Fakhfakh
D. Youssef Chahed

Answer: Option A


Tunisian President Kais Saied appointed Hichem Mechichi(46-year-old), Interior Minister as it's new Prime minister. He has a month to form a government i.e., should be capable of winning a confidence vote in parliament by a simple majority. He succeeded Elyes Fakhfakh, who resigned over allegations of a conflict of interest.


Andrej Plenkovic who has got the approval of parliament for forming the new government by winning the most parliamentary seats in the general election is Prime Minister of which country?

A. Croatia
B. Slovenia
C. Romania
D. Slovakia

Answer: Option A


The Croatian parliament approved the new government led by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic whose Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party won the most parliamentary seats in the general election held on July 5, 2020.Andrej Plenkovic was the prime minister of the previous government that was also led by his HDZ .


Mahdi Mohammed Gulaid is appointed as interim Prime Minister of which country?

A. Slovakia
B. Slovenia
C. Somalia
D. Croatia

Answer: Option C


President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed appointed Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohammed Gulaid as the interim Prime Minister of Somalia following the impeachment of Hassan Ali Khaire, the previous Prime Minister of Somalia.


How many bills were passed in Rajya Sabha in the winter session of Parliament?

A. 12
B. 10
C. 15
D. 8

Answer: Option C


Union parliamentary affairs minister Pralhad Joshi on December 13 informed media that a total of 14 bills were passed in the Lok Sabha and 15 were passed in the Rajya Sabha during the recently concluded Winter Session of the Parliament. In the winter session, Lok Sabha passed 14 bills and the Rajya Sabha passed 15 bills. Productivity was 116 percent in Lok Sabha and 100 percent in Rajya Sabha.


According to the recently passed Constitution amendment bill, the reservation to SCs and STs in Lok Sabha and state assemblies will be extended by how many years?

A. 15 years
B. 10 years
C. 5 years
D. 8 years

Answer: Option B


Rajya Sabha passed a Constitution amendment bill to extend reservation to SCs and STs in Lok Sabha and state assemblies by another 10 years. The bill was passed by Lok Sabha on 10 December.