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Thickness of broken centre line markings for a four lane road, is generally kept
10 cm
12 cm
15 cm
18 cm
20 cm
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Hari said:   2 years ago
The Correct answer is 15cm. Agree with the given answer.

Durgesh Nemade said:   3 years ago
Thermoplastic paint havinh thickness only 1.8 mm.

Engr. Niazi said:   3 years ago
For a 4-Lane road,
Width of broken road marking = 15 cm.
Length of these markings = 1.5 m,
Distance between these markings = 3 m.

Dpaul said:   4 years ago
On undivided urban roads with at least two traffic lanes in each direction, the centre line marking may be a single solid line of 150 mm wide and side line marking are 100 mm wide.

Vetan said:   5 years ago
For multy lane road -10cm.

Vivek mishra said:   5 years ago
No, its 10 cm length 3m and gap 4.5 m.

Krishna said:   5 years ago
What should be the correct answer?

Naveed said:   5 years ago
Not thickness but width kept 15cm.

Srinadh said:   6 years ago
The centre line may be single broken line segments of 3m long and 150 mm wide for 4 lane roads and these broken lines are placed with 4.5 m gaps.

Manish said:   6 years ago
10cm is the answer, 15 cm is not for four lane check this address.

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