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While compacting the concrete by a mechanical vibrator, the slump should not exceed
2.5 cm
5.0 cm
7.5 cm
10 cm
15 cm
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Anbu said:   9 years ago
Normal vibrator 100mm.
Mech vibrator 50mm.

Aryan said:   8 years ago
Is this correct @Anbu from where did you get data?

Naveed khattak said:   8 years ago
What is the difference between segregation and work ability? Can any body tell me regarding this?

Parveen kaushik said:   8 years ago
Segregation means concrete cement slurry & fine aggregates &coarse aggregate collapsed & have no slump & after hardening no strength but workability is the checking the concrete how much time used after mixing.

NILLA RAVITEJA said:   8 years ago
Work ability can be carried after proper mixing then 1st fill the cylinder with out tamping weight it and again fill the cylinder with concrete and properly vibrate or tamping then weight it.

Compaction Factor = (wt of concrete wt out compact/wt of concrete with fully compacted)*100.

Shiva said:   8 years ago
Slump is 0-25 mm for vibrate when use and 25-50 mm for mass concrete.

Vishwash said:   7 years ago
From where you get this data?

Nabin Chandra Das said:   7 years ago
How? Can you explain?

Engineer Shailza kant said:   7 years ago
For road construction 20-40.

For vibrate 10-25.

Normal RCC work 80-150.

Mass concreting 25-50.

Vikram said:   7 years ago
Segregation is defined as breakable cohesion between concrete particle.

Workability defined as ease (comfort) concrete in mixing, transporting and placing.

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